Tips for Hosting a Holiday Brunch on a Budget

citrus salad, bread, and breakfast casserole

Are you hosting a holiday brunch this season? Feeling a little overwhelmed. Here’s the 411 on how to make it simple as well as delicious. Citrus Salad, Instant Holiday Brunch Kit With the winter holidays ahead of us, we’re in for a ton of fun. Or stress, depending on where you fall on the Holiday Planning Continuum. […]

Tips for Budget-Friendly Holiday Meals

jar of money with christmas tree in background

As the holidays approach, you may be tempted to pull out all the stops. Your budget may not agree. Enjoy a festive season without overspending with these tips for budget-friendly holiday meals. Pictured: Ham in the Slow Cooker Yep, the holidays they are approaching. You’ve seen the displays in Costco and Walmart. You can read […]

The Scoop on Imperfect Produce

imperfect produce delivery boxes

Wondering if Imperfect Produce is a good fit for you? I gave it a try and here’s how it worked out for me, my review of Imperfect Produce. A few months ago I heard about this company called Imperfect Produce. The concept of their business was to help farmers get blemished and surplus produce to […]

6 Ways to Save Money on Holiday Meals

dinner meal spread with potatoes vegetables and pork tenderloin

Don’t go over budget this year! The holidays can be festive as well as frugal. Consider these savvy tips to help you save money on holiday meals. Remember the first time you hosted a holiday meal for the family? You were so excited. You researched for weeks which dishes to prepare. You checked the grocery […]

Frugal Foodie Wins and Losses

Did you save money on groceries this week? Tell us your Frugal Foodie Wins and Losses. Well, I’m sad to say, I didn’t do much in the way of Frugal Foodie-ism this week. It was a busy, but homebound week for the most part. It’s Friday, and I’m hot and tired. Summer, please go away! […]

Frugal Foodie Adventures

Ready to talk turkey? How are YOU saving money on food costs? Here are my Frugal Foodie Adventures: I feel like the week just passed before my eyes. The weather was cooler; we even had rain. I wasn’t melting in a puddle all week long, which was a welcome change. I also was a major […]

Frugal Foodie Efforts This Week

How did you save money on food this week? The Frugal Foodie is my report on how we worked to save money on food and still eat well. From the sounds of it, everyone enjoyed last week’s inaugural Frugal Foodie Efforts. It’s like a mash-up of Grocery Geek and Pantry Challenge, without the need for […]

Frugal Foodie Efforts This Week

Our Frugal Foodie Efforts This Week

Let’s talk turkey. Or at least how we saved money on food this week.  Saving money on food costs doesn’t just happen at the grocery store. It happens in the kitchen, on the road, and at the drive-thru. We all gotta eat, right? I mean food procurement has been one of the chief occupations of […]