Pantry Challenge 2017-14 & 15

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This month we’re avoiding the grocery store and shopping the kitchen. Here’s how we’re eating. It’s like reality TV, for food.

pancake-saturdaySo sorry for flaking on you guys this week. Thank you for your prayers and well wishes. It sounds like from the comments that I’m not the only one enduring the plague of 2017. Can’t wait for the cough to go away.

In the meantime, I’m consoling myself with new episodes of Sherlock and planning our May/June trip to the British Isles. So excited for that!

Here’s a cobbling together of the last two days. It was mostly fend for yourself because I’m barely able to put a couple sentences together let alone full meals.

I did run to the store tonight for a few reinforcements, mainly orange juice and potatoes for cold remedies and soup making.

Pantry Challenge Meals, Day 14

Breakfast: Pancakes, Sausage, Fruit

Lunch: Burritos and Nachos

Dinner: In-N-Out burger

Pantry Challenge Meals, Day 15

Breakfast: Fend-for-yourself with toast and spreads

Lunch: Fend-for-yourself, leftovers, including some Creamy Chicken Stuffed Shells from the freezer

Dinner: Cheddar Cheese Soup with Potatoes, Broccoli, and Carrots

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  1. Yesterday breakfast was leftover pumpkin porridge and chia pudding with lattes. Lunch was borscht and citrus fruit. Supper my parents came over and we had kung pao meatballs, veggie fried rice, salad with radishes and carrots, and gf brownies.

    Today breakfast was lattes…we were full still. Lunch was cabbage meatball soup and chili roasted squash. Supper was last night’s leftovers plus brownies.

  2. Yesterday
    B: Assorted breads, boiled eggs, pineapple. I told my peeps instead of cereal or oatmeal, we were eating up the bread stragglers – 2 corn muffins, 2 drop biscuits and 3 slices of Italian bread. I made some honey butter to go with the bread.
    L: Pork chops, AuGratin potatoes, steamed broccoli, orange slices
    D: We had 4 extra kids for dinner. I made dinner from an assortment of leftovers including fried rice, potato soup, green beans and pineapple spears. For dessert I made a batch of snicker doodle cookies and a batch of oatmeal butterscotch cookies.
    S: Pineapple slushies: combine in the blender ice cubes, fresh pineapple, shredded coconut, and a splash of lime juice

    Today was an light cooking day.
    B: Usual assortment of cereal and bagels
    L: Our church had a luncheon after services celebrating the mortgage retirement so we all had a big Italian dinner with a wide assortment of desserts to select from.
    D: We had a light snacky dinner, since we were going to an evening movie with the requisite popcorn and movie candy.

  3. Laurie in CA says:

    Try to stay low for awhile if you can Jessica. My 93 yo mother had that bug two weeks ago. She is just now getting her voice back.
    Day 14
    B – breakfast burritos using up a couple extra baked potatoes that I fried up, l/o baked bacon, eggs and cheese. I had enough to make three extra for the freezer so my husband has a good breakfast on golf days. Hubs and I also split the last Mimi’s buttermilk spice muffins
    L – Hubs had ruffles and onion dip and I had a few chocolate almonds
    D – Went to our grandson’s second birthday party where we had some Mexican food and ice cream cake
    Day 15
    B – breakfast burrito for hubs and I had baked banana nut oatmeal and a small orange
    L – we both ate our l/o Italian food from Friday night
    D – we had our 5 yo and 2 yo granddaughters and they requested orange chicken from Panda Express. What is a good grandparent to do but comply with their request 😉

  4. Hope you are getting lots of rest and feel better soon.

    b-Our regular Saturday breakfast out
    l-skipped after big breakfast
    d-split pea soup with ham, homemade rolls

    b-eggs with spinach, red pepper, mushrooms
    l-split pea soup again
    d-siracha chicken thighs, baked potatoes

    I bought a groceries for the first time this month and spent four dollars-milk and three Theo clearance chocolate bars. Don’t judge-regular price $3.99, my price 69 cents and they are delicious 🙂 Milk was $1.79 a gallon. I never buy that size, but it was cheaper than the half gallon.

    I almost always make a loose weekly plan for dinners. This month I made a monthly plan which is working out pretty well. I’ve rearranged meals a few times (and have planned alternates when I’m not in the mood for what the menu says), but I like that all the planning is done.

