Harvest Salad with Chicken, Apples & Cheddar

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I love to eat salads. Salad is my go-to lunch. And as the season changes, so does my mood. It might be a traditional chicken salad. Or a fish taco salad. Or it might be like this one, a bed of greens with all sorts of good stuff on top.

This salad holds all kinds of seasonal flavors like apples and cranberries. Chicken and cheddar add to the party.

What are your favorite salad toppings?

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  1. You just took some of my very favorite ingredients and put them all together on one plate. YUM!!! I will definitely be trying this one!

  2. Anne says

    I love to make salads like this! And I love the simple balsamic vinaigrette. Too bad I don’t have any lettuce right now or i’d make this for my lunch today:)

  3. Oh, I adore salads with cheese, nuts, and fruit involved… I think my fave combo is blue cheese, pear, and candied walnut. I like variety, though! (Oddly enough, I don’t care for balsamic vinegar… it’s too sweet for me. But I love red wine vinegar and cider vinegar, so it’s an easy enough sub!)

  4. Kelley says

    This is beautiful. I love salads of this variety! Do you do make ahead salad kits?? Because if I am honest 2-3 days a week I eat lunch while standing or running off to get something done while the children are busy eating. I ask wondering if they fare well being prepared ahead of time.

    • Jessica says

      @Kelley, currently, I don’t have a salad bar shelf going, but I have in the past, and it’s been wonderful!

  5. This looks delicious! I make the most boring, plain salads!

  6. Okay, I want this salad!

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