Prioritizing the Grocery Budget

aldi groceries on kitchen table

With the rise in grocery prices comes the need to prioritize how we spend our money. What is most important to you when it comes to food expenses? Yesterday’s Grocery Geek tally was a bit sobering. We’ve already spent half the month’s budget and it’s only the 9th?! True, we started with nothing. True, I […]

Ways to Save Money on Groceries {A Series Recap}

This past month we’ve been talking about ways to save money on groceries. Did you miss a post? Here’s the recap… Grocery spending is one budget item that we can work hard to control and see savings. This past month, we’ve been talking about different ways that we can save money on groceries.

Use Marked-Down Holiday Chocolate

Use Holiday Candy to Save Money | Good Cheap Eats

When a holiday has come and gone, snap up that holiday-themed candy on sale! Use that in your baking instead of pricier baking¬†chocolate. In just a couple days parents everywhere will be raiding their kids’ candy stash. Don’t lie; I know you do it. My kids know that all Twix and Heath bars are my […]

Be Prepared for Cold & Flu Season

Don’t get slammed by extra expenses when cold or flu hits. Plan now¬†to save on those grocery expenses. Murphy’s Law states that if the grocery budget is tight this month, then someone (or all the ones) will get sick and you’ll need to go drop fifty bucks on orange juice, vitamin C, and other flu […]

Watch for Meat Department Deals

Don’t buy the cut you want when it’s full price. Watch for sales and stock up. Despite my daughters’ love of meatless meals, my sons are not cut from the same cloth. Maybe it’s a chick thing? But, they want meat. Lots of meat. Unfortunately, with the price of meat what it is, meat is […]

Save Money by Shopping at Ethnic Grocery Stores

Head to your local ethnic food stores for economical ingredients for your favorite recipes. Some of our favorite foods are from international flavor profiles. Anytime I make Mexican or Asian food, it’s a big hit. That’s a double blessing since the ingredients for these foods are typically lower priced. Beans, rice, and spices — ubiquitous […]

Saving on Seafood

Good Cheap Eats Tip for Saving on Seafood | Good Cheap Eats

Like fish and seafood but not the price? Stock up and save. Our family loves to eat seafood. That wasn’t always the case for me. However, since I married a deep-sea diver with a love of fish and the last name of Fisher? Well, it’s a bit hard to avoid. One thing that helped me […]

Grocery Geek Q&A: Reducing Grocery Spending

Grocery budgets are tight. How can you trim the bill? Sarah wrote in with the following dilemma: I currently live in a four person household (five if you count my dog). I am the only female, I live with three males, my husband and two sons (age 8 and 11). I have currently whittled my […]