  5. Sat 1/14
    B – bagel and cream cheese – finished off this round of them, still have more in the freezer
    L – beef hot dogs again, bits of snacky things
    D – pork chops (freezer), zucchini & yellow squash (freezer), insta-mashed potatoes (pantry) with old boursin cheese (fridge) mixed in – I found a couple of old packages of those potatoes on an upper shelf I can’t really reach well so usually only put things that I don’t need to get frequently. Apparently it must have been a time when the rest of the cabinet was too full so I put those packets up there and then forgot about them. They did actually taste a bit stale, so I need to decide if I am going to just use them in some way that it won’t be noticeable (like thickener for a soup) or do some heavy doctoring to “fix” the flavor (like I did with the boursin that also needed to go and I do still have more of that) or just give up and toss them. Not decided yet.
    S – chocolate chunk cookies

    Sun 1/15
    B – piece of cheese
    L – L/O pork and potatoes from last night
    D – turkey pot pie casserole – I used a package of meatless pot pie filling from the freezer, plus thawed out a huge roasted turkey breast and chopped up some of that for the pot pie filling, and put all that in a casserole dish instead of a pie pan. I made a package of old stuffing mix and used that as the “upper crust” topping. (I vaguely remembered something similar on a package of either stuffing or can of XYZ cream soup some 15 years ago) It came out pretty decently, and every bit of it was at least a year old, so definite success for the challenge.
    S – he had cookies, I finished the last of a box of mixed chocolates

  6. You rest as much as you can and hopefully it will be over soon! I guess if I had to get something the abdominal version was the lesser of the crud. I felt like myself after 2 days.
    Jan 14
    Breakfast–Husband had l/o egg bake. I went out to meet a friend and had an omlet with chicken broccoli onions and hollandaise sauce with fried potatoes.
    Dinner–i had leftover French toast and everyone else had plans for the evening. Nothing came out of the freezer but no cooking or dishes is a win for me!!

    Jan 15
    Breakfast–Husband had the last of the egg bake and I had PB toast.
    Dinner–prime rib cut up with onions and garlic, mashed potatoes and gravy and corn with bread and butter.
    Snacks–we are in the ice storm in the Midwest so my husband took the boys for junk food. He brought me Lays potato chips and Hershey’s chocolate!!

  7. January 14:

    Breakfast: I attempted to eat chips and salsa but with the terribly sore chapped state of my lips, I gave up 2 bites in! This cold weather is just the worst for me when it comes to chapped lips! I had a cup of coffee instead. Hubs had ham/egg/cheese tortillas when he woke up. I had a pbj sandwich a few hours later.

    Lunch: We both skipped because we ate later

    Dinner: Homemade pizza with everything from scratch and mostly from the freezer! Woo!!

    January 15:

    Breakfast: Leftover Pizza for both, coffee for me, Pepsi for Hubs

    Lunch: sandwiches, veggie dippers and fruit provided at our Board of Directors training

    Dinner: TOTAL FLOP of crockpot cream cheese chicken that I attempted to make with dairy-free cream cheese (we’re both lactose intolerant, me MUCH more so than him, and while I’ve tried the Daiya brand cream cheese before on bagels and disliked the flavour, I hoped I could utilize it in a cooked meal and have some success.) DID.NOT.WORK.OUT. I just could not get past the taste. And if I couldn’t get past it, I knew he never would!

    After reading a tongue-in-cheek comment about my experiment on my Facebook page stating that “Hot sauce covers a multitude of sins” I drowned a few bites in Frank’s Red Hot and discovered it was slightly more palatable. So, I have resolved to eat SOME of it using this spicy mask, but about 1/4 of it just ended up in the bin. I was so, so mad (still am, to be honest!) I truly, truly hate wasting food, and this was such a disappointment. Oh well, now I know that at least that brand just doesn’t work for me!

    We ended up eating some more of the frozen NYE snacky appetizers for dinner instead (mozza sticks, popcorn shrimp, egg rolls and puffed pastry bites) Nearly finished them all up now, just one more “meal” left from each. Made a little progress from the freezer at least!

    • I used to have terrible problem with chapped lips. I bought Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream. To get a good price I would go on amazon. Pretty pricey at Macy’s. This stuff works. I was able to eat things that normally send me over the edge it would be so painful.

