Bake a Round Braided Challah for Rosh Hashanah

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photo source: kosher on a budget

Mara from Kosher on a Budget is amazing. She does a remarkable job of adapting a kosher diet to a budget-friendly lifestyle. Recently, she posted a video on how to create a round, braided challah. This would be a great, easy, beautiful, (cheap) eat to celebrate Rosh Hashanah later this week.

The kids and I are studying the Jewish festivals this year as part of our history curriculum. I’m looking forward to making these together. Look how easy it is to make beautiful bread!

(There is a video embedded in this post. Click through to view it.)

Her bread machine challah looks delicious!

Wishing a happy and sweet New Year to our Jewish friends!

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  1. Holly says

    Love it! I make Challah bread all the time (my MIL requests it for Easter, go figure!), but I’ve never made a round one! I have dough in my freezer right now; time to make Challah! I love the taste of Challah, introduced to me by my BFF who also happens to be Jewish.

  2. Kathy says

    I think your Christian readers will find that challah is truly ecumenical in appeal! As a weekly challah baker, I will also attest that leftovers make the very best French toast ever!
    Slices can then be cooled, then wrapped well and frozen for quick breakfasts. (Because the bread is more dense than white, it’s easier to heat the frozen slices in a preheated 300 degree oven for about 5 -10 minutes than to toast in a toaster oven. My kids refuse to eat store bought French toast anymore. This of course saves me money and reduces packaging.

  3. teresa says

    love the instruction demo video for the challah. thanks so much for sharing.

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