Fill the Freezer Challenge: Cooking Plan of the Week

Italian Sausage Potato Egg Bake | Good Cheap Eats

This month I’m challenging myself to fill my freezer. I’m going to prepare one freezer cooking plan each week that can be prepped in one day or over the course of the week, depending on how my schedule behaves.

If you prep these recipes, please be sure to click the stars on the recipe card so I know what you like best!

Here are the recipes included in my freezer cooking plan this week:

I’m making these recipes in the amounts indicated after the x. If you want to do the same, you’ll need to double the servings on the grocery list. If you want to make less (or more!) just adjust the servings accordingly.

Be sure to check that you have the right freezer containers on hand.

Pork Chops with Basil-Balsamic Marinade x 2

Sausage Egg Hash Brown Casserole x 2

Sausage Vegetable Frittata x2

Cinnamon Apple Oat Cakes x 2

Maple Granola with Oats, Nuts, and Seeds x 2

Marinara Sauce for Everyday x3

Homemade Waffles x3

Pork Carnitas (recipe makes a lot)

Instant Oatmeal Packets (will make a few dozen)

Order of prep:

When doing a freezer cooking session, 

  • Chop vegetables: onions, potatoes, mushrooms, broccoli, tomato.
  • Chop basil.
  • Shred cheese for casseroles.
  • Start granola in the oven. Set a timer. When the granola is done, cool, package, label, and freeze.
  • Start carnitas in slow cooker.
  • Start marinara sauce in pot on stove. Set a timer. When the sauce is done, cool, package, label, and freeze.
  • Cook sausage. Cool prior to assembling casseroles.
  • Prepare pork chop marinade. Package, label, and freeze.
  • Prepare oat cakes. Package, label, and freeze.
  • Assemble egg casseroles. Package, label, and freeze.
  • Assemble waffle mixes, if leaving dry, or prepare batter and cook waffles. Cool, package, label, and freeze.
  • In a few hours, when the carnitas is done, cool, package, label, and freeze.

prepared cup of homemade instant oatmeal