Real Food Products We Love: Safe Eggs

One thing that relieves my fears about using raw eggs is to use pasteurized eggs, like Davidson’s Safe Eggs, when I make homemade mayonnaise or chocolate mousse.

Eggs and Sweet Potato Hash with Brussels Sprouts and Mushrooms

Stir up a hearty sweet potato hash with brussels sprouts and mushrooms. Eggs nestled in the vegetables bring protein to a tasty, power-packed meal, perfect for a Whole 30. As the end of the Pantry Challenge nears and FishBoy17 and I gear up for a Whole 30 next month, I’ve been scrolling through pics and […]

Oven Roasted Ratatouille

Enjoy the flavors of summer eggplant and squash in this easy oven-roasted ratatouille. I’m a lifelong francophile. I’ve loved French culture since I was about five years old. I studied French literature in college, just because really, since there are few “practical” reasons for majoring in French literature. I had the amazing opportunity — that […]

Buttered Maple French Toast Casserole

Enjoy a leisurely breakfast or brunch with this buttered maple French toast casserole. It’s make-ahead and will make someone happy. Very happy. Our family loves French Toast. I love that you can put dry bread to good use. Waste not, want not, right? I particularly love the idea of a French Toast Casserole. However, many […]

Spicy Turkey Egg Bake

Turkey spiced with spices and chiles is enrobed in a creamy egg mixture. This egg bake is perfect for holiday brunches. I was never a huge fan of ground turkey as a kid. My mom started buying it The Year We Stopped Eating Red Meat. For a whole year our family ate nothing but turkey […]

Egg Plus Salad Sandwiches

5 Packable Lunches

Go beyond the egg salad sandwich with this egg + salad sandwich. Hard cooked eggs, vinaigrette, and abundant veggies make a delicious and economical meal for Sandwich Night. In this season of my life, that is this hockey season of my life, we’ve condensed some big activity into just a few days. I’m so thankful […]

Bacon and Broccoli Egg Bake

  Breakfast is one of my family’s favorite meals of the day. Well, let’s face it. Every meal is their favorite. But, for some reason, I hear more about breakfast. When’s breakfast? What’s for breakfast for tomorrow? What can I have for breakfast?

Make an Omelet for a Good Cheap Eat

This omelet dish makes for an easy dinner recipe and a great way to use leftovers. When I was a child, my mom frequently made omelets. I never really paid attention to what she did except that she served them with cold fillings: shredded cheese, chopped ham, diced bell pepper, onions and tomatoes. It wasn’t […]