Pantry Challenge 2017-5

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This month we’re avoiding the grocery store and shopping the kitchen. Here’s how we’re eating. It’s like reality TV, for food.


I woke to a disaster and a half in the kitchen this morning. Turns out I was more tired than I thought last night and didn’t check on how the kids handled their dinner clean up. Let’s just say my head spun around and smoke came out my ears.

Probably was good that I spent a couple hours in the kitchen this morning, tidying, cleaning out the fridge, solidifying our meal plans for the day — and making the kids dry and put away every blessed dish. Clearly some things need to change around here.

As for food….

Pantry Challenge Meals, Day 5

Breakfast: Eggs, Sausage, Toast, Roast Vegetables, Cuties

Lunch: Beans and Rice with toppings

Dinner: Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Asian Slaw (recipe from my freezer cookbook). I served them on Hawaiian rolls which interesting. They were too sweet for me.

Other kitchen work included: thawing cheese for tomorrow’s pizza and broth for Stone Soup for lunch. It may be Asian style to use up tonight’s leftovers.


Re: groceries – the mochi ice creams that I bought the kids from Costco last month were defective. Don’t ask me: I don’t eat them. But the coating was weird. So, I took those back and got back $10. The woman at the desk said that I wasn’t the first to return the mochi.

While I was there, I exercised GREAT SELF-CONTROL and only got milk, eggs, prunes, and some veg while I was there. Will power!

I spent $40, but with the $10 back, we’ll call it $30. Seeing as the first week is almost over, I think we’re doing okay. 😉

(I still need to post my December Grocery Geek post, but I’ve been so busy getting my Revive course ready, I haven’t had time to type it up. Hopefully early next week!)

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  1. Today I woke up miserable- just feeling sick so I stayed in bed today. My son- who loves to cook- made breakfast for the family then ran out the door to play with the neighborhood kids all day. We have several ripe avocados from my in-laws tree, so we used a few today and made homemade guac.

    B- Eggs, sausage, avocado.
    L- Nachos with homemade quac.
    D- Ramen

    I know im not feeling well when I stayed in my pajamas all day and took a 3-hour nap. I rarely feel this aweful but on the plus side- it forced all of us to eat out of our pantry today too :). I’ll have to readjust my meal plan, since we didnt follow it much this week.

    • The best part of having those simple staples is when the kids can prepare them on their own! I hope you feel better quick!

  2. Jane Keevy says:

    I am not doing the pantry challenge this year, but I appreciate your posts. Just curious-how many gallons of milk does your family go through in a week? Does anyone have any dairy intolerances? We have two of us (including myself) lactose intolerant and I am cracking down this month and trying to be better about actually avoiding dairy and I feel better! Amazing how that works. I am new to this-but this is what I ate today:
    Smoothie with banana, peanut butter and chocolate almond milk
    Apple and granola bar
    Lentil Chili-leftover from the freezer and 1/2 dry bagel
    Naked juice
    Homemade Pesto and sausage pizza with red pepper and no cheese (it was great), asian cabbage salad.

  3. Tried hard today to pull it all together… Breakfast was two frozen donuts with a cup of tea. Lunch was chicken fried rice with small salad. Dinner was left over chicken fried rice with extra frozen baby peas added. Drank lots of water today – been getting away from that. Tomorrow I’m hopefully going to make the chicken noodle matzo ball soup that I’ve been dreaming about since I roasted the chicken on Sunday afternoon. Went to Walmart yesterday and bought a couple of grapefruit, 3 sweet potatoes, milk, 4 flip yogurts and 6 whipped yogurts, 2 lemons, 1/2 lb grapes, lettuce and a bag of fine egg noodles for the soup. I walked past so many tempting items but just kept walking. Its already the 6th of January and my freezer is still packed to the gills with meats – I may have to extend my challenge until mid February to get rid of it all.

  4. Jan 5
    Breakfast–Husband had his eggs and I had PB toast later in the morning. The boys went back to school today (Hurray!!). They get free breakfast and lunch.
    Lunch–hubs ? I had an apple
    Dinner–hamburgers, potato wedges and corn.