  8. Glad ffor the three-day weekend, i finally had a chance to clean up after the holidays-

    B- potatoe, egg and cream cheese frittata
    L/D- pot luck at in laws

    B- leftovers
    L- nachos
    D- sausage, veggies and rice

    We picked up another 7 avocados that wil be ready in a few days…. anyone has recipe ideas besides guacamole that you can share?

    • I recently had avocado egg salad. They had replaced the mayo with mashed avocado. I have also replaced the mayo in tuna salad with avocado, which is also quite tasty.

    • I seriously envy the availability of your avocados! We slice them on our weekly beans/rice with sour cream, cheese, and salsa. Also like to squish them on warm toast with salt.

    • I just love them sliced with salt pepper and a splash of lemon or lime juice. They are such a treat for us in the central KS.

    • You could make an avocado ranch dressing – great on a taco salad or dipping

      Melissa in GA

    • Heather M says:

      I eat them on sandwiches – tuna, turkey, etc. In salads. Sliced as a side. Obviously they can be a garnish on any mexican food, instead of guacamole – in tacos or burritos, in taco salad, topping to enchiladas, etc. Avocado on toast for breakfast. They’re just so good on so many things!! One of our favorite at-home soft taco dishes is a ceviche style shrimp and avo taco from cooking light: They’re simple and delicious!

  9. Di in Aus says:

    Hope things are on the mend soon

    B usual creal and milk
    Lboiled spuds and butter
    D: ravioli cooked in leftover stock, hot chips . Parents had chicken snitchels and hot chips.

    B coffee creal and milk i ate mine for lunch at work.
    L kids had cheese crackers watermellon tuna and potato sald
    D braised sausages and onions with cauli and frozen beans and boiled spuds

  10. last night instead of the 123 pasta we ate leftovers so I wouldn’t be pitching them today. Weird meal though LOL.

    Having withdraw from shopping at grocery store. I don’t like other shopping, but grocery shopping I love. SO I checked the sales and made a WISH list. And then shoved it in the drawer I keep the coupons in. IF I decide to go to the store later this week (it’s a plan shopping date from the start of Pantry challenge) then I will pull the list back out and see what I really NEED.

    Get Well Jessica but warning I have a couple family members that still have that cough weeks later.

    • You are so like me! I adore grocery shopping, which is why I love pantry challenge to use up my “deals”. I am putting the ads right into recycling which is hard for me, but makes me not go buy more when I don’t need to.

  11. Stephanie M. says:


    B – Hubby had dippy eggs, home made turkey sausage, and toast; I had pancakes from the freezer and strawberries

    L – Hubby had leftover tuna casserole; I had leftover spaghetti with marinara

    D – Filet mignon, home made stuffed potatoes, and broccoli (during the holidays, our local grocery store, Shop rite) had a sale on whole beef tenderloins and I had to have one. Hubby sliced it into nice thick steaks and wrapped it with our vacuum packer in packages of two).


    B – Hubby had home made pancakes from the freezer (Jessica’s recipe – two left), home made turkey sausage, and a pear; I skipped breakfast

    L – Hubby had a meatball parmesan sub with the last two leftover meatballs from the other night; I had a bologna and cheese sandwich

    D – Shrimp scampi over angel hair using up a bag of shrimp from the freezer – one bag to go

  12. Jen in IN says:

    B: Husband had granola, I had yogurt. Kids made waffles.

    L: Burritos with egg, black beans, roasted sweet potato, and cheese.

    D: Pasta with Italian sausage, peppers, onions and tomato
    salad and garlic bread (frzr)

    S: ice cream with cookie

    B: french toast

    L: egg tacos on ww tortillas with avocado, cheese, and hummus
    orange slices

    D: turkey burgers (frzr) w/jalapeno pickles
    baked fries

    S: peanuts
    ice cream and chocolate sauce

  13. tastycook says:


    B – fruit and yogurt for both of us + I had a piece of coffeecake

    L – bacon baguettes

    S – working behind the bar so hubby had fruit and I had what the curlers were fed – chicken, rice and veggies


    B – we went out

    S – squash soup and garlic bread (both from freezer and needed to be used), rice pudding

  14. It sounds like you are slowly starting to feel better- fingers crossed that it happens quickly!
    Sat- Woke up still feeling miserable but knowing I was the only volleyball coach for our team.. made it vertical!
    B- I had some cereal.. kids fend for themselves
    L-I scrambled a few eggs, toast and the last of precooked turkey sausage from freezer.. NAPTIME
    Kids and husband- fend for selves
    D-Out to dinner.. I was not going to go but husband made me go with them… It was yummy but I felt totally drained!

