Pantry Challenge 2017 – 18 & 19

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This month we’re avoiding the grocery store and shopping the kitchen. Here’s how we’re eating. It’s like reality TV, for food.


I would like to report that we are all well, but I cannot. But, being too ill to want to do much of anything has certainly kept me out of the stores!

I can tell that I will be “better” in a day or two, but in the meantime, it’s just blah. And my low-carb diet has completely flown the coop.

Here’s a catch-up of the last two days.

Pantry Challenge Meals, Day 18

Breakfast: Granola

Lunch: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Chicken Noodle Soup

Dinner: Lawnmower Taco

Pantry Challenge Meals, Day 19

Breakfast: Petit Dejeuner

Lunch: Sanwiches and leftover soup

Dinner: Hands-Free Cashew Chicken, but with green beans and almonds instead of peas and cashews. 😉

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  1. Heather M says:

    Jessica- i completely relate to how you feel. Every morning I just can’t get moving at all. I hope you (and the family) feel better in a few days. I can tell I’m on the mend, too. It’s just not fast enough for my (our?) liking. Tomorrow is going to be rough since hubs wakes up at 3am to head to work for his part in covering inauguration day. Then at 4:45 a wake up call for my son who I have to leave with at 5:30 to meet friends so they can head into town (via metro) to attend the inauguration. Really hoping I can crash and nap hard when I get back home. I plan to be back in bed before 7am. We’ll see.

    Day 18:

    B: cereal, bacon, OJ for son; cereal for hubs; nothing again for me (I am so lazy/tired/loungy while battling back from illness_

    L: son took turkey/cheese sandwich, clif bar, and pistachios; hubs took ham and cheese sandwich, banana oat muffin, and an apple; I had a sunny side up egg and popcorn (all I want is comfort food lately and this is from my childhood)

    D: big Challenge success- pork chops from the freezer, sauteed then made a mustard pan sauce and all served over whole wheat couscous tossed with the half-bag of mixed veggies I found in the freezer and desperately needed eating (they were pretty close to freezer burned). It was delicious. Delicious. Happy people, and it was super easy (key for me right now)

    Day 19:

    B: exact same as day 18

    L: son took same as day 18; hubs took leftover pork/couscous/veg and a banana oat muffin

    D: son went into DC w/a friend to attend the inaugural concert at the Lincoln Memorial (they ate muffins when they dropped their backpacks after school and I dropped them at the metro- glad I had them made!), and they grabbed dinner in town after; hubs and I had a baked potato bar and salad.

    Politics in our house is interesting and varied, for those interested. Hubs is neutral, given he works in national news. I am fiercely independent and was not happy with either major party candidate this go round- I’m very moderate and it really depends on the issue/person and my ballots prove that -all over the map (daughter who is away right now tends more in my direction). Son is a self-professed republican and wasn’t a trump supporter until after he was nominated. Makes for very interesting talk in our house.

    • tastycook says:

      I hear you Heather about news and politics. When I was growing up, my Dad worked on one of the big British daily newspapers so I totally get the long hours and “having to be there” when it’s big news. It has left me with a total “need” to see the nightly news and know what’s going on, so I too shall be watching the inauguration, even tho we live in Canada.

      Hope you manage to get some peaceful sleep this morning and get over this bug – I am still fighting – haven’t got it yet, but I feel it could happen – snuffly and occasionally headachy!!

    • Danielle L Zecher says:

      I imagine there are some interesting discussions in your house right now. Hubby and I are all over place too, but so far have ended up voting the same about 80% of the time.

      I’m glad you’re starting to feel a little better, even if it is a slow process.

  2. Hi everyone! Can’t Believe January will be over in a few short weeks. Crazy.

    breakfast was egg sandwiches with Canadian bacon and cheese on English muffins.
    Lunch was leftovers. One kiddo took half of her egg sandwich from lunch. Her choice, not mine. Lol. Other one took oranges, beef sticks and yogurt. Little guy had leftover meatballs with daddy. I ate some green beans and made a smoothie.
    Dinner was a leftover using up marathon!
    Meatballs are gone, noodles are too. Roasted green beans for all finished. Two kiddos had steel cut oats with apples and blueberries. Middle one had leftover homemade mac and cheese and peas. Husband had meatballs, noodles and green beans. I had a taco salad with leftover chicken taco chili. It was so good.
    Dessert was plain yogurt with mini m&ms for the kids. I had 2 amazing oranges.