    Rearranged the freezer above the fridge and changed my menu plan around for the rest of this week and next week to create space to bring things upstairs for future meals.

    Bottled 80 Oz’s of chicken stock and started a second batch. I am also soaking beans for tomorrow.

    I feel for you and your kitchen woes Jessica. Waking up to a messy kitchen makes me see red. My boys are more the grab and go types. If they can’t eat it cold or warm it in the microwave they won’t touch it!

  5. Laurie in CA says:

    Wow Jessica, you have great resolve to go into Costco and only coming out $30 lighter. I have to hit Trader Joe’s tomorrow and have marked off some of the items on my list as wants, not needs.

    B – Baked banana nut oatmeal from the freezer for both of us
    L – I had some leftover chicken enchilada casserole and steamed broccoli. Hubs was out working his side job and was “famished” and went to Burger King. He regretted it the rest of the day. He gets “hangry” and has to eat RIGHT NOW. I can delay eating, especially if I’m busy and can even get so busy I forget to eat.
    D – I had a salad and when hubs pulled out the leftover enchilada casserole and French bread I couldn’t resist having a little.
    S – a couple pieces of See’s candy left from Christmas. Yummy!

  6. Sue Diamond says:

    Jan 5

    B – Shredded wheat with hm banana granola
    L – Bean burger (Wed LO dinner) & mushroom & stilton quinoa risotto (Thur LO dinner)
    D – Haddock from freezer coated in pesto and ground almonds, jacket potatoes, LO sprouts

    I have shopped a couple of times this week. I did brave Costco but had a list and stuck to it. It was mostly non-food items that are much cheaper there. I have done a small amount of fresh produce shopping. We usually spend a lot more than the suggested average on food shopping, between $150 – $185 a week for 3/4 adults. This is partly because we eat a lot of fresh vegetables and whole foods and partly lack of forward planning, but I would still like to really reduce this down! I have just gone from working 4 days a week to 3 so hoping to use some of my extra time to get myself organised!

    I love to see what everyone is eating and how you are all managing the challenge!

  7. B – Cheese Grits
    L – LO Meatloaf
    D – Baked Potatoes
    S – Tortilla Chips w/Cheese

    I found the link for Lemon Pasta, Shrimp and Broccoli in a previous pantry challenge and can’t wait to make that this weekend.

  8. Good mornin! Ugh messy kitchen in the morning is awful….especially when you didn’t leave the mess!!!

    Yesterday we are:
    B- egg, cheese, and ham on English muffins
    S- daughter school snack was half ham sandwich , popcorn and cherry tomatoes and my son had an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie since we had just baked
    L- LO corn chowder for hubs and I, ham and cheese roll up for my son, my daughter just munched and we all had veggies with ranch
    S- bananas, oatmeal cookies and juice for snack
    D- bacon chicken ranch salads, cheese, blueberries and grapes (we ate every color from the rainbow – kids thought that was super cool!)

    Our fridge looks good at this point but not much change in the chest freezer… this weekend I’ll try to reorganize a little so I can really inventory the garden produce in the freezer.

  9. Stephanie M. says:


    B – Hubby had cereal; I had a yogurt

    L – Hubby had sausage and peppers over noodles (the noodles were unused soup noodles from the chicken soup earlier this week – I don’t put the noodles in the soup pot – I add them to the soup already in the bowls so the broth doesn’t get absorbed) and the sausage and peppers was from the freezer – enough for one person leftover from a few weeks ago; I had a salad and a multi grain wasa crisp with some spreadable cheese that was in a gift basket for Christmas

    D – A repeat of last night; fish tacos and rice and beans

    Christmas cookies are what’s taking up most of the room in my freezer. My meat/fish drawer is emptying out quickly. I used to keep so much in there but after doing these challenges for the last several years, I have learned that it is just not necessary to have so much stuff. I have several grocery stores all nearby and even though sometimes, it’s tough to pass something that either looks good or is on sale, I do knowing that the sale will happen again and I don’t ever want to go back to a packed freezer ever again. I am anticipating an empty meat/fish drawer in the next two weeks or so. And then, I’m only buying what I need for each week – one week at a time.