    Hit BJ’s warehouse on the way home for some basics- milk, bread, lunch meat, yogurt

    Sunday- Woke feeling a bit more human…slightly energetic
    B- made a huge batch of blueberry muffins- berries from freezer, sour cream from fridge ( had one with a yogurt before I went and laid back down!) lol Kids pretty much killed the muffins
    L-I had 2 fried eggs and 2 small sourdough english muffins( Christmas gift basket)
    I wanted husband and kids to go hit the grocery store with me for a stock up- Aldi.. Husband not in the mood and said we could figure it out!
    D- pulled a box of frozen burgers out freezer- Made a batch of yeast burger buns from scratch for these…
    sauted a bag of frozen green beans with garlic and butter, cooked the last half of buffalo flavored waffle fries.. found a small box of potato skins(NYE leftovers) for those who hate buffalo.. kids finished off the cottage cheese and dill pickles also…defrosted 2 bags of shredded zucchini and made a batch of brownies for dessert…

    Thnks for the Soup link! I have a bag of frozen broccoli/cauliflower pieces that need used.. this sounds like a great base!

  15. Jessica, continue to take it easy as you may wake up feeling better but as the day goes on your energy level will put you on your backside fast. Hubby and I had it at the same time and we laughed cause by late afternoon we were meeting on the recliners again. I also ended up with a sinus infection but didn’t have the energy to drive to the Doctor’s so used my Nettie pot for a few days and have been feeling better for the last week. It takes a while but you will be back to normal soon. We were really worried since the grandbabies had the vomiting and we were with them the day before but we have not had it. Thank goodness

    Sunday 1/15

    Breakfast – Oatmeal

    Lunch – Finished off HS band sub & soup

    Dinner – T bone steaks, mushrooms & onions, baked potatoes, asparagus

    WAHOO!!!!! G0 Steelers!

  16. Feel better soon!!

    Are we seriously halfway through January???

    Saturday feels like ages ago… I think we ate HB eggs and English muffins with fruit, then LO pizza and veggies for lunch, and dinner was roasted chicken, masked potatoes and turnip, and beets with garlic breadsticks. Snacks were the usual fruit, cheese, crackers. I went to the farm stand and purchased a share of produce and dairy along with two pounds of ground meat – $42.50 total.

    Yesterday we ate the last of the French toast from the freezer and fruit, an array of leftovers for lunch, and then I made a giant chicken/turkey pot pie. Enough for lunch today for us and then dinner for my parents I think. I know people snacked in stuff too…

    I’ve been heading to the grocery store on Tuesdays out of convenience in our schedule but I’m not sure I’ll need to go tomorrow. My mom bought us some fruit yesterday that filled in some gaps – she still has a hard time buying only for two and loves to share with her grandkids:)

  17. Pantry challenge while also trying to lose weight !!!maybe too many challenges at one time! B toasted dinner roll with lo egg salad and a smoothie with pomegranate juice and bits of fruit. L bean soup from freezer D veggie fried rice with apple slices I didn’t eat all my fried rice so will cook the leftovers with scrambled eggs for breakfast

  18. Sunday 1/15
    Breakfast was steel cut oats with blueberries, apples, walnuts and maple syrup.
    Lunch was homemade skillet mac n cheese and grilled chicken tenders. Raw veg on the side

    Dinner was Salisbury steak meatballs with mashed cauliflower and roasted green beans from the freezer. Yay for garden stuff.
    Today I am planning on making some leftover oatmeal bread and something easy for dinner.

  19. I’ve been following along from the beginning, but this is my first time posting. I want to echo the sentiment that many have expressed about the inspiration and sense of community this challenge brings, and I enjoy reading everyone’s posts. For the first 2 weeks of the challenge, I decided to spend zero out of my paycheck, and instead challenge myself to use the rebate money I had accumulated over the past few months from iBotta, Checkout 51, and mail-in rebates, and the money from my good ol’ spare change jar. The amount was significantly less than my normal grocery budget (about 25%), but I stuck to it! For the last 2 weeks, I plan to allot half of my usual grocery budget. I just made my menu plan for the week, and even though my husband had eaten half the bag of frozen hash browns I was going to use for dinner, I’m not going to the store to get another bag! I’ll make some extra biscuits or something else to fill in the gap. Happy Monday, everyone!

