3 Mall Favorites You Can Do Better Yourself

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The shopping mall has been known to offer some pretty sweet treats. Here are three favorite mall standards that you can make better at home.

3 Mall Favorites You Can Do Better

My hometown was pretty itty-bitty when I was a kid. There was a Kmart and a few grocery stores, and that was about it. Today it’s what we call Shopping Mecca. But back then, if you wanted to buy something special, you had to head to The Valley to shop.

There one could find shopping malls. Complete with all the yummy treats that feed mall rats everywhere. If only I knew then what I know now.

I can make mall treats better and more cheaply at home.

Here are three favorite recipes that you’ll find while out and about shopping. But, you’ll save a bundle and eat better if you make these yourself.

Soft Pretzels

soft pretzels

I can’t remember the first time I made soft pretzels, but I’m so glad I did. I really need to make them more often. They are so tasty. They just disappear in a flash. You can’t have six kids AND all you can eat soft pretzels. I just doesn’t work.


homemade fudge


The first time I tried to make fudge — to impress a boy — it was a total disaster. Thankfully, the boys I need to impress today (my husband and sons) love me whether my fudge is a success or not.

For awhile, when we thought FishChick5 was allergic to eggs, we couldn’t make our family standby, the one my mom makes. Now that it’s really walnuts and peanuts that we need to worry about, I’ll be more careful about how I source my chocolate and nuts. And you can bet mall fudge is now off the table.

No problem, I know how to make it myself!


homemade smoothies

Recently, I did some reading on commercial smoothie bar smoothies. Oy! There’s a bunch of junky ingredients in those suckers. It’s much better — and cheaper — to make it at home. Check out these tasty options:

What’s a mall favorite of YOURS?

diy-convenience-150This is part of the DIY Convenience Foods series.

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  1. Jessica S says

    I am LOVING your new blog series! All my friends joke about how I am such a * make it from scratch* *Holly Homemaker* – but I am convinced most are just jealous I have that motivation! So many of the things you have posted I already do, but I LOVE the fresh ideas and new recipes and ideas! Please keep it up!

  2. My favorite? Cinnabon! But I make a decent cinnamon bun with the dough recipe for morning cinnamon rolls from Beth Hensbergers Bread Machine book and Joy the Baker’s (pull apart) cinnamon sugar- 1c sugar, 2 t cinnamon, 1/4 t cloves and melted butter in the pan and on the dough. Gee, it’s Saturday; I think I’ll make it now!
    I’ve been reading without commenting for some time now, but I love your style and am encouraged by your recipes.

  3. Lee says

    You should include your cinnamon rolls in this list – my extended family members beg for them! My father in law just requests a plate if cinnamon rolls for birthday and Christmas. Totally beats Cinnabon

  4. Lee says

    *of not *if

  5. Rebecca says


    I too remember having to go to the Valley to shop at the mall. My how times and the SCV have changed. I just wanted to say thank you for this series about DIY convenience foods. Now only if Chi-Chi’s Pizza delivered to the central coast:)

    Have a great day!

  6. I, too, prefer making my own soft pretzels. Also, my wife is crazy about Cinnabon, but even she agrees that cinnamon rolls made at home are much better.

  7. Sandi says

    I try to avoid the mall itself, and I rarely if ever buy snack treats while there, so no suggestions to add. Fudge is not something I make all that often. I’ve done the Eagle fudge before. Adding mint extract is yummy as well. I actually got a couple jars of marshmallow creme on clearance awhile ago, expressly planning to make a fudge that way, but never got around to doing it. The smores fudge sounds like a great plan that I think the kid would really like. Thanks for the ideas!

  8. Erica says

    I don’t eat any of those and really try not to make cinnamon rolls very often. But when we came down to SD and went to Lego Land it was the apple fries that got me!!! If only I could figure out how to make those…

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