  10. I am a morning person for sure…So often times I don’t get back to the kitchen after supper to see what was not accomplished or what new has happened.. so 530am comes around and I am none too pleased! I get it!

    Thursday.. For the kids I warmed them pancakes I made the day before while off work- finished the open box of Bisquick for those. Served with apple juice as I was unaware that the milk was almost empty!
    I had 2 scrambled eggs with some turkey sausage crumbles- last 2 pieces of that loaf of bread!

    L- I took my container of homemade beef/veg soup from previous day to work and shared it with my staff
    Kids took PB+banana sandwiches, a hot pocket, cuties, chips and granola bars.

    D- We started to get snow this afternoon and the roads were getting pretty rough- we decided to not go out to martial arts class tonight. I diced a half lb of small potatos for frying and pulled out a package of smoked sausage. I left to pick up a donation from a friend as we are donating to a funeral dinner (Friday).. Husband made supper and had it waiting when I finally arrived back home- fried potatos with sliced sausage and scrambled eggs! Toast and fruit on the side.. Was so yummy and wonderful to NOT have made it!

    Snack- popcorn!

  11. tastycook says:


    B – fruit and yogurt for hubby, slice of cranberry orange loaf for me

    L – ham and cheese on a croissant with a decaf, skim milk latte at the local coffee shop

    S – haddock, baked oven fries and baked beans

    We did go grocery shopping as we were out of fruit and had no green veggies other than frozen peas. Bought very little other than fruit and veg – no meat, no produce – but still cost $50! Guess it goes with the time of year.

    • tastycook says:

      Oops meant no dairy, not no produce as produce was what I DID buy.

    • Stephanie P says:

      Vegetable costs are ridiculous. I bought stuff for a salad – so like a weeks worth maybe (b/c I’m the only one who really eats salad), and I didn’t even buy organic, and it was 11.00. That was for green leaf lettuce, bag of carrots, a red pepper, yellow pepper, and some cherry tomatoes. Oh and one cucumber. I seriously think that was all I got – crazy expensive.

  12. We’ve been joining in from my kitchen. We picked up milk and bread and produce but I’m hoping to save a little extra money this month. 🙂
    B – steel cut oats- frozen blueberries
    L- digorno pizza
    D- my in laws surprised us and took us out.

  13. Kathy in Denmark says:

    Day 5.

    B: Oats and milk for DH. Branflakes with milk for the girls. Toast and coffee for me after dropping off DD1 at kindergarten.
    L: Packed lunch for DH and DD1. Rye bread with different toppings for DD2 and me.
    D: Leftover pasta, cheese sticks, homemade bread with butter for the kids. Nachos with beans for DH and I later.
    S: Hot cocoa, fruit, homemade bread.

    I was still not feeing well, so DH picked up DD1 from kindergarten. It was really cold, so I decided hot cocoa with whipped cream was in order. I had no complaints about that 😉

    I found the energy to make bread. I froze one of the loaves, so we have bread for weekend breakfasts. I have stopped buying chili beans for nachos. In stead I pulled som cooked red beans from the freezer and put them in the baking dish with salsa, spices and a little water. I am planning on making my own chili beans in the slow cooker, but have no recipe. Maybe I will just experiment, but if anyone has a good recipe for this, I would love to hear!

    Fun fact: I read a lot about slow cookers on different blogs (GCE included), but couldn’t find one in Denmark. I ended up ordering one from amazon in the UK and loved it so much that I ordered a larger one later on. I really couldn’t do without them now!

    Kathy in Denmark

    • For chili beans in the crock pot, I use pinto beans.

