Easy Side Dishes to Go with Your Weekend BBQ

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Need side dish inspiration for your weekend BBQ? Check out this compilation of EASY side dishes that your friends and family will love.

BBQ Side Dishes

As the weekend approaches, you might consult the grocery ads to see what’s on sale in terms of meats suitable for grilling. At my Ralphs, there’s lots of beef and hot dogs on special. Sprouts has chicken.

Once you get the meat figured out, the sides can be pretty easy, especially if you vary the textures and choose some make-ahead recipes. Need some help? Check these out.



Grains and Taters

Simple Vegetable Dishes

What’s YOUR favorite side dish at a BBQ?

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  1. Stephanie M. says

    The list of side foods is endless and various depending on my target audience. Since everyone coming tomorrow enjoys seafood, I am making for appetizers phyllo dough cups stuffed with a crab stuffing and also Portugese Steamed Clams. For our main dish, my hubby is making his famous baby back ribs. He makes his own sauce which is nothing like the typical BBQ sauce. It is made from vinegar, onions, a little sugar, pepper, ketchup, and Worcestershire sauce. I’m not usually a “rib” person but his I love and so does everyone else. He has been deemed the “rib king” among everyone that’s eaten them. For sides, I’m making baked beans which I ALWAYS have at all my cook outs. I’m also making potato salad and tomato salad and corn on the cob. At the end of July, we are hosting another BBQ and the sides will be different based on the guests I will have on that day. Tomorrow’s BBQ is a small one – only 7 people so I can’t make so much that I’m left with a ton especially since we have another BBQ on Saturday. Typical sides that I always have are baked beans, potato salad, pasta salad, (and I make several different kinds so it depends on what I’m in the mood for), devilled eggs, tomato with fresh mozzarella, basil and a drizzle of olive oil, Stromboli, shrimp cocktail, and the list goes on. But these are the usual suspects.

  2. Stephanie M. says

    I forgot something. While I know this doesn’t really have anything to do with food, since we’re in BBQ season, I thought I’d let you know of something I religiously do at EVERY BBQ. The night before the BBQ, gather some dark colored wash cloths, enough for every guest. Run them under the tap water and put a layer of sliced cucumbers and fresh mint into each one. Roll them up and refrigerate over night in a roasting pan or some kind of large baking dish. The next day when everyone complains about the heat, take them out, discard the mint and cucumber and hand everyone one with a tong to wipe down their face and neck with. They smell wonderful with the infused cucumber and mint. It is important to use dark colored wash cloths because the mint will stain light colored ones. Enjoy! 🙂

  3. Janet says

    Some of our favorites include pasta salad with vinaigrette; black bean and corn relish; cranberry-apple chili relish; pineapple chunks with shredded coconut; watermelon wedges; creamy cucumber slices with dill; and of course baked beans. I rarely serve potato or macaroni salad or deviled eggs. My people do not like these. Do not ask me, I do not get it either.

    • I wonder if they’ve always been served “sweet” potato salad, mac and eggs. The sweet pickles are typical. My husband didn’t like those items until I made them without the sweet.

      • Janet says

        Hmm… I know my husband does not like mayo, but I never thought about the sweet pickle relish. None of my children will eat it so you may be on to something. Thanks for the idea. I will have to try a small batch without the pickles and see if anyone else likes it.

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