    • Heather M says:

      Those leftover use-up meals are the best! Bet you’re looking in the fridge and loving the pile of containers that aren’t there anymore! 🙂

  3. Heather–i bet those conversations are pretty interesting!
    I hope everyone feels better soon.
    Jan 18
    Breakfast–Husband had his eggs and I had my toast later in the morning.
    Lunch–Husband took leftover chicken strips I had the last of the leftover mashed potatoes with prime rib and gravy
    Dinner–Crockpot chili Mac using the leftover man and cheese applesauce and toast.

    Jan 19
    Breakfast–We had the usual
    Dinner–Leftover soup and a box of chicken taquitos I found in the freezer.

    I did spend $3 on bread so I am up to $25 this month and astounded at that amount.

    I did make a loaf of bread in the bread machine today. Thank Jessica for the encouragement! It tasted yummy warm with butter.

    • Be proud of that $ 25.00. Wish I could say me too, but alas I can’t. Not over my budget of 25 % yet which is $ 132.50 but getting too close for comfort! You keep going girl. Bet you kitchen is looking good!

      • Thanks Audrey!
        Only being at $25 really stems from having way to much food in the first place!
        When things are really cheap I stock up.
        My refrigerator looks good . There’s bread, milk, eggs, cheese, fruit and 3 leftover containers. My shelf for canned goods is looking pretty bare as well.
        My freezers on the other hand are packed with meat and veggies. My pantry challenge could last till summer!
        I know I will be spending more in the future but I am hoping to only buy what I adsolutely need.

  4. January 18

    Breakfast: I had a pulled pork caesar salad wrap early in the morning around 5:30. Used up the last of the romaine lettuce in the fridge. Hubs was NOT up then!

    Lunch: we shared chicken nachos that used up the last of a bag of shredded cheese from the fridge, a container of taco chicken from the freezer and a container of olives from the pantry.

    Dinner: beef/pork soft tacos. Used up a container of sour cream from the fridge and the last of a jar of salsa.

    Snacks: few christmas chocolates

    January 19

    Breakfast: cereal and milk for hubs, coffee for me

    Lunch: spaghetti from the freezer for hubs, I had a work lunch meeting.

    Dinner: steak, last of the broccoli and cauliflower, last of the fries from the freezer, and a few potato wedges from the freezer because there was only a few fries!

    Snacks: few pieces of cheese, few christmas cookies

    Fridge is starting to empty out. We did buy some milk at the store, along with some tortillas.

    • I also managed to finally organize my chest freezer, after going on a very frustrating hunt for my potato wedges last night! Ended up tossing some stuff, bagels, ancient sourdough bread bowls that had been in there for ages, a few more freezer bitten buns that surfaced from the bottom! But, I was able to move out a loaf of bread for this week, as well as move some frozen veggies over to our fridge freezer to use up tonight and this coming week.

      I’ve decided I’m not going to buy much more for fresh veggies till we eat up our frozen stash! I’ve learned not to skimp on quality for frozen veggies, and we’ve found brands that we really like and are as good as fresh when cooked properly! So now it’s time to use them!

      • Heather M says:

        I’ve decided the same re veggies, except salad stuff! I need to use up those frozen veggies before they get too old. 🙂

        • I find they’re so easy to forget about when you just get used to buying the fresh produce. I also find, for some reason, that they’re easier for me to use in winter! No clue why that is!