      Soak them overnight, drain that water, and then cook them in the crock pot with two finely chopped onions, a couple teaspoons each of chili powder and cumin, a tablespoon of salt, 1/2 teaspoon pepper, a teaspoon of paprika, a few minced garlic cloves, and some red pepper flakes (adjust that for how spicy you like it), and 8 – 10 cups of water, depending on how much juice you want.

      I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to cook kidney beans in the crock pot. I can’t remember why, but I seem to remember reading that somewhere.

      • The issue with kidney beans is just that you have to make sure they are fully cooked so you don’t poison yourself. They contain a toxin that causes great intestinal issues (and potentially death) if they are under cooked. Some people suggest boiling them first for a few minutes before dumping them into the crock pot. Or cook them on high instead of on low. Slow cookers unfortunately seem to have a variety of temps for high/low settings, it is not standard, so LOW on some cookers is not a hot enough temp to kill the toxins. Basically the beans need to be hot enough to boil for 10-15 minutes to release the toxins regardless of the cooking method. If putting your cooker on high and letting it bubble for while is okay with you, then cooking them in the slow cooker is fine. Otherwise, cook on the stove or in a pressure cooker.

        (also, I have no scientific references to back this up, but I have found if I soak them longer than just overnight, and change water during the soaking process, there are a lot fewer gaseous results when eating the beans)

        • Kathy in Denmark says:

          Sandi, we must have replied at the same time ?

          Great minds….?

          I agree with you regarding soaking the beans for longer. I also change the water one or two times after I bring the beans to boiling point. This also seems to help with…ehm…gas lol

          Kathy in Denmark

        • Stephanie P says:

          I never knew that – I’m thankful I just made my buffalo chicken chili on the stove because usually I just throw it in the crock pot!

          • If you have a really old cooker, you might have a potential for a problem. They now make them so the low setting is a hotter temp than they used to so they can avoid lawsuits from people who don’t use them properly. Apparently people followed instructions more and sued less in the 70s. I forget when they starting increasing the temps and a quick search wasn’t helping but it was at least 20 years ago. Even on low, the liquids usually will get up at least a solid simmer if not a full boil and either of those is enough to kill the toxins. I’ve personally never boiled them first and never had a problem, but if I’m using the crock then I’m allowing for it to be cooking the whole day so it will bubble much more than just 10 minutes.

      • Kathy in Denmark says:

        Thanks for the recipe, Danielle. I will try it out ?
        You are right about not cooking kidney beans in the slow cooker. Kidney beans (and some other beans) contain a toxin which is “killed”, for lack of a better word, when boiled. You need to boil the beans for at least 10 minutes (a rolling boil) before you turn the heat down. After that, it is ok to simmer them. I usually just cook them on the stove until they are done and then freeze in a Ziploc bag. I think I will use cooked beans for your recipe and adjust the amount of water and the cooking time ?

        Kathy in Denmark

      • I am so glad to see the recipe. I like to make up this type of thing for the freezer. Thanks for posting it. God know I have pinto beans. Awhile back bought 25 lbs. for $ .48 a lb. My son said he would split with me. He ended up only taking 4 lbs. and I have plenty to use up. After 5 months I still have about 8 or 9 lbs. left.

        • Danielle L Zecher says:

          It sounds like there’s a lot chili in your future! I bought a 10 pound bag of pinto beans from Sam’s a while ago, and finally cooked the last pound just before Christmas. Most of those are still in the freezer to be used this month. I can’t imagine getting through 20 pounds of them.

    • Cultural differences are always fun to learn. For some reason, I am surprised that slow cookers are not available in Denmark. I could understand not finding them in a third world country, but would not have expected it from there. Don’t know why that is. Glad you found one, though. They are very useful devices!

      • Kathy in Denmark says:

        I really looked everywhere with no luck! This was a few years ago and I actually saw a slow cooker in a Danish web shop recently, so you can get one now. However, they only had one model and it was very expensive. Even with shipping from the UK, I still saved money!

        Kathy in Denmark

    • I just cook up a crockpot of pinto beans and leave them plain so I can use them in whatever I want.

