No more cereal for dinner.

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Don’t eat another bowl of cold cereal for dinner. Get with the plan. A meal plan, that is.

Do you find yourself staring at the open refrigerator at 5 o’clock, wondering what in the world you’re going to have for dinner?

Do you ever fill the grocery cart with good healthy ingredients only to throw away gooey, black masses from the vegetable drawer at the end of the week, bidding a sad farewell to your good intentions?

Do you wish that you weren’t grabbing take-out or serving breakfast cereal — again — because you failed to plan?

I hear you. I have been where you are — and back again. I’ve lived to tell the tale. And I’ve got a little secret weapon for you, my friend!

You need a meal plan.

Having a meal plan ready to go is half the battle toward getting dinner on the table at a decent hour. It can help you feel like you’re on top of the Organizational Food Chain. And it can save you money.

No more science projects in your refrigerator! From now on, you’ll shop with a plan, know what to thaw, and know what you can prep in advance so that dinner comes together quickly, on time, and under budget.

Grab a Month of Freezer Friendly Meals Plan.

Enjoy a month of meals that are easy to make and pleasing to the whole family in A Month of Freezer-Friendly Meals.

Plus – every main dish is freezer-friendly so that you can freeze leftovers or make extra and buy yourself some time a few weeks from now!

Included in the meal plan download:

  • 30 main dish recipes that are perfect for freezing
  • 4 weekly meal plans and grocery lists
  • 1 monthly grocery list so you can shop the sales and stock your pantry well, knowing you’ll use it all up
  • prep lists and make-ahead checklists
  • freezer friendly dessert ideas
  • quick and easy appetizer suggestions

Get the meal plan here:

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I believe anyone can prepare delicious meals—no matter their budget.

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  1. Catherine says

    We have so appreciated all the recipes you have put together both on line and in your books. One of our favorite recipes is the Spaghetti Squash Jambalaya. Just wondering if you have put together any books or posts on Good Cheap Eats for Grab and Go meals – for when you want to pack your own food to eat while away from home for dinner? We try really hard to eat our dinners together at home, but there are times when we have to eat away from home. We live in a rural area and there aren’t a lot of options for eating out. So it would be great to have some good Grab and Go kind of meals. Also when we travel to visit family (about 1500 miles away by car), it would be great to have some ideas for meals that travel well. Just wondering if you had any suggestions.

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