Freezer Cooking: Protein Power in an Hour

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Freezer Cooking: Protein Power in an Hour - a free downloadable cooking plan to help you fill the freezer with main dish proteins in an hour.

After a pretty crazy fall, I’m pretty excited to get back to my regular freezer cooking. I’ve got a dozen real food freezer cooking plans in the works to help you improve your family’s diet. I’m going to be testing them out later this month once the Pantry Challenge is over.

Late last month, I did a power hour cooking session where I got quite a few proteins prepped for meals. Those meatballs, taco meat packages, poached chicken, and marinated chicken have come in so handy over the last week or so! It’s such a great reminder of what great dividends you can reap from a little make-ahead cooking.

Currently, FishBoy11 is reading The Kitchen Counter Cooking School. He has already been discussing it with FishPapa how sad it is that folks don’t know how to cook healthy meals. Say what? That’s a reminder for this mama to make sure that I equip him with said kitchen skills.

Guess who’s going to help me test some of those cooking plans later this month? Yep. That kid. All the kids enjoy cooking, but he’s reading almost every cookbook he can get his hands on, so he’s first in line.

Anyway, back to the cooking plan at hand….

Protein Power in an Hour

This plan is pretty straight forward and should only take you about an hour to prepare. I timed myself when I came home from the store with sale meat and chicken, and realized I just had to share this easy method with you. It features recipes from my cookbook, Not Your Mother’s Make-Ahead and Freeze Cookbook¬†which you can get for just $2.99 right now on Kindle.

Here are the recipes in this easy-peasy plan:

Basically, all you’ll need is 8 pounds of boneless, skinless chicken and 8 pounds of ground beef or turkey plus some basic pantry staples. Oh, and an hour of your time.

You’ll more than reap the rewards when you can pull dinner together in a flash over the coming weeks.

Download the cooking plan, print the recipes and labels. Shop, cook, freeze. Put your feet up. Could it get any easier than that?

Have YOU done any freezer cooking lately?

Tell us about it in the comments and feel free to share your freezer cooking post link so others can see first hand how great it is!

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  1. Jessie says

    What meals do you make with your poached chicken and taco meat?

    • We make tacos, burritos, salad, stir fry. It’s so nice to have pre-cooked meat all ready to go.

  2. Nancy says

    I made three batches of soup in about an hour one day and froze most of it in individual servings

  3. Sue R. says

    Just yesterday, I went to Sam’s Club and brought home a lot of chicken. I cut the breasts in half horizontally, like you suggest, and made three of your marinades. I put eight packages of marinaded chicken in the freezer. I also made up a four pound batch of meatballs and a double batch of your spicy turkey sausage. Today I made a huge batch of your red sauce and ended up with 6 quarts in the freezer. Tonight is pizza night and I have two pints of your pizza sauce left to put in the freezer. I have a chicken carcass in the crock pot with some veggies that I will process into stock and freeze in the morning. I feel like a rock star! Thank you so much for all your wonderful recipes. I love having wonderful homemade convenience foods!

  4. Cherie says

    DOn’t forget the chicken is for chicken and bacon subs! Family loves those and it’s so simple and fast with the chicken on hand

    I will preach the greatest time saver on proteins – though I’ve probably done it before. Square meatballs – most of the time for mb is the scooping/rolling – press into a cookie sheet or other baking pan [deep enough to hold liquid that will come out] score the meat into squares to your size appeal and toss in the oven – take out and recut – sometimes I do it quickly during baking. The ONLY one in my family who notices a difference is me – because I’m more about the crunchy outside – no one else even cares and it takes so much less time that I can get other things done while they bake.

    • Nia Hanna says

      I love your idea! What a time saver! I’m always on the lookout for shortcuts to cooking, so I can quickly get on with making dessert. I prefer to prepare dessert to the rest of the meal. Thanks for sharing this quick method.

      • cherie says

        You’re welcome – it’s not mine – I think I got it from an old yahoo group called Friendly Freezer that was my gateway drug to this world more than a dozen years ago LOL- but I still use it! Total time saver and even better when you have little kids – less time with your hands in raw meat is the key!

    • i just put chicken/bacon subs on the list for this week! i think it will be a hit with my crowd : )

      also on this week’s list–chipotle chicken wraps…yum!

    • I’m so glad that recipe is such a hit with you all. Here it is for those wondering what we’re talking about:

      • carole says

        YES!!!! Just got a beautiful italian loaf marked down down to $.91 yesterday! Paired with crockpot chn breasts and bacon bits from sam’s- DINNER IS DONE & kids are PUMPED! whoohoooooooo!! THANKS!

  5. Jenni says


    I have had your cookbook on my amazon cart for months. I waited and waited, because so many freezer cookbooks are casseroles, even when they say they aren’t. That, or the ingredients are so far fetched, our small rural store doesn’t carry it. But, when I saw the kindle version on sale , I couldn’t resist. I LOVE. I read it in two afternoons and want to make about 90% of the recipes. They are things my family would eat. Intact, I enjoyed it so much, I’m going to buy the print edition. Thank you for putting together a REAL plan. Now…time for me to get cooking!

    • Yay! I’m so glad to hear that. Be sure to share that on Amazon if you have time. Thanks so much for your support!

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