    • Thanks for sharing Kathy. I found it interesting as well that slow cookers are not a common thing in Denmark. I think most ‘new’ households here in Canada get a slow cooker fairly early on. Like Sandi says, cultural differences are fun to learn.

  14. Jen in IN says:

    Back to school and work for everyone!

    B: granola for the husband (he eats it everyday, I make a big batch every couple weeks)
    Steel cut oats w/peaches from the freezer
    I did add some leftover whisky sauce to mine, and it was a great addition.

    L: kids took pbj, orange, and yogurt tube
    Husband took leftover chorizo sweet potato chili
    I took leftover stuffed shells.

    D: Small Group Soup Night
    I made sausage potato soup to share.
    We all enjoyed a couple other soups, bread, and dessert. Perfect for the frigid weather here in Indiana.

    S: crackers and cheese

    I did stop by Aldi to pick up milk (.49/half gallon!), eggs, spinach, avocados, and baby greens.

  15. Danielle L Zecher says:

    Breakfast: Leftover Tomato Quiche

    Lunch: Leftover Potato Soup & Beer Bread

    Dinner: Chicken Parmesan

    Harris Teeter had their brand of canned tomatoes on sale for 37 cents (with a limit of 20) twice in December. I bought 20 both times, so we have a lot of tomatoes to use up. Hubby loved the sauce I made for the Chicken Parmesan, so that may become a regular thing.

  16. We finally ate up all the leftover grilled meat from Monday and finally ate the pkg of lemon/ricotta cheese filled pasta from TJ’s that’s been frozen for 6 months! (still delicious) I made taco soup and now we’ll have lunches for a
    few days. I love marking off things from the freezer!

  17. Another no spend day! At least for me, I can’t seem to control the hub 100% although I try. (Ha!)

    Breakfast-oatmeal with dried blueberries, walnuts, and unsweetened coconut

    Lunch-last of the turkey rice soup (but I”m happy I can make it again because I have LOTS of
    turkey in the freezer)

    Dinner-Salmon burgers and oven fries. We often buy the salmon burgers from Costco. They come in a twelve pack so it lasts us six easy to fix meals.

  18. Well, we may or may not get severe winter weather here in the south – everyone is trying to prepare. Traveled to a neighboring town with a friend who had some returns to make, we had lunch and stopped in at Aldi and Kroger.

    Day 5

    B – Strawberries and canned mandarin orange sections for me, yogurt and strawberry nut bread for hubs

    L – lunch at chinese restaurant for me and left to his own devices all my husband managed was one of his small pies and some veggie chips (kind of amusing)

    S – when I got home I made a snack platter for him – pimiento cheese on crackers, olives and orange sections. evening snack was pistachios

    D – grilled beef filet steak and sautéed baby spinach

    Dessert – christmas chocolate that I bought for a dollar after christmas

    Aldi – $22.96 – produce, raisins, baking soda, croutons, chocolate bar and 2 bottles of wine to cook with: 1 red and 1 white. At only 2.89 a bottle, I thought it was very reasonable.

    Kroger – $34.20 – produce, bottled water (in anticipation of winter storm), cheeses ($1.77 ea), marked down yogurts and a few Simple Truth items that were on sale, some good prices and some had digital coupons. and some yeast for baking ( I was almost out).

    We are doing a no/low spend right now in addition to the PC so I did really well in all the stores my friend had to go into – Belk, Penney’s, Bath & Body works, TJ Maxx. NO purchases for me – I so wanted stuff at BBW, they are having a big sale right now and every place had clearance stuff. UGH!

    So total spent this month so far is $81.03. This will probably be it for the month with my husband’s work schedule and our visit to see my dad for his 80th birthday. Fingers crossed.

    Melissa in GA

  19. Stephanie P says:

    Uh oh about the kids mess – I feel your pain, and I only have two. One of which is not yet 1 1/2 so isn’t great about picking up 🙂 Also a husband who thinks cleaning the counter is swiping crumbs onto the floor. I so wish my ridiculously picky family would eat soup. Although I get complaints no matter what I make because it’s not pizza or spaghetti every night!!