  20. If you haven’t watched episode 2 of Sherlock, be prepared for a wild ride. It’s a bit of a crazy one, but still very good!

  21. Take care of yourself Jessica! It’s hard for us mom’s to rest enough when we’re sick.
    14th- Beef butchering day with hubby’s family
    B-Toast and leftover breakfast sausages, hubby’s brother brought doughnuts that we all snacked on before getting to work. That was a real treat for my family, we never go to the bakery.
    L-I had 2 crockpots of soup and cookies for everyone and they all brought things to add for the meal. We had quite a smorgasbord! Delicious!!
    D-Made some frozen pizza before evening milking, but none of us were really hungry because we ate a late big lunch
    15th-Finally a day to relax:)
    B-I think everyone skipped because we were getting ready for church quickly after milking
    L-Leftover veggie soup and cheese and crackers
    D-Warmed up the leftover pizza and sliced some of the summer sausage we made to see if it was any good. I got hubby a smoker for Christmas and he’s trying all kinds of new things. It was very good! We had ice cream floats too. Haven’t had one in years, but wanted to use some ice cream up. They were very yummy!

    • Heather M says:

      Sounds like a productive and good weekend! We have a friend who has started curing his own bacon, etc, and it’s working out really well (too bad they just moved away). Enjoy the new goodies from your husband.

  22. Another snow storm predicted so I went out to shop. Spent 65.12 making my total for the month 114.12. Should get us through to the end of the month. I did get a great deal on flavored coffee and purchased enough dairy and fresh veggies to last 2 weeks. The only thing I bought for stocking up is a 50 pound sack of flour. I did purchase 2# bag of mozzarella cheese which is not normally on my list but the cheese and the flour is less than 2 pizzas which I would normally buy every month. Breakfast omelet and hash browns were too big a meal for us so the dog got a treat with her breakfast. The chickens get the skins from the baked potatoes plus the egg shells. No wasted food allowed in this house

  23. I too really enjoy grocery shopping for bargains it’s kinda like a treasure hunt. Never know what you will find. Been very careful about buying anything this challenge I feel like I’m doing better this time because of this site
    Sun b cereal juice toast coffee
    L Leftovers from pizza party(fridge full again) ate
    D. a snack out while shopping for church event (rally’s )
    Spent $14 on groceries for us

    Today b French toast bacon juice coffee
    L leftovers
    D more leftovers

  24. well, our ice storm was better than predicted. Fairly minor ice and for only about a half day instead of two days. Yeah! Hope all of you are starting to feel better.
    14 th
    B. fruit smoothie (frozen fruit from last summer) and a donut from the freezer
    L. Smoked chicken salad (chicken from the freezer in Sept,) with buns (in freezer since Dec.) gold potatoes with butter and sour cream
    D. L/O different ones for each of us
    S. cake
    15 th
    B. cereal and milk with !/2 a banana
    L. Smoke chicken alfredo ( used up linguine and added enough spaghetti to feed us.
    D. L/O again
    S. ice cream (down to 1 carton now)

  25. Sorry to hear you’re still not feeling well. Bummer!

    Sat. 1/14/17

    B: Waffles w/ blueberries or maple syrup and whipped cream; scrambled eggs, orange slices, OJ, and coffee.

    L: PB and apple butter sandwiches (for the guys); PB toast for me; yogurt w/ honey and granola; cheese sticks (guys); grapes, pear and apple slices; carrot sticks; water; hot tea.

    D: Went to the home of friends for a pot-luck BBQ. I took cilantro-lime chicken and chili-roasted sweet potatoes. We still have lots of chicken, two sweet potatoes, two limes, and 1/2 a bunch of cilantro, so I’ll have to figure out how to use them up.

    Sun. 1/15/17

    B: Oatmeal, toast, OJ, coffee.

    L: Son had pizza at a church event. Hubs had PB toast. I had some pistachios.

    D: Mexican food at an Eagle Court of Honor for one of the young men in my son’s troop.

