Shredded Beef Filling for Tacos, Burritos, Sandwiches, and More

Shredded Beef Filling | Good Cheap Eats

This Shredded Beef Filling is great for tacos, burritos, and taquitos. It makes a mean sandwich, too. Best of all, it cooks up easily in the slow cooker. Shredded Beef is one of our favorite fillings for all sorts for sandwiches as well as Mexican dishes. It’s economical because beef chuck often goes on sale […]

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Iced Mocha

An iced mocha is a delightful cold beverage to enjoy as an afternoon pick-me-up. Give your wallet a boost as well by making it yourself.  It’s true that a Frappucino or an iced mocha is one of my favorite indulgences, particularly in summertime. But, at 4 bucks a pop, it’s not the best use of […]

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Frugal Tip: How to Stretch Your Chicken Purchase

One of the easiest ways to save money is on food. There is such a range in food options as well as a range of prices for those foods. For our family, using coupons is one great way that I can save some of our hard earned money. But, I try not to stop there. […]

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Wild Boar Italian Sausage with Spicy Tomato Sauce

I was recently chosen to participate in Marx Food’s Blogger Recipe Challenge: Game Sausage Edition. I was sent four links of one of the sausages in their game sausage sampler. The type I was to receive was a mystery until the FedEx man delivered me my cute little, ice-packed, cooler-type package. We were waiting with […]

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Red Banana Smoothie: Pure and Simple

red banana smoothie with strawberries and bunch of bananas

Enjoy the creamy, milky goodness of a Red Banana Smoothie. It’s pure and simple, without any fussiness. Smoothies these days can be so complicated. It’s amazing how many different options are out there, how many ingredients, how many nutritional supplements and weird sounding items can make up a smoothie recipe. Soaked almonds. Maca powder. Pea […]

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Greek Eggs Will Brighten Your Breakfast

bowl of greek eggs

Brighten up your morning with tangy Greek Eggs chock full of vegetables and Mediterranean flavor. You’ll never be bored at breakfast again! Greek Eggs are one of my favorite healthier breakfasts. Packed with veggies and protein and accented with the tangy saltiness of feta, this dish is one of my all-time favorites of any kind […]

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Soy-Ginger Meat Marinade

For birthdays at our house, we let the Birthday Boy or Girl choose the supper menu. Myself included. If it’s not in the budget to go out to eat, then I usually propose my favorite mode of cooking: grilling. That way I do a little prep in the kitchen, but my husband is responsible for […]

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Recovering the Lost Art of the Carrot Stick

Over the past fifteen years, pre-cut baby carrots have become the main way that consumers buy this highly nutritious root vegetable. But unless there’s a good sale, my experience – both in the Midwest and West Coast – is that a pound of carrots costs at least $1.50/pound. But, there is a better way. A […]

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