Good Cheap Eats on Good Morning America

You know how much I love a good Pantry Challenge, right? Well, a few weeks ago Becky Worley, a reporter for Good Morning America, contacted me and asked me to advise her on how to have a successful pantry challenge. I flew up to her home in Oakland last week where we raided her cupboard and […]

Tips for a Successful Pantry Challenge

Looking for ways to save money on groceries? The answer may lie in your pantry cupboards, fridge, and freezer. Have you overbought? Time to use it up! Last month our family did a Pantry Challenge. We focused on using up what we had first and then supplementing with fresh items like dairy, eggs, and produce. […]

Pantry Challenge Minestrone

Mix up a pot of this quick and easy minestrone from simple kitchen staples. It’s the perfect answer to a cold and blustery day.

What You Can Learn from a Pantry Challenge

A Pantry Challenge can save you money, but did you know that it can save you money, time, and worries longterm?

7 Pantry Staples You Can Make Yourself

Run out of a regular ingredient? Try one of these pantry staples you can make yourself.   Now that we’re well into the Pantry Challenge, you may find yourself running out of ingredients that you normally keep on hand. It’s fine to run to the store, but what if you really want to stick to […]

Use Marked-Down Holiday Chocolate

Use Holiday Candy to Save Money | Good Cheap Eats

When a holiday has come and gone, snap up that holiday-themed candy on sale! Use that in your baking instead of pricier baking chocolate. In just a couple days parents everywhere will be raiding their kids’ candy stash. Don’t lie; I know you do it. My kids know that all Twix and Heath bars are my […]

Save Money by Doing A Pantry Challenge

Do you know what’s lurking in your pantry? Try doing a “pantry challenge” to use up what you have, get creative in the kitchen, and save money in the process. I’ve learned over time that I am more careful with my spending when there’s not a lot of money to go around. The same holds […]

How to Get Ready for a Pantry Challenge

Got questions? I’ve got answers! Be sure to attend the Pantry Challenge Q&A on the Good Cheap Eats Facebook page Sunday January 4, 2015 at 6 pm PST.