    B: Keto OS drink
    L: Vegetable quinoa soup and clementine
    S: Yogurt with fruit
    D: Pasta with lemon pepper (the hubster and kids ate spaghetti and meatballs before I got home from work – late night)
    S: Popcorn and two chocolates I absolutely did not need.

  20. Thurs 1/5
    B – I had a half slice of cranberry walnut bread early, then we had smoked salmon and cream cheese on toast for official breakfast once he got up.
    L – chicken and cheese burritos
    D – stir fry – I love using stir fries as a way to use up all manner of things. Veggies going soft, little bits of whatever meats are left sitting around, etc. Almost a whole bag of cabbage-based Asian salad got tossed into this one since I had put it in a stupid place and forgotten about it so it was no longer visually appealing as a salad. It all blends in together and you never know. Whee!
    Dessert – Christmas chocolates and a couple bits of cheesecake (it was only about a half slice before we split it)

  21. Wed: I had tummy issues so hubby fended for himself with leftovers. I did bland cooked cereal and soup.


    Breakfast: leftovers for me, PB Toast, clementine and grape tomatoes for him.
    Lunch: Clam chowder for me, he packs raisins and nuts for a snacky lunch
    Supper: Green bean soup with potato, onion and ham. bread or crackers and poached apples.

    The soup took care of two packages of frozen green beans, some frozen onions, leftover ham from freezer and the last of a bag of potatoes that needed to be used up. That felt good, but we will be eating it again today. I’m hoping to bake a bit today, with the cold weather it will feel good to use the oven.

  22. Received my biweekly CSA last night, so I spent some time figuring out how to get all the produce I already had used up quickly so that nothing goes to waste. Plus trying to do some planning for next week as I will be out of town with my mom, leaving the BF to fend for himself.

    Breakfast-Bagel Thin and cream cheese
    Snack-Coconut Almond Kind bar
    Lunch-Veggie wrap
    Dinner-Butternut Squash Posole with homemade pico de gallo and avocado-Such a big hit with the BF

    Dinner helped me finish off my butternut squash, avocado, tomato and my last onion delivery (but still so many onions in my house, no clue how to use them all up). Considering a grocery run this weekend, but hoping I can hold off until right before next weekend.

    • Whenever I have an overabundance of onions I slice them up, put them in the slow cooker with a stick of butter and some minced garlic and cook them down until brown, carmelized and delicious. Then I put them in small ziplocs in the freezer for an easy/quick add of flavor to later dishes.

      • Sounds delicious!

        • I love them! And they’re so much easier to use than having to stand at a pan carmelizing onions. Especially since they quickly defrost when added to an empty pan or pot. I find the snack size bags perfect portion sizes but freezing them into cubes or pucks would probably work too.

    • What about French onion soup, to use up some of your onions?

      Or could you carmelize a bunch, and freeze small portions to add to future recipes? I read that tip somewhere, but have never tried it.

    • Onions really freeze well. I rough chop them to use in soups, stir fry, meatloaf and anything that I cook where you need onions. Not sure if they could be used if just thawed. Never tried it!

      • They get pretty mushy to use raw once they thaw, but definitely for cooking, chopping them and freezing them portioned up is the best plan to get them off your counter when there’s an over-abundance!

  23. Breakfast was buttered toast and cottage cheese
    Lunch, the kids are in school and I usually don’t eat, if I do I snack.
    For supper, I got creative and it turned out pretty good! I had half a head of cabbage in the fridge, so I boiled that. Added some sliced smoked sausage from the night before. Then I added the last of the potato soup. Oh, I also diced up 3 small potatoes and added it. Left it simmer until the potatoes were cooked. Hubby wasn’t thrilled with the cabbage addition, but he ate it, and the kids cleaned their bowls!

  24. B: Chocolate bread, oranges, milk
    L: Leftovers from dinner night before
    D: Chicken tenders, baked potatoes, grapefruit halves

    The basement fridge in now empty — no more Christmas leftovers. This weekend I will be cleaning and sanitizing it.

  25. We were desperate for food storage over the holidays so turned on the fridge in the RV. Today the last item was removed and now all food is in the house. Yea! I guess that is progress even though everywhere I looked is bulging with food. It’s only going to get better.
    5 th
    B – cereal and milk. Finished off one box and have one left. Bought these back in Sept. when they had a back to school special and cereal was $ 1.25 a box. I refuse to pay more than $ 2.00 for a box so do without sometimes.
    L – We had skimping servings of L/O stir fry noodle bowls. SInce it didn’t look like it would fill us up I set out to make egg rolls. Had everything needed except egg roll wrappers. How hard can that be? As it turned out they were easy and tasted good but were impossible to roll. Presentation was awful. So bad when I served them my family ask what it was. I said just a Chinese side dish. We ate it but it looked like a limp taco that you could not pick up without losing the filling. We used forks. Don’t know if I will ever try again.
    D- L/O spaghetti with Red Sauce and meatballs and one L/O sauted zucchini with basil. The zucchini was past it’s prime but tasted good.
    S- L/O fruit cake which was a gift.

  26. A bit late today but here is the link to my pantry challenge post:

  27. Thursday 1/5

    Breakfast – More Christmas cookies

    Lunch – Salad w/ ranch dressing

    Dinner – Buffalo chicken wings w/French fries and applesauce

  28. Christine says:

    The kids were sick of oatmeal, so I made pancakes this morning. I was out of eggs, so I found an egg free recipe. Lunches were packed for school and work and that finished our bread for the week. All cold cuts and cheese are gone too.
    Tonight was going to be homemade pizza, but one of my kids came down with stomach bug. It turned into store bought dough pizza, which worked fine. Hopefully we all stay healthy.

  29. Only $30 at Costco–that’s amazing! 🙂

    Friday 1/6/17

    B: The usual.

    L: Son–peanut butter/pumpkin butter sandwich, grapes, yogurt w/ honey and HM granola, trail mix, string cheese, and water. Hubs and me–peanut butter/pumpkin butter sandwiches (1/2 for me), yogurt w/ honey and granola, string cheese, cantaloupe, an apple for Hubs. Water, hot tea.

    D: Eggplant Caponata Pasta (I included the last eggplant from the garden, bell peppers from the freezer, some grape tomatoes that were past their prime, and some garbanzo beans from the freezer–in addition to the other ingredients–so I feel like I made a very slight dent in the stockpile.) Cantaloupe and grapes on the side. Water (Hubs and me) and milk (son) to drink.

    S: Popcorn, pistachios, Christmas chocolates.

    We used up the last of the OJ this morning, so I made a quick trip to Vons. Bought OJ and sour cream ($5.97). Hope to do some baking tomorrow.

  30. Breakfast: Me, egg sandwich and sausages, hubs, cereal and milk.

    Lunch: Me, brought it but didn’t eat it because I had a very busy work day and spent most of it driving. Hard to heat up a lunch in the car! Hubs, chicken noodle soup from the freezer and a ham and cheese sandwich for dipping (no crackers for my hubby, he dunks sandwiches in his soups!)

    Dinner: Chicken tortellini Alfredo, all from the freezer and fridge, so that cleaned some space out. Except the left-overs will need to go back in!!

    Snacks: the ever growing christmas chocolate as I returned to work from the Christmas break and found a mountain of gifts on my desk, all of which were chocolate!

  31. Jessica, we had the same thing for dinner all the way over here in SC! Pulled pork on Hawaiian rolls, Asian slaw and the minuscule amount of french fries that were left in a bag in the freezer. (Kids split those.)

    Our son worked today at Chick-fil-a, so he ate 2 meals there. LUCKY!

    The rest of us took our lunch to work and we ate out of cupboards/refrigerator for breakfast.

    With the snow storm coming tonight, we should be able to really put a dent in the supply around here.

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