Iced Mocha

It’s true that a Frappucino or an iced mocha is one of my favorite indulgences, particularly in summertime. But, at 4 bucks a pop, it’s not the best use of our money. Instead, with some good coffee, sugar, cocoa, milk, and ice, I can make my own. This particular recipe is on the milkier side, […]

Red Banana Smoothie: Pure and Simple

red banana smoothie with strawberries and bunch of bananas

Enjoy the creamy, milky goodness of a Red Banana Smoothie. It’s pure and simple, without any fussiness. Smoothies these days can be so complicated. It’s amazing how many different options are out there, how many ingredients, how many nutritional supplements and weird sounding items can make up a smoothie recipe. Soaked almonds. Maca powder. Pea […]

Old-Fashioned Lemonade

Growing up in Southern California, I enjoyed having a Meyer lemon tree growing in my backyard. This type of lemon is the typical home garden variety. They are super juicy and sweet, making them not so great for commercial distribution. But oh are they good! As a kid, I ate them plain. They were that […]