Frugal Foodie Efforts This Week

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How did you save money on food this week? The Frugal Foodie is my report on how we worked to save money on food and still eat well.

Frugal Foodie Efforts This Week | Good Cheap Eats

From the sounds of it, everyone enjoyed last week’s inaugural Frugal Foodie Efforts. It’s like a mash-up of Grocery Geek and Pantry Challenge, without the need for a lot of picture-taking and receipt-finding on my part. 😉

This week found my whole family ill. It started with FishBoy18 last Friday, thanks to all those germy college students, and it passed to the rest of us, with my being the last to fall. While I don’t have a fever or obvious cold symptoms, it feels like a sinus infection. Yay! Not.

If the grunge wasn’t bad enough, we’ve had a heat wave from the Devil this week. We live in a coastal area where it usually cools off at night and the need for AC is minimal anyway. Not so this summer! It’s been hotter than normal. Case in point: it was 93 in our upstairs at bedtime Thursday. Yikes!All this to say, I wasn’t “at my best” this week. But we tried.

Our Frugal Foodie Efforts This Week

–> My daughter made a big batch of granola for everyone to eat during the week.

–> I made a big batch of Zucchini and Sweet Potato Hash to eat for breakfasts. On the last day, I tucked it into a quesadilla with black beans and cheddar. It was amazing. Can’t wait to do that again.

–> FishBoy18 packed his lunches every day. I’m so glad the kid can cook!

–> It was AMAZINGLY HOT here this week, like 93 degrees in my house. We don’t have AC so it was a week of sweating. While I really wanted to do take-out every night, I resisted, and either cooked or made a no-cook dinner.

–> We ate a lot of ice cream that I bought on sale last week.

Frugal Foodie Efforts This Week | Good Cheap Eats

–> I found chicken on clearance at my local market when that was the only thing I went in to get.

–> The whole family was sick at some point this week, so there was no date night or Dinner with Dad. While disappointing, at least we saved some money.

–> I used up most of a package of rice paper rounds for Summer Rolls. Unfortunately in this heat wave, they got very wimpy, falling apart. The leftovers firmed up in the fridge, but then they stuck to the damp paper toweling, so they couldn’t be eaten that way unless you wanted a bite of Bounty. I ripped off the wrappers and had a yummy salad for lunch.

–> I did a big freezer cooking session earlier today. While it’s harder to freezer cook for a family of 8 — they eat too darn much so the supply goes so quickly — I do have a head start on next week. I even made smaller packages for FishPapa’s lunches.

My 4th cookbook launched this week and that was kind of fun. (If you bought it, THANK YOU! If you have a minute to leave an honest review on Amazon, that would be so helpful!)

How were YOU a frugal foodie this week?

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  1. Janet says

    I came down with my first cold of the season this week as well. In my case, I am the one that works around students. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t spread it to my children.

    I went to the grocery store last Saturday and have not been back. Limiting trips to the store always helps keep the budget in check.

    When the treats started to dwindle I made a couple dozen peanut butter cookies using up some peanut butter I bought on clearance. I fired up the bread maker to prepare dough for cinnamon rolls and I made a couple of loaves of bread. Treats make otherwise ho hum meals more palatable.

  2. Jessica S says

    Sorry about all the illness- knock wood here.. kids have been healthy.. but I KNOW its coming.. the weather it is a changing!

    No fantastic efforts this week.. it was way too hot here also..
    Kept it fairly simple for the Long weekend..

    Packed my lunches for work this week as well as the kids so ( 11 kids/ 3 me)- used all the fruits/veg in lunches before anything could go yuck.
    salvaging a rock hard canteloupe… -SO hard.. so flavorless.. the chickens don’t care! Dice it down really tiny and toss them a plateful at a time! They pay me back nicely!
    I had picked up some bags of frozen Chicken tenders last week and tossed half a bag into a dish to defrost one morning.. I realized I had not defreosted enough for everyone for dinner! OOOPS!
    Luckily daughter wanted a chicken cheese quesadilla.. so that filled her with veggies.. I liked that idea and chopped 1 tender down for me and tossed it in with leftover broccoli from the fridge, the peas from dinner and shredded parm all over it! ate with hot sauce and sour cream also! SO good! Did not feel frugal at all!

  3. Molly says

    My freezer is FULL of meals! I’m very pleased with the variety I’ve managed to fit in there – Mexican lasagna, pasta bake with everything, interesting millet-bean burgers, mushrooms galore, pizza muffins, and who knows what else. 🙂
    Mushrooms were on sale this week, and my hubby loves mushrooms, but we only buy them when they’re cheap, so I bought 8 pounds, cooked them all down, and now they’re in the freezer waiting to be added to whatever strikes his fancy.
    I hope the sinus infection is over quickly – I always cry from the pain of those.