  5. Laurie in CA says:

    There is still lots of food in the freezers but not much in the fridge. If it isn’t raining too hard here tomorrow, we’ll make a trip to Costco which will put us over budget (I set it really low, for us anyhow). We have our grandchildren here quite often and we are out of any kind of snack food. Hubs and I are ok with it but the grandkids definitely aren’t. I hope to make some muffins and cookies for the freezer this weekend. Our 5 yo granddaughter eats. all. day. I think the child has a hollow leg!
    Day 18
    B – Scrambled eggs, sausage and toast for hubs, English muffin for me
    L – I had a salad w/ l/o chicken, hubs had a burger out after golf
    D – Clam chowder (from the freezer) w/ sourdough bread or crackers

    Day 19
    B – Scrambled eggs, English muffin or toast
    L – l/o white chicken chili from the freezer for me, hubs had a lunch date at McDonald’s with our 5 yo granddaughter
    D – French dip sandwich from the freezer
    S – cashews for me, lemon cake for both after dinner

    • Jen, I am so sorry for your loss. Lots of prayers and hugs to you and your son. We are here any time you need us!

  6. Jen in Colorado says:

    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

    I’ve been MIA for a bit. Full disclosure – my husband died 4 months ago, so some weeks are ok and some aren’t. Last week was a bad week. I didn’t really eat much. Luckily, my dad is in town, so he kept my son fed.

    I did manage to make a chicken fajita pasta dish a couple of days ago. Used up some chopped bell peppers and marinated chicken from the freezer, as well as some cream cheese and mushrooms in the fridge . So that was a win. The guys also ate up some type of breaded fish from the freezer.

    My end goal is still to get our big freezer defrosted, since it has quite a bit of ice buildup. But I think this is just going to be a slower process for us this time around.

    • Laurie in CA says:

      Jen, I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m glad your dad is close by for support. Take care of yourself ((((())))))

    • Jen, I am so sorry for your loss, too! Prayers for you and your family, and thank heavens for your Dad!

    • Heather M says:

      Wow, Jen, I am so sorry for your loss. So glad your dad is there for you and your son. Like Laurie said, take care of yourself and do what you need to be good to yourself.

      Also, that chicken fajita pasta dish sounds super yummy!

    • Tiffany R says:

      I will be praying for strength for you and your son during this time. I am so sorry for you loss.

    • Jen, I am sorry to hear of your loss. I am not sure how old your son is… I was a teen when my father died suddenly, so I know the ebbs and flows that go on those first months/years. Be kind to yourself. No doubt your son is benefiting greatly from time with grandfather!

    • Stephanie M. says:

      Jen, I am very, very sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and your son. Very happy you have your dad.

    • I am so sorry for your loss. Thinking of you and your son.

    • It’s been 14 years now since mine died unexpectedly (happy new year’s eve to us) but I definitely remember the emotional ups and downs. You think you’re going to be okay again and then wham! It’s a crying fest in the bathroom. I think it took me a good year to stabilize (about 3 years for his mom). Take each day as it comes and don’t worry if things don’t go according to plan. It’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. {{hugs}}

    • Jen–i am so sorry for your loss. Prayers and hugs to you and your family.

    • Danielle L Zecher says:

      I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m glad your dad is able to be with you and help you and your son.

    • Oh Jen. I’m so, so sorry for your loss. What a devastating thing to go through. So glad that you have family support. One day at a time, right? Hopefully this wonderful and supportive community can being you some encouragement and smiles durine those dark days. Take care of yourself.

    • I too am so sorry that your husband has passed. It must be so difficult for your family. Prayers are with you and glad you came back.

    • I’m sorry to hear of your loss. Praying for you and your family.

    • Jen, I’m so sorry for your loss. I’ll be praying for you and your son.

    • Jen in Colorado says:

      Thanks for the thoughts and prayers everyone.

  7. Wed bombed, truck broke down, took 2 hrs to get it and tow it to the mechanic, had to go get tags and license as they expired that day, got meds but didn’t get blood work or any other errands ran including going to the store for perishables. Got notice at the last moment that the viewing for the neighbor’s mother (who used to be our neighbor) was at 4 so we went, Hubby felt bad since it was my birthday so he ordered my favorite dinner from a local restaurant for take out…HA HA part of the dinner was missing. They gave us a credit because I was NOT driving back for it. Had Wed dinner last night. Having peppers,onions and smoked sausage over rice tonight. Leftovers over the weekend.

