What Can You Make with Tomatoes?

Do you see why tomatoes had to have a week all to themselves? There’s just too many good things that they go in! Homemade Taco Sauce from Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures Easy Crockpot Red Sauce for Pizza and Pasta from LifeasMOM BLT Bites from The Finer Things in Life Meats and Greens Spaghetti Sauce from Food […]

What Can You Make with Vegetables?

Here are some good cheap eats featuring veggies: Quinoa Stuffed Bell Peppers Super Easy Veggie Tray Broccoli Slaw with Pecans and Cranberries Caesar Salad What’s your favorite way to serve vegetables? Want the dish on delicious ways to act your wage? Subscribe to GCE in a reader or via email.

What Can You Make with Fruit?

God certainly blessed us with fruit. I can’t think of any other ingredient that takes less work and tastes as good. At least where dessert is concerned. Fresh fruit can pretty much stand alone. However, if you’d like to “gild the lily,” you might want to try one of these recipes using fruit: Slab Apple […]

What Can You Make with Root Veggies?

Talk about yum! Are you ready for this roundup? I shouldn’t write these posts when I’m hungry…. Potatoes and Carrots and Onions, Oh my! Slow Cooker Sweet Potatoes from My Blessed LifeĀ – these cook up in the crockpot with brown sugar and nuts. Sounds so good! Gingered Carrot Muffins from GoodLifeEats – Katie is always […]

What Can You Make with Sweeteners?

Last night I let my sweet tooth reign, indulging in White Chocolate-Walnut Cookies and Whole Grain Cinnamon Rolls. Yes, yes, I did. The cravings must come from seeing all these great recipes my friends make! Here are a few sweets you might want to try in the near future. The very, near future. And don’t forget […]

What Can You Make with Eggs?

Eggs are a wonderful protein to work with. Here’s a tasty roundup of egg recipes to make for dinner tonight:

French Food 101: The Cheese and Fruit Course

I spent a year of my college days living in France. It was a wonderful experience. Especially the eating part. I ate some of the best meals of my life in France. I loved the meals that lasted several hours and consisted of 3-4 courses. A standard French meal will consist of a first course […]