  4. Molly says

    Oh, a grocery geek question for the group-
    Is milk a different price for you based on the fat content? For us, whole milk is the most expensive, and skim is the cheapest. This week even 1% and 2% were different prices. This has not been the case in other places we’ve lived.

    • SC Susie says

      So far in SC, milk pricing in my area is the same across the board. The only price difference you see is between name brands & organics.

      • Janet says

        Same here, price only varies by brand.

    • Donna says

      In WI, we have different prices for whole, 2%, 1% and skim. Skim is cheapest, whole is most expensive.

    • Sandi says

      Where I am in FL, it depends on where you shop. Standard grocery stores are all one price, but Costco has varying prices. It’s less than a quarter difference from least to most expensive, but they are different and it is not always in sequential order of fat quantity.

  5. Stephanie M. says

    I was as frugal as possible this week. Hubby eats breakfast at home every day before he leaves for work. So this week, I gave him the last of the pancakes that I had in the freezer that I had made a couple of weeks ago. And I’m getting near the end of my turkey sausage supply that I make and freeze every few weeks. I also made a breakfast casserole with the last of the cheddar cheese and potato bread that I had along with eggs and sausage. The rest of the casserole went into the freezer. He always takes his lunches, so this week, he ended up taking leftovers and had a couple of sandwich days. One day for dinner, I took some chicken parmesan out of the freezer that I made as a freezer meal a few weeks back and cooked some pasta with it. The next day, I took the leftover pasta that was unsauced and fried it in butter, added some ham cubes and threw whisked eggs over it all. That was for dinner and the rest was lunch the next day. Another night, I made a roast chicken and mashed potatoes. I got a lot of mileage out of that. Hubby took some of the chicken and the rest of the potatoes to work for lunch the next day. With some more of the chicken, I made a chicken casserole for dinner one night and hubby had the rest for lunch. Then, I had some chicken stock in the fridge so I added some chicken to that along with some frozen veggies and the last of a half a bag of pasta that I had in my pantry. The rest was cut up and put into freezer bags for chicken salad sandwiches also for next week. Lastly, I had quite a few apples in the fridge and wanted to use them up so I made an apple crisp out of them. That was so good served warm with whipped cream. Also, a few weeks ago, we went out to eat. The Italian bread loaf that was served to us was more than we could eat, so I took the rest home and froze it. Yes, I always take the leftover bread home too. My father always used to say, you paid for it and it’s only going to get thrown out anyway so take it. So I always do. Anyway, I heated it for a few seconds in the microwave after defrosting it and it went well with the chicken casserole. So all in all, I think I did okay this week. 🙂

  6. Donna says

    I just opened both crisper drawers and figured out how to make soups and casseroles from everything in there. Felt terrific. I also had three bags of lentils so I made this soup (Coconut Curry Lentil), which is amazing and gluten free/vegan- yet full of protein for the win. So delicious as it turns colder here in WI!

    • Sandi says

      The weather here in Florida is still crazy hot, but this sounds excellent. I have all of this in the house so thanks for sharing the link.

  7. Nancy says

    Last week I used up several odds and ends from the freezer – pork carnita meat, a pkg of bratwurst from early this summer, and a couple other items that I can’t recall at the moment. Yesterday I cleaned out our pantry cabinet before going grocery shopping which included throwing away several really old items (like 6 years old!) and organizing like-with-like items so I know what is in there. Made a menu plan and shopping list. Those 2 things alone save us a ton of money. In my mind, it’s all about planning ahead to keep me on track. Today I did food prep for the week. We have a work meeting or activity every evening this week so I cooked enough food to get us lunch and dinner thru Thursday. That will eliminate the temptation of the drive-thru!

  8. felicia says

    I found 5 corn muffins in the freezer and a recipe to convert the muffins into cornbread stuffing to accompany my pork chop dinner. I used some of the mixture to stuff the pork chops; the remainder was placed into a muffin tin and made 4 “personalized” stuffing muffins. By cooking them in the muffin pan, it reduced the cooking time as well!

    I wash all my vegetables before I peel them to dice/chop/slice. The peels and ends are saved in a Ziploc bag and placed in the freezer. When the bag is full, I make a vegetable broth for soup. This batch had corn cobs, onion and carrot peels, zucchini and celery ends. It made a great base for corn chowder as I also had frozen leftover grilled corn on the cob.

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