Freezer Cooking: Yummy Breakfasts Cooking Plan

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Want to make school mornings a little easier? Want to enjoy weekend breakfasts and brunches without the work? Grab this freezer cooking plan to fill the freezer with yummy breakfasts.

Freezer Cooking : Yummy Breakfasts for the Freezer

Freezer Cooking Days are back! As I mentioned a week or two ago, I’ve really loved getting back to the convenience that comes with having a full freezer of homemade items. While it takes a little work to get ahead of my ravenous crew, I’m so glad each time I spend some effort to fill the freezer.

As evidenced by the conversation at Monday night’s freezer cooking chat on Facebook, you love it, too. I’m so glad! And I’m honestly hoping I can help you make freezer cooking a bigger part of your kitchen repertoire.

Last weekend I sent out a new freezer cooking plan in the newsletter. Did you get a chance to cook it? Folks had told me that they wanted to cook the same as I, so that’s why I sent the plan before I cooked it. I shared my freezer cooking afternoon over on instagram on Wednesday. Today you get the whole run down.

I’ll be doing this the first week of the month going forward.

Yummy Breakfasts frozen

It went pretty well and now the freezer is full of all kinds of yummy goodness. Here’s what’s included in the plan:


The yield is going to vary from family to family and how you package things, but I guesstimate that it should be about 20 breakfasts for a family of 4, provided you’re complimenting with fruit, etc.

Costco didn’t have ciabatta loaves when I went shopping, so I bought these two HUGE French loaves. They were bigger than I thought! They made six pans of French Toast. Good thing. We love that French toast casserole.

I didn’t have two muffin pans so I ended up making one batch of the oat cakes as an unbaked, baked oatmeal. Another tweak was that I chose to bake the scones instead of freezing them unbaked.

freezer cooking mixes on scale

I also ended up making extra pancake mixes since I had lots of jars and ingredients on hand. One quick tip, I’ve taken to weighing my flour with a scale instead of measuring out the cups. It saves so much time! I love it. Since the flour was the main ingredient to measure in the pancakes, I did that first, zeroing out the scale with the jar on it and then adding my flour, 4.5 ounces per cup. Worked like a charm and made mix making super duper easy.

For some reason the steel-cut oats didn’t yield as many servings as they should have. I think that was my scooping issue. Anyway, the oats may vary. You’ll need a microwave to serve those so if you don’t do microwaves, I’d probably omit that recipe from the plan.

freezer cooking helper

This girl was a great help in the kitchen! She loves, loves, LOVES to cook. She’s incredibly disappointed when I try to teach the boys something. It will soon be her domaine.

So, we’ve got a fair amount of breakfast in the freezer ready to go for the month.

If you’re venturing up to do some freezer cooking, I highly recommend clearing as much space in your fridge and freezer as you can. That’s one thing I wish I had organized better. We really are needing a second fridge these days. Sigh. I found my dream refrigerator, but it’s just a wee too much money for my budget at the moment.

Anyway, clean out the fridge before you get started. Chilling your food completely before freezing it is the ideal way to prevent freezer burn. Cold food freezes faster. So, there you go. Make some room so you aren’t playing Refrigerator Jenga.

If you cooked the Yummy Breakfasts plan, I’d love to know how it went for you. If you did other freezer cooking, let us know what you did.

How have you been freezer cooking lately?

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  1. Kathleen L. says

    Thanks for the meal plans…..we hope to get into action soon! I love the fact you include the ID and baking instructions attached at the end of the PDF… all I have to do after it is prepared and wrapped to freeze, is cut it out and use freezer tape:))))
    Thanks for all you work!!
    Good luck with the water restrictions in So.Cal.

    • Yep. The labels are sized for Avery labels, so if you’ve got those, you can print right on sticky paper and forget the tape.

  2. sona says

    This is a crazy place to put this, but I know you like to read and not sure when/if booking it will return. Just wanted to let you know that all 8 volumes of Winston Churchills biography for FREE for Kindle.

  3. cherie says

    My freezer loves breakfasts! Our mornings are a little different from yours – we leave the house by 7:10 am and it’s chaos with teens trying to finish their prep on time – but I make sure they all eat and drink SOMETHING before they walk out the door. I did a plan last week with a giant package of bacon – once it was baked I cut it so that most of the fat was removed – worked well to add a little savory to the combo – we made corn muffin tops [not sure why this is better but those who turn up their nose at corn muffins love muffin tops LOL] and bacon buttermilk pancakes. There were also chocolate chip pancakes and bacon cheddar twists – these are my favorite – I make a dough – often pizza dough – and roll out a rectangle, lay out bacon and cheddar and fold in half one long side to the other. Then I add sesame seeds to the top and press in [can your dd have those?] and flip the whole thing – poppy seeds to the other half – then I slice into strips and twist before baking.
    I’m going to make up some waffles next week as well as some scones – good idea! And going to try some of your quiche when I have time to grab more eggs [just got back from a college tour – sigh]

    • The bacon in things sounds interesting. I’m not sure my kids would go for it, but I think it would be yummy.

      • Cherie says

        I have a bacon hater LOL – tough for him – there are baconless options 🙂

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