FishFam Sugar Fast

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FishFam Sugar Fast - our family's experience reducing sugar

Last year about this time, I spent 30 days eliminating most of the foods most people eat on a regular basis. My experience with the Whole30 was hard, but also enlightening. I learned a lot about paleo eating and my body and I also created some new and yummy recipes that we still enjoy today.

One of the things that I discovered was that sugar was in a lot of things that you would not expect. It got me thinking about ways that I could eat less sugar.

This year based on the reading I’ve been doing and the changes we’ve been making to our family’s diet, I’m embarking on a new challenge: reducing the vast amount of added sugars from our diet. The kids are on board. My husband jokes that he’s not, but I think maybe he is.

This is going to be hard. We like our sweets!

Since this impacts my meal planning and grocery shopping, I’ll be referencing this experience a fair amount in this space. If you’d like to follow along, I’ll be posting daily or every-other-daily updates on this page.

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  1. I gave up almost all sugar in November and replaced what little we do use with coconut sugar. Once those diabolical cravings subside, you’re golden. Good luck!! Can’t wait to read your tips and recipes. Love your blog.

  2. Lauren says

    How did you get your kids to be on board with this? My son fights me on almost everything regarding eating healthier. If I try to buy a Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods knock off of something (like cereal or cookies or snack foods), he automatically think it doesn’t taste good just because it’s “healthy”. I can’t even imagine getting him to agree with cutting down on sugar. By the way, he’s 16 and I can’t control everything he eats all the time anymore.

    • We’ve been working toward this for a long time. I make a lot of things homemade so they don’t have too many processed foods on a regular basis. There’s less for them to compare to this way.

  3. jim says

    One way my wife got us to quit eating so much sugar is she started grilling fruits – peaches, bananas – you name it. Grilling them makes the sweetness in them soooooooooooo much more intense. This works for tomatoes and other veggies as well. You might want to try it – I think you’ll be surprised.


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