Real Food We Love: Florida Crystals Organic Sweeteners

While I think we should keep our sugar consumption in check, I love the flavor and healthfulness of Florida Crystals Organic Sweeteners.

5 Fall Fruit Recipes to Enjoy All Season Long

Buy in-season produce to enjoy better tastes and lower prices all season long. Fall is probably my favorite time of year. It’s cool enough to wear pretty sweaters and jeans, but still warm enough not to chill the bones. Plus, the fall produce season is amazing! I definitely prefer fall food. Apples, pumpkins, pomegranates, pears, […]

Frugal Pantry: Favorite Baking Ingredients

Having the right baking ingredients on hand makes home baking easier and helps you save money. We are down to one jar of homemade baking mix today. Time to mix up some more. I’m heading into the kitchen in just a few to bake up some Bulk Zucchini Bread. It’s been on my to-do Post-it […]

FREE Downloadable Freezer Cooking Plan

Each month on Life as MOM, I share a freezer cooking plan that you can download and cook from. Grocery list is included. This month’s plan is suited for Cold Weather and Company Dinners. Here are plans from the last few months in case you missed one: Cozy Winter Breakfasts – stick-to-your ribs oat dishes, granola, […]

Top Good Cheap Eats of 2010

Thanks for checking in here at Good Cheap Eats! It’s been a fun ride this past year — a pantry challenge, building a frugal pantry together, seeing what’s on our plates, and now writing a cookbook. Whoo hoo! Thanks for coming along with me! I look forward to more great times next year as we […]

Pantry Challenge, Day 14: Stuffed Focaccia!

Inspiration hit this morning when I realized the kids ate a whole loaf of bread for breakfast. It was either bake more bread or let them eat crackers at lunchtime. I made focaccia again and this time stuffed it with salami, pepperoni, and string cheese. Super, super yummy and several requests to make it again. […]

Fresh Herbs for Cheap!

After all my talk about fresh herbs not being a good deal unless you grow your own, I finally went out and bought a few plants. For $13.99 +tax, I got an Italian garden, including oregano, basil, flat leaf parsley, sage, chives, and oregano, plus the cool pot to go with. Yes, if I’d planted […]