Beef Taquitos

When I was little, in the days before widespread drive thru restaurants, there was a little taco stand in our town called Hi-Chic that served taquitos. I loved going there with my dad where he’d order me two taquitos and a side of their very cold, probably had been frozen, guacamole. It is a precious […]

Turkey Avocado Salsa Panini

Remember that Avocado Salsa I told you about the other day? Well, we had a little leftover that first night. And while avocado doesn’t normally “keep” well, I saved it. It was too good to go to waste and I was already stuffed full of taquitos! I covered it and store it in the fridge […]

How to Slice an Apple (4 Different Methods)

Apple slices are great in salads, pies, and eating out of hand. Learn how to slice an apple four different ways for easier eating, serving, and baking. Apple are an easy, healthy, super duper packable snack. Not only are they packed with vitamins and fiber, but they also taste great. They can play the starring […]

Chili Dogs – A Good Cheap Eat

When you first hear the words chili dogs, nutritious and delicious are probably not the accompanying images, are they? But, last night I healthified them a bit and I think we’re good to go. I filled Homemade Hot Dog Buns, made with whole wheat flour, with kosher hot dogs and homemade chili. The chili was, […]

Bratwurst with Sauteed Peppers and Onions

Football never tasted so good. Celebrate game day with Bratwurst with Sauteed Peppers and Onions. Score a touchdown with this quick and easy dish! As far as football season is concerned, I’m really just here for the food. My husband and boys, however, they love to watch a good game. And if I’m honest, I do […]

Spicy Hummus and Veggie Wrap

I’m not one to order a wrap when I’m out to eat. But over the last year, it’s proven to be a tasty lunch. This Super Secret Sub is great! This week I experimented with what was in the fridge and produced another delicious way to combine tortillas with healthy fillings. As you know, we’re […]

BBQ Pork Sandwiches

Living in Kansas City, our family developed a taste for BBQ flavors. I had never had a BBQ sandwich before we lived there. They’re simple to make and very filling. They aren’t best friends for those on healthy diets, but for once-in-awhile, they are a great treat. This recipe makes great use of the crockpot. […]

Good. Cheap. Eat: Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast is a wonderful part of the day. Many people skip it, though they know they shouldn’t. But, even if you bypass your morning meal, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on “breakfast.” It makes a great meal — any time of day. Eggs, ham, cheese and bread can regularly be found on […]