Want to Know What’s in My Freezer?

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Got a freezer? Wondering how best to use it? What should you stock it with? Here are ten things that I almost always have on hand in my deep freeze. 

Want to Know What's in My Freezer? | Good Cheap Eats

Over the years my freezer has become one of my most-loved kitchen appliances. Even though my deep freeze happens to be in my garage. Not only does freezer cooking save me money and time, but it also gives me a break and helps me get ahead.

If you were to peek into my freezer, you might learn more about my personality and my family’s habits.

I like to think that one’s freezer is a lot like one’s medicine cabinet. A peek inside reveals so much about the character and lifestyle of its owner!

I suppose a refrigerator can offer you a similar insider perspective, but the freezer? Well, the freezer really gives you a look at the person’s future hopes and dreams — what is she stashing away in cold storage? — as well as one’s everyday habits and preferences.

Coming from the woman who wrote the book on freezer cooking, it may surprise you to learn what’s deep inside my freezer at any given moment.

I recently shared my deep freeze secrets over on The Kitchn. Check out the post here: 10 Things I Always Have in My Freezer.

What do YOU keep in your freezer?

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  1. We keep ice cream, frozen vegetables, and a few specialty flours. We also have bags of meat. I buy large cuts of beef, pork, and chicken; cook them in the crockpot and then bag into meal size portions. It is so nice to have shredded chicken for soup or shredded pork for sandwiches. I also buy sausage in bulk, brown it with onion and garlic and then package into 2 oz. bags. A little sausage added to a pizza, an omelet, a red sauce or a pot of beans can really elevate a dish. The small serving size is also very budget friendly.

  2. Sarah Gallop says:

    10 items I always have in my freezer:

    1. Bread and Buns
    2. Ground Pork
    3. Marinated Chicken
    4. Tortillas
    5. Chopped Pre-Cooked Chicken
    6. Plain Chicken Breasts
    7. Smoothie Packs
    8. Hot Dogs and Buns
    9. Chicken Stock
    10. Chopped Onion

  3. Alice E says:

    My freezer contents include lots of meat (raw and cooked), chicken, fish and some sausage. Also frozen vegetables, fruits, fruit juice for later jelly making, nuts, whole wheat flour, cookie dough, broth, buttermilk, cottage cheese and flaked wheat for whole wheat pancakes. The only ice cream at the moment is in the small freezer over the frig. Oh, yes, I forgot to list lots of butter, and some bread for making bread crumbs, also some bacon bits to use as seasoning and a ham bone waiting for the urge to make soup or beans.

    I tend to buy things on sale and plan meals and cook around what I have on hand. Not sure I would know how to cope without my freezer, although I suppose I could learn.

    When I am baking bread on a regular basis it also usually contains loaves of bread, since my recipe makes 2 loaves and the two of us don’t use it up that fast. But in summer’s heat I am buying bread for now.

    • I’m not sure I’ve ever frozen cottage cheese? Does its texture hold up?

      • Alice E says:

        No, it doesn’t, it is more of a mushy texture. However, for me that’s a bonus since I am using it in a breakfast casserole, and I like it just as well without the actual lumps showing after it’s baked. I wouldn’t recommend it for eating straight after freezing.

        But, this lets me buy the 24 oz. container on sale and either freeze it in portions for use later or use part of it for the casserole and save the rest for later avoiding waste. I don’t make lasagna or other casseroles where it is sometimes used instead of ricotta but I think it might work okay there also.

      • Alice E says:

        No, the texture is probably best described as mushy and unappealing. But, since I am using it in a breakfast casserole I bake that isn’t a problem for me. It let’s me buy the 24 oz. container on sale and either freeze it for later, or use part of it and freeze the rest for later. This also saves me the frustration that occurred when plans had to change and I had to throw away what didn’t keep. I would only recommend in for baking casseroles, but it works well for me in that capacity.

  4. Since we have a garden we put up a bunch of stuff. Blueberries, grated zuchinni, corn, pumpkin. strawberries, raspberries, applesauce, etc. I also keep make ahead breakfast, baked goods, casseroles, popcorn(get in bulk), sliced ham, yep our freezers are pretty full after summer is over. 🙂

    • I should have also said we butcher our own meat so that is also in there.I also buy chicken ahead when on sale so never have to pay full price for it. What most people don’t realize you can store alot of things in there. Also everything on your list and much much much more.

  5. Used Jessica?s inventory sheets to get back on track in August, from there I planned all the dinners for August! Heres my top 10…
    Frozen fruit for smoothies
    2-3 Freezer meals
    Frozen Waffles/Pancakes
    Frozen veggies

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