    D/S: Banana bread

    Did a run to Sam’s Club for a few essentials. Got cereal, string cheese, cheddar, coffee beans, grapes, Romaine, and three gallons of milk (one to make yogurt). Hubs also tossed in a package of C batteries. Total spent: $71.43. This brings the total to $121.42 for the month and includes a few non-food items. I may get a few more fresh produce items. We’ll see.

  26. Heather M says:

    Glad you’re starting to perk up- today (monday) i’m finally doing a few things. The weekend was pretty rough for me- it was definitely fend for yourself!

    Day 14 I was a mess; I holed up on my comfy chair resting and binge-watching project runway; appetite was light. I asked the guys what they ate all day, since we had bad weather and no one left the house except for a quick gym workout:

    Son ate: cereal, yogurt, pistachios, clif bar, leftover hamburger helper, crackers, banana, a few hawaiian rolls I bought with bread thursday morning before I couldn’t move

    Hubs ate: salami (yay! it’s finally gone- been in the fridge since thanksgiving), a huge apple, turkey and cheese sandwiches, Christmas candy (that’s all, apparently)

    I ate: crackers and cheese (thought i was going to finish the Manchego and Iberico cheeses from thanksgiving, but my appetite said otherwise, so there’s still some left), a single serve package of costco japanese vegetable yakisoba noodles and a scrambled egg. I needed real food and was super grateful I had the noodles in the freezer which have a decent amount of veggies.

    Day 15 We were all lazy in the morning, then the guys went to church and I continued trying to recuperate (felt a teeny bit improved). They came home with foot long subway sandwiches for themselves. I believe they also had a frozen personal pizza and christmas candy.

    I found a lone box of mac n cheese and it just sounded good so i made it and added a can of tuna and frozen peas to it. I ate it for brunch and dinner. And that’s about it.

  27. I am sorry to hear about everyone’s sickness, it seems to be really bad lately. I am just about done with the cough and tomorrow will be 4 weeks. Hang in there and get as much rest as you can!

    Day 14
    B – cut up fruit: banana, mango ( best one I’ve had in a while) & blackberries. Hubs shared the fruit and also had a yogurt
    L – nachos made w/a 1/2lb lean beef from the freezer & all the fixings
    D – dinner w/ friends at their house – smoked ribs, bbq beans & I took herb roasted potatoes
    S – paninas, chips & dip at the get together
    Dessert – peach cobbler

    B – I had a small bowl of fruit, hubs had a piece of bacon, fried LO potatoes & 2 fried duck eggs (free from a friend – she brought me 2 dozen)
    L – Italian salad for me, snacky lunch for hubs
    D – grilled filet ( we bought a whole one a few months ago as well, $9.99/lb at Kroger), baked potato w/toppings and steamed broccoli
    S – pistachios, chips & salsa, celery w/ LO blue cheese dip
    Dessert – pound cake & ice cream

    Finished off a lot of odds & ends before heading out of town. Packed a few items for the road.

    Melissa in GA

  28. Today was busy… lab draw in the morning for me followed by inspection and emissions for my car. Tomorrow is another busy one too. Whew. Hoping for children that sleep tonight. My car didn’t pass. Blah! It is a 2008 Tahoe in perfect condition but apparently I have some unseen issues going on. It’s either get a suburban or fix this one. I am not sure.
    I made tandoori chicken out of Jessica’s cookbook. I am embarrassed to say I forgot it was in my one freezer. I did a bunch of rearranging when we did last years pork and it must have fallen behind something. The date on the bag was 11/2015. Oops. Funny thing (and thankful) it was vacuum sealed in a food saver bag so there was no freezer burn to speak of. I love those things. I started it in a 350 oven to get almost done, Pulled it out, let the broiler heat and put it back in for about 6 minutes to get nice and browned on top. It was so tasty. I had it with red curry stir fried cauliflower and snap peas, and an Indian style rice pilaf. Both cooks illustrated recipes if anyone is interested. I’m keeping on the clear out the freezer theme. Lol

    We’re planning on raising nearly 50 meat birds this year and I refuse (refuse!) to purchase another freezer so we need to work and do our best to make some room

    I pulled out 2 bags of home frozen sour cherries to make a cobbler for my oldest, I hope I get to it today. For now first line of business is the littler kids in bed as they are seriously crabby. Perhaps my husband shouldn’t