Overnight, Slow Cooked Chicken (Freezer Cooking)

This week I’m spending a few hours every day to fill the freezer. By spreading it out over several days, I avoid overtiring. And our week is just too full to leave it all for one big cooking session.  On Sunday I pulled two whole chickens and a pork roast from the freezer to thaw […]

Grilled Chicken for the Freezer

grilled chicken sliced on a cutting board

Grilling chicken for the freezer is a great way to save money and time. It also allows you the luxury of tasty grilled meats at a moment’s notice. Make a bulk batch of grilled chicken for the freezer and save! Yesterday we unplugged the deep freeze to allow the ice crystal build-up to thaw. A […]

Cilantro-Chipotle Cheeseburgers

What’s your favorite cheese to go on a burger? Check out my ultimate taco cheeseburger with chipotle mayo and pepper jack. A few weeks ago I told you about my love affair with cheeseburgers. Just looking at this photo is bringing on the craving, though that isn’t on the menu this week. But, oh, maybe […]

Quick Sunflower Seed Butter Noodle Stirfry

Sunbutter acts as a great replacement for peanut in this quick noodle stirfry. Quick, easy, and oh-so good! This recipe is by far one of the quickest to pull together. Not only does it use up little bits of leftovers in your fridge, but it’s quick to prepare and it tastes great. As part of […]

Mini Pizza Recipe for a Fun and Easy Pizza Night

Mini pizzas make for a fun and easy pizza night. Make a big batch for freezing and cold-pizza breakfast, too.

Paso Mom Tacos with Home Fried Taco Shells

Home fried taco shells make the best tacos. Ever. They’re a bit of work, but the flavor can’t be beat! You won’t stop at just one of these Paso Mom  Fried Tacos. Hubs and I both grew up enjoying home fried taco shells. Sure, they were a lot of work for our moms to make, […]

Tortellini Pasta Salad Recipe for an Easy Meal

Tortellini Pasta Salad | Good Cheap Eats

Enjoy a quick and delicious Tortellini Pasta Salad full of fresh veggies and a vibrant dressing. It’s perfect as a packable lunch, a fast main dish, or an easy side. Believe it or not, Leap Day, February 29th, has also been known as Bachelor’s Day. Somewhere along the line, this date that appears only once […]

What to Make with Fish

Whether you’re in the midst of a pantry challenge or want to stock up on fish and other seafood when it’s on sale, having a repertoire of go-to recipes is essential to making the most of great deals and good food. Spicy Fish Rub Last fall a friend of mine from our homeschooling group had a wealth […]