Cheese Enchiladas

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Enchiladas are one of my favorite foods to prepare. Saucy and cheesy, they are a comfort. They are also a super quick dinner to prepare.

Cheese Enchiladas in a dish

Cheese Enchiladas

My cousin doesn’t think she can make enchiladas. She can grow a crazy good garden and can 50 bajillion salsas and jams in a day, so I’m pretty sure that she’s wrong.

Does making enchiladas intimidate you? Don’t be afraid! The process of making enchiladas is really quite easy — and quick, too! I can make a batch of these simple cheese enchiladas ready for the oven in 15 minutes — I timed myself — so I know you can do it, too.

Cheese Enchiladas are one of my all-time comfort foods. My landlady brought me a pan of them the day we brought our first baby home from the hospital. A nursing mom who’d subsisted on hospital food, I fell on these quicker than a Binky can pop out of the baby’s mouth. They are just so good.

Ingredients for cheese enchiladas

Cheese Enchiladas take only six ingredients:

  • corn tortillas
  • oil for frying
  • enchilada sauce
  • cheese
  • and the optional yet pretty black olive and scallion garnishes.

Tips for Making Cheese Enchiladas

Keep these tips in mind when you make enchiladas next:

  1. Make sure the oil is hot. Cold oil will just soak into the tortilla.
  2. Fry the tortilla just until leathery, you still want it to roll.
  3. Make your own enchilada sauce if you’re feeling it. Otherwise, just open a can. (Las Palmas is the best canned variety I’ve found.)
  4. Throw in more cheese than the recipe calls for, just for kicks.
  5. Make a double batch so that you can freeze some for another time.
  6. Assemble them in individual gratin dishes if you’re feeling fancy.
  7. Serve with sour cream, Mexican rice, and beans.

Need a great recipe? Click here for my go-to Cheese Enchilada Recipe.

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  1. They look fabulous! I’m definitely pinning it 🙂

  2. AmyG says

    These sound wonderful and would fill my craving for the cheese enchilada from this little taco place down the street. Quick question, because I know you have experience with making your own corn tortillas, will these work as well with homemade corn tortillas? I love making my own for tacos, but my past experiments with them in enchiladas were less than stellar. I realize corn tortillas in enchiladas are meant to get soft, but mine seemed to turn to complete mush which my husband was not fond of. Is it that I did not fry them long enough? It definitely did not work when I skipped the frying and just cooked them, put that on the list of “never again”. I have experimented with part corn and part white while wheat flour tortillas before because we do not need to avoid gluten which made a corn tortilla that was less fragile, so that might be what I try.

    • I usually only use homemade corn tortillas in enchiladas if they are hot off the grill. I don’t fry them, just roll while warm. And then usually only for my Poblano-stuffed ones with the sour cream sauce. I almost always use commercial tortillas for this type of enchilada with red chile sauce. Hope that helps!

  3. Patricia says

    I just purchased and printed “A Simpler Season.” I love it! At first I wondered why I thought I wanted it. I am 68 years old, my husband just passed away in September,two of my brothers passed away this past summer, and my children are 41 and 46. We have no grandchildren, and my daughter’s dog passed away this year too (her dearest companion), plus she was divorced – so all around – one of the worst years ever. But….we plan to travel to visit family for both Thanksgiving and Christmas and we want to make this the best year of our lives. Thankfully, we have lots of great nieces and nephews for whom we can buy a few gifts, and we have a busy church that provides lots of opportunities for socializing and giving back to the community. My husband was an artist and creative talent, and we have been overwhelmed by all the work he left behind, notes and drawings, etc., and are planning to put start a manuscript to document all of it. Things won’t be the same for us ever, after this year; but, we can get through it all, starting with Veterans Day this coming Monday, and on through the New Year. I can use all of your templates and ideas to help get us through this season with love and thanksgiving in our hearts. Then through the 2020, we can start working toward the goal of creating our own manuscript. You advertised this as being a book for the season you are in, and it couldn’t be more accurate. I don’t imagine you planned it for the grieving, but here it is, and it will help me restart a new life on my own. I printed it at 300 dpi and it is all legible! I may reprint the label pages separately, as needed. Just wanted to let you know how much I love this book.

    • I am so sorry for your loss, Patricia. I’m so blessed to hear that the book is helping you through this time. Happy Holidays!

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