    • Heather M says:

      Yikes, what a day. Happy Birthday anyway? Hope you can celebrate properly this weekend!

    • Happy Birthday- at least you get a dinner do-over in a few weeks? Birthdays can be very un fun as adults!

    • Happy Birthday Julia! It will be one you remember…lol

    • Good grief. I think a birthday reprieve was necessary. I hope you get to celebrate again, too!

    • Definitely need to schedule a birthday do-over!

    • Birthday Do-Over! What a crummy way to spend your special day! My husband’s birthday last year (in June) was like that. Ended up spending waiting in a McDonald’s for the repairs on our car to be finished! Then, after we stopped at the store for some groceries, we got stuck in 4 hour traffic on the way home (the store is literally 10 minutes away from our house, there was a broken water main that just stopped everything dead!!) and with nothing to keep the cold things cold, we lost nearly everything we had in the trunk because of the extreme heat and the long wait time! The milk we had bought exploded! Not so much a happy birthday! You definitely deserve a lovely dinner out and a day of spoiling after your day!!

  8. Day 18
    B: Cereal, bananas
    L: After 2 ½ hours and 3 shots of Novocain at the dentist all I was up for was soup.
    D: After spending 2 hours in afternoon with my daughter waiting for x-rays and results I was done for the day. My husband took the kids to McDonald’s (we had coupons so it was fairly cheap).

    All in all it was a long day of doctoring, but thankfully nothing too serious.

    Day 19
    B: Cereal, bananas
    L: Hamburgers, green beans bananas
    D: Homemade Outback style mac & cheese, green beans, steamed broccoli, asst. fruit

  9. Kinda partly pantry challenging now that I have had a big grocery shop…

    nothing fancy or frugal about breakfasts and lunches.
    Dinner- I had pulled a pork roast from the freezer and put into crock pot with a jar of kraut…. used a bag of corn from the freezer… Then I tossed a pack of Keilbasa links into crock an hour before supper… That was the pantry challenge part of the supper served with mashed potatos and some bakery bread.. My mom was over to visit before she left town to visit siblings…

    Kids had leftover blueberry pound cake for dessert.

    B- French toast.. I woke early to the *bladder alarm* and decided to make use of the extra bread from the night before.. Kids loved it.
    L- packed 1 lunch- 2 bought school crap… I used some sourdough bread for a sandwich and sliced fruit for my lunch at work.
    D- pork and kraut leftovers! GONE!

  10. Jessica, it is a tough one. It will take a couple weeks until you feel like you again. Just rest up, as much as you can, and do what you can but don’t push yourself.

    Wed 1/18
    Breakfast – Oatmeal
    Lunch – Ramen noodles
    Dinner – Cheesy chicken enchilada chili with cornbread

    Thursday 1/19
    Breakfast – Cookies (thinking they are multiplying in the freezer)
    Lunch – Crackers & cheese
    Dinner – Used up the last of the steak, mushrooms & asparagus over Quinoa & brown rice

  11. My sister and brother-in-law came up from CT with my seven week old nephew Wednesday – amazing to hold that little guy!

    Wednesday and Thursday hubs did breakfast as I leave early both days.
    Lunches were leftovers.
    Dinner Wed was fish, rice, coleslaw and bread
    Dinner last night was sausage and leeks with apple barley and squash with bread.
    My kids snacked all day:)

    I’ve spent more than I wanted to this month but I have still managed to use up some odds and ends.

  12. Stephanie M. says:


    B – Hubby had blood work so he just took a breakfast bar with him for after; I skipped breakfast

    L – Hubby had a business luncheon; I had a roast beef and swiss sandwich using up the last of both

    D – We had shake and bake chicken legs, using up the last of those from the freezer, and rice, and cucumber salad

    Dessert: Hubby had some Christmas cookies; slowly those are disappearing too; I still have quite a few in the freezer; I just keep bringing some out and filling the cookie jar


    B – Hubby had baked oatmeal that I made last night, and yogurt; I skipped breakfast

    L – Hubby had a business luncheon; I had cheese and crackers

    D – Hubby had a business dinner; I had the last pretzel bagel from the freezer and butter

  13. tastycook says:


    B – fruit and yogurt for hubby, the last of one box of cereal for me

    L – a small bowl of leftover soup from the previous day and a little bubble and squeak with a fried egg

    S – chicken manicotti and salad


    B – fruit and yogurt for hubby, toast and lemon curd for me

    L – tuna salad

    S – mustard pork and mushrooms, broccoli and carrots

    Slow progress is still being made but a container of cooked carrots for 2 hardly makes much difference in a big freezer – LOL!! Add in 2 pork steaks and 2 chicken breasts – still barely noticeable. But it is all a step in the right direction. I do have a container of muffins that will be being moved upstairs in a day or 2 and so we go. 2 older folk , watching what they eat, don’t go thru huge amounts – so our pantry challenge will last and last – just like the ever-ready bunny.

    • One thing out is one thing out!! Each dent you make is a little bit of progress! My problem is taking out a larger item, or making a larger item, then filling the freezer back UP with the leftovers!! But, its all eating food you already have, which is really the true purpose of this challenge for me!

  14. And my freezer is full again….ahhh! I’ve been making great progress. The pantry, fridge, and freezer have been looking better and better. Then, there was a sale on berries. So, I stocked up and froze a bunch for smoothies. I have a bunch of other frozen fruit, but my kids prefer berry smoothies, so I needed more to mix with the other fruit. In the end, it will mean healthy snacks and will help me deplete the stock of other frozen fruit. Then, my potatoes were bad, so potatoe soup changed to pasta fagioli soup the other night. A full batch means three containers went into the freezer for future meals. And I cooked up a bag of dry beans for that. So, four containers of cooked beans went into the freezer. But, I had plenty of room for all of those freezer items, without even having to rearrange the jigsaw puzzle. Further proof that I am making progress. Lesson learned…we don’t eat enough beans in this house to buy dry. From now on I’m sticking to canned beans.

    Lunches have been leftovers for me and packed for the kids. We finished off a bunch of leftovers one night for dinner, too, when hubby had a work dinner. I made a large batch of crepes for breakfasts for a few days. And, used an old box of cake mix for cupcake treats this week. Quite a few more leftovers in the fridge (mostly pasta fagioli), but I think I can get through all of it this weekend. Dinner tonight will be stirfry with leftover frozen veggies from the freezer. It’s been a good week.

  15. One thing that I am more mindful of with the PC is using up leftovers in the fridge. I am vigilant in using them up and checking on produce so it doesn’t get pitched. I’m going to be making vegetable broth today.

    • I am with you on using up leftovers! Otherwise I feel like things get forgotten about and pitched and I always feel guilty.
      I have a small dry erase board on the inside of my pantry door/ I write what needs used on that board usually everyday. As we gete through them, I erase them. I also put a note in my phone when there are ingreds leftover so when I do a recipe search I can use those thiings up first.

  16. Wed 1/18
    B – Sausage pancake muffins, yogurt
    L – finished L/O Pork chili
    S – fig bar
    D – L/O turkey pot pie casserole

    Thurs 1/19
    B – baked pumpkin oatmeal for me, Sausage pancake muffins for him
    L – roast turkey, basil pesto noodles
    D – crab cakes and calamari from freezer
    S – cookies

  17. I am so sorry you are still sick – what a frustration!

    Two days ago we had:
    B: apple cranberry bake, tea
    L: ham, cheese, potato soup; blood orange, more tea
    S: meatloaf, roasted root veggie mash

    B: spinach/potato/ham/mushroom saute; strawberry banana smoothie
    L: meatloaf, roasted root veggie mash
    S: cabbage/mushroom pie; sweet potatoes with butter; red wine

    I really did not want to cook yesterday, but I powered through!

    • Those are the hardest days, when you just don’t want to cook but know you need to! Way to go for marching on and just getting it done!!

  18. Danielle L Zecher says:

    The past few days have been total PC failures for us. Yesterday and Wednesday my back was still really bad, to the point that I actually felt a little nauseous Wednesday, so I didn’t cook after work. Hubby picked up fast food. Again.

    I feel a lot better this morning, so hopefully I can actually cook something when I get home from work today.

    I think we’ll definitely be extending our PC (at least to some extent) into February now.

  19. Jen in IN says:

    B: Steel cut oats w/choice of banana, coconut, pb, jam, craisins

    L: I took leftover enchiladas, husband took leftover burrito, kids had orange, popcorn, and deviled egg.

    D: Oldest made himself a couple eggs and toast before swim.
    The rest of us had leftover sausage pepper pasta.

    S: brownie

    B: scrambled eggs and toast from random heels in the freezer

    L: Kids had pbj, orange, and popcorn. Husband took soup, I had yogurt and an orange.

    D: Taco rice w/lettuce, tomato, sour cream and hot sauce

    S: crackers and cheese or pb

  20. Wednesday:
    B-fried eggs for hubs and dippy eggs for me, kids had cereal or toast
    L-leftover ribs, mashed potatoes and green beans for hubs, salad and grapefruit for me
    D- burrito bowls using taco meat I made monday, a box of brown rice, salsa and corn from my canned garden goodies and a can of black beans, peaches and strawberries from the freezer
    B-Egg sandwich for hubs, I finished a box of cereal no one else would, kids had toast with peanut butter
    L-same as Wednesday
    D-pulled pork sandwiches from the pork roast from Tuesday, sweet potato fries using the last of our sweet potatoes from our garden (we’ll miss those, they’re our favorite) apples and cookies
    Many prayers going out to all of you suffering from this flu bug! Hope the end is in sight.

  21. Day 18

    B: Hardboiled eggs and oranges
    L: Leftovers
    D: The girls ate at church. HH and I had sausage and rice hotdish (Yup! I’m from MN!)

    Day 19

    B: Banana chocolate chip muffins and yogurt
    L: Leftovers
    D: English muffin pizzas (I was at a work outing so the girls and HH had to fend for themselves

    I stopped at the grocery store for a couple items this week and may need to again this weekend. I am out of a few staples like flour, butter, peanut butter. I told myself that I would only purchase dairy, produce, and bread though. Hmmm…

  22. I see everyone making progress in spite of things going on in our lives. That impresses me and encourages me to do the same. You will notice a theme in our meals for a few days. After Christmas I ask hubby to cut up the l/o ham and place it in meal size bags. Sent him after a pkg. of said ham and he had sliced it and stacked it all in one large container (almost shoe box size). We defrosted it and are trying to use it.
    18 th
    B. Ham and scrambled eggs
    L. Mac & cheese with ham, carrots, last of the apple pie. We actually had two pieces split three ways so not much but it tasted good.
    D. Ham sandwiches, cottage cheese, a couple of cookies each
    19 th
    B. egg & bagel
    L. taco (not with ham!) rice and beans
    D. pizza & salad, lemonaide, and birthday cake
    Tomorrow we start back on a ham agenda!

  23. Ooops! We’ve been busy, and I’ve just not been able to get to the computer much. I did manage to write down what we ate though, so here goes.

    Mon. 1/16/17

    B: The usual.

    L: PB/apple butter sandwiches, yogurt w/ cranberry-pomegranate compote and granola, pear slices, cheese sticks, carrot sticks, water.

    D: Lime-cilantro chicken, chili roasted sweet potatoes (used the last of the sweet potatoes), salad, water, milk.

    S/D: Last of the banana bread, hot cocoa.

    Tues. 1/17/17

    B: The usual (w/ blueberries for me).

    L: Son had the day off from school and wanted to have lunch w/ his dad (who works at a local university), so we ate at the food court. Son had orange chicken; Hubs and I ate from the salad bar.

    D: Scrambled eggs, LO waffles from the freezer w/ either compote or maple syrup and whipped cream, orange and pear slices, milk, water.

    Wed. 1/18/17

    B: The usual (w/ blueberries).

    L: Packed for the guys (PB/apple butter sands., cheese sticks, trail mix, yogurt w/ compote and granola, grapes, carrot sticks, water). Salad, hummus, pistachios, and water for me.

    D: Pan Roasted Salmon w/ Parsley Pineapple Relish (from, rice, steamed broccoli, salad, milk, water, hot tea.

    Thurs. 1/19/17

    B: The usual (w/ blueberries).

    L: Packed for son (PB/apple butter sand., applesauce, grapes, yogurt w/ compote and granola, string cheese, water, trail mix). Hubs and I had PB/AB sands., yogurt w/ compote and granola, grapes, and pineapple.

    D: Fall Veggie Quinoa Soup (Subbed chard from the garden for the kale and black-eyed peas I’d bought for New Year’s and then not used for the garbanzo beans; omitted the sweet potato; used a butternut squash from the garden–one more left). Salad. Water. Milk.

    S/D: Pineapple, pistachios

    Whew. Think I’m caught up now.

    Have a nice weekend, everyone!

  24. Yesterday cereal juice hubby 1 piece left over French toast me coffee
    Lunch leftover pizza carrots celery
    Dinner beef and noodle
    Today egg green pepper ham omelet coffee me. Cereal toast juice hubby
    Rueben type sandwich from leftover this and that
    Scalloped potato with cheese and green beans. After totaling my reciets I am still below my goal but I did hurt it a bit. Yesterday I was at Kroger finishing my shopping for tomarro ( I will be cooking a 5 course madrigal dinner for 150 people) I saw green mountain roaster coffee for 2.25 a pkg couldnt pass that up bought 8 they where 6.98 off. Also needed peach schnapps for DD requested birthday cake. (Fuzzy navel cake) still in all my total is much lower than I usually spend. I will continue to eat from our pantry to save us money. It has been so much better joining this site than it ever was doing a challenge by my self. I love reading all your posts.

  25. I have book club tonight and puzzled about what to bring to share. Ended up with a quinoa salad with feta, garbanzos, the last of a red onion and kalamatas. Pretty proud of myself for not buying something at the store.

    breakfast-eggs and spinach. Almost out of eggs so need to get to my daughter’s as she has forty chickens and I NEVER have to buy eggs. Yeah!

    lunch-leftover turkey pot pie from yesterday

    dinner-whatever the others share at book club plus wine, lots of wine. It’s been a rough week.

  26. Weds morning I had two teeth pulled so for two days it was cream soups. At least I was able to take them from the freezer. Today I felt I could manage some solid food. Made risotto from some onions and pumpkin I had cooked. Lunch was more onions made into French onion soup. Dinner was a turkey sandwich with homemade pickles on homemade bread. More bread was used to make French toast for hubby for breakfast. Now my bread is several days old so I will cube the rest for croutons. Will drain the onions out of the onion soup and heat them with some leftover yogurt as the base for some fresh onion bread. If we don’t eat the rest of the onion soup right away I will add what is left to my beef stew this weekend.

    • Wow, Terry! Such creative and delicious items you’ve been making! That onion bread sounds like it would be absolutely amazing!

  27. I thawed sausage from the freezer to make breakfast. Hubba wants sausage and hash browns. My standard practice is to always have a baked potato or two in the fridge so we can have hash browns whenever we want them. The chickens get the potato peelings but only if they are cooked. Even when we have mashed potatoes they are from baked potatoes. I keep a gallon container on my counter for veg scrapings leftovers and egg shells etc. Once a day I carry it out to the chicken coop as I check for eggs. They get anything I would compost and the chicken leavings go into my garden…

  28. My biggest help in keeping my grocery budget in tact is to purchase 50 pound sacks of flour, potatoes, onions and 25 pound sacks of carrots. I know it is a lot of carbs but with these items which together cost me around 30.00 I can make hundreds of meals. Using eggs from our hens, our garden and fruit from our trees I don’t have to purchase much at the store. We have an acre but only a portion of it is in food production, and even that gives us huge amounts to share

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