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A freezer alarm can alert you when the things get too hot in the freezer.

Once upon a time, our freezer was connected to a GFI outlet. And the breaker popped. And we didn’t know it.

Three days later when I went to get something from the freezer, I found a big soggy mess. I cried. When I recovered, I refused to use the freezer for a good six months. I was too worried about losing all that food again.

Hubby solved the problem by purchasing a freezer alarm. It lets me know when the freezer temperature has raised too high, even momentarily. It’s highly sensitive, going off once when a child, in spite, opened the freezer because he was mad at me. Hehe.

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  1. What a great recommendation! I’ve never heard of this before!

    We have a freezer in our garage, but the wiring is wonky in our house so there’s a light switch just inside the garage door that shuts off power entirely to the garage when it’s flipped off. It’s right next to our kitchen light switch and unfortunately we can’t tape it off or do anything more permanent (other than actually correcting the wiring to put the switch in the garage like it should be!) because we need to be able to actually flip off then back on again if we want the garage lights to come on (it’s so strange…). ANYWAY, I feel like I always have an underlying panic about the power accidentally getting turned off (have I mentioned I also have a 2 1/2 yo who has access to these switches?!) and us not realizing it and losing everything in our freezer out there. It has actually happened before, but it was flipped accidentally by a friend who came over to take care of our pets while we were away on vacation. THAT was not at all a fun mess to come home to! Anyway, I’m definitely looking into getting one of these things to protect against the power getting accidentally shut off or any other weird things that could happen. It’s definitely worth it considering the amount of food we have out there and it will definitely give me peace of mind. Thank you so much for recommending this!

    • Jessica says

      I cannot even imagine. Definitely call an electrician. My hubby does electrical and that sounds like an easy fix.

  2. Sandi says

    I’ve lost the freezer twice. Once was a power outage but only some of the “softer” stuff thawed out, and once we had something blocking the seal and didn’t realize the door wasn’t completely closed until, gulp, about a week later. The freezer was mighty easy to clean when all the food got thrown away. 🙁 That was at least 6 years ago, and I still, to this day, double check the seal after I close the door and the kid leans against it before he walks off. This alarm sounded like a great idea, but now I don’t think it will work for me. The upright is in the garage, which is separate from the house (arranged like an L shape). The cord would never stretch all the way to the house and would look really tacky even if it did. The model you show does not seem to be what they sell now, and the reviews have way too many “alarm can barely be heard” complaints to be worth giving it a chance. The other options don’t sound much better. Disappointing. Do you have a model number for yours that I can try to search for? Do you think that would be audible, or is your alarm on the quiet side as well? I realize yours is stretched into your house, but can your alarm be heard only if you are in that area of the house?

    • Jessica says

      @Sandi, I don’t have it. Sorry. 🙁 I do know that I can hear the alarm even if it’s in the garage. We moved it recently and that happened for a time until we got things situated.

  3. Tracy says

    I have got to get one of these. My little guy loves to go into our upright freezer for popsicles and freezes and forgets to close the door, so the next time I go to the freezer everything has a layer of frost all over it. Thankfully the few times this has happened I have gone to the freezer soon enough not to have to throw out food. I am in Canada so I am not sure where to get one of these. I will have to do a search. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. KimH says

    Thank God, my freezer has a built in alarm system. It too is super sensitive and will go off like gangbusters when the temp has gone up by one or two degrees. Kind of annoying when Im trying to rearranage my freezer, but I’d rather have it than not. Its definitely saved my contents a few times. I too do a double tripple check when I close it. I shudder to think of the losses if it were to be left for days..

    I love this idea though for those that dont have electronics on them. Course, they had to deliver 4 freezers and get them up & down my basement stairs before I got one that they didnt break.. The alarm & outter temp gauge works beautifully.

  5. TSandy says

    This just happened to us. The CGI outlet blew and the freezer shut off. Fortunately we caught it before everything was ruined. Now I check my freezers every morning (I have two currently) but they are out in the garage. So unless I need something from the freezer I wouldn’t notice if the CGI outlet blew again. Thus the daily checks I initiated. I have never heard of a freezer alarm but will be buying one for the piece of mind. This is a great idea.

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