Dinner Every Night for Under $10?

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You know what they say, if you don’t have a target, you’ll never hit anything. This is true for so many areas of life, but quite importantly for financial goals. If we don’t strive to achieve something, we’ll more than likely achieve nothing. Success takes effort.

Cooking at home, frugal shopping, and meal planning can all play a huge role in helping you achieve your financial goals. One good way to get yourself motivated is to set a target (aka a budget) for certain expenses. Feeding a family of 4 for $10 is a great start. You can totally do this if you practice some common sense techniques for shopping and cooking. I can often feed MY family of 8 for about $10 as well.

To help you accomplish this, my sister Janel and I have created some comprehensive, weekly meal plans that fit the $10/dinner goal. Each week’s menus include recipe links, grocery lists, make-ahead tips, and money-saving tricks — all with a $70/week price tag.

There are 4 weekly meal plans so far and they’ve met with rave reviews from readers. Grab them here:

Plan 1: Mostly Chicken (chicken sliders, chicken & bean burritos, salsa verde chicken, sausages and rice, tortellini pasta salad, soup, and pizza)
Plan 2: Mostly Meatless (green chile burritos, cheese enchiladas, egg sandwiches, Popeye’s burgers, meat sauce and pasta, vegetable soup, pizza)
Plan 3: Pretty Meaty (pasta with meat sauce, chili beans soup, pizza, tacos, sandwiches, and chicken)
Plan 4: Comfort Foods (chicken pot pie, egg bake, beans and rice, mac and cheese, lawnmower taco, soup, pizza)


Do you have a target price for dinner?

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  1. Do you have a link for plan 4? Checking them out now!

  2. Kristi says

    I’m looking forward to the latest $70 Meal plan. I have a question about the pot pie. Do you use your Gramma John’s pie crust recipe? I really like that one as I prefer using butter rather than Crisco. I read through the notes and the recipe, but maybe I missed your instructions on this. Thanks so much!

    • Yes, it’s Gramma John’s recipe, but that does use butter. The ingredients are in the grocery list, I just forgot to set the recipe link in the doc. Sorry about that!

      • Kristi says

        Thank you. I really like that pie crust recipe. Even though you can just pat the dough into a pie plate (I did this for slab apple pie), it works to roll it out for the top crust? I’m assuming one batch makes enough for a double pie crust?

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