Greek Salad – California Style

This is one of my very favorite salads. It’s cool as a cucumber, truly. It’s full of flavors and so good for you! It’s Mediterranean flavors with a California twist. I prefer it served right away. Do you do greek food?

How to Slice an Apple (4 Different Methods)

Apple slices are great in salads, pies, and eating out of hand. Learn how to slice an apple four different ways for easier eating, serving, and baking. Apple are an easy, healthy, super duper packable snack. Not only are they packed with vitamins and fiber, but they also taste great. They can play the starring […]

Grilled Shrimp or Fish Tacos

5 Favorite Recipes for the BBQ |

Grilled Shrimp or Fish Tacos are super easy to prepare and packed with flavor. Make a few freezer meal kits of spice and seafood, and you can enjoy these fish tacos at the drop of a hat. I was never in love with fish tacos until we moved to San Diego. One random Saturday afternoon […]

Nectarine – Peach Shortcakes with Butter Pecan Ice Cream

As you know I am a HUGE fan of buying in-season produce. The quality is the highest and the price is the lowest at that time. Talk about good and cheap eats! Some fresh produce is easier for us to enjoy than others. Strawberries don’t last long in our house. Either we eat them fresh […]

The Basics to Making a Great Salad

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved salads. I don’t mean like. I mean love, as in looooooooove. Yeah, my husband thinks its kinda weird. As did my college roommate. But, most days I would rather have a salad than anything else. It feels healthy even when I glob on tons of ranch dressing […]

Oven Roasted Tomatoes

Roasting vegetables is a wonderful way to add more flavor to them. I shared how to roast chiles last week. This week, we’re oven roasting tomatoes. In the past I have used a dehydrator to “sundry” tomatoes, especially when we had an excess of the garden variety. It was a great way to make use […]

Tomato Varieties and a Pasta Salad Recipe: A Guest Post

A Guest Post from Liz of Hoosier Homemade There are hundreds of Tomato Varieties, some are good for salads, others are best for making sauces, and some are simply great with a little salt and pepper on them. I’ve selected a few of the varieties to share with you. Cherry or Grape Tomatoes: These are […]

How To Cut A Grapefruit for Delicious, Easier Eating

Grapefruit, as healthful as it is to your diet contains a bitter pith. How to cut a grapefruit into sections, or supremes, will transform your grapefruit experience. The easier a task is, the more often you will do it. Make it easy to put away your clothes, you’ll never have piles of laundry. Make it […]