Winter Fruit Tray – a Simple Holiday Dessert

Dessert will be fresh and easy when you serve a Winter Fruit Tray, laden with seasonal fruit. Follow these serving tips to make it simple for your guests. Remember last week when I said that food doesn’t have to be so complicated. Food is food. And while it’s nice to spend time preparing a lavish […]

Pear and Blue Cheese Salad with Maple Spiced Pepitas

two plates of pear and blue cheese salad

Enjoy a simple but elegant starter with this Pear and Blue Cheese Salad with Maple Spiced Toppings. All of it is make ahead so you can enjoy your dinner to the fullest! Ever been to a restaurant that served an out of this world salad? Maybe it had tangy knobs of blue cheese scattered across […]

Vanilla Pear Brown Sugar Muffins

Bake up delicious pear muffins with little work, thanks to a homemade baking mix. My big box of muffin papers came. FishBoy12 thinks his grandkids won’t need to buy muffin papers. I beg to differ. These papers coupled with the best muffin pan in the world make muffin making super fun. Nothing sticks or burns […]

Baked Pears with Ginger Crumble

A few weeks ago Joy the Baker shared these beautiful peach cobblers. She rocks when it comes to putting beautiful things on a plate. And she always has such great ideas! Since I didn’t have peaches, and quite honestly, don’t like cooked peaches, I decided to make something different. Baked Pears! Henry’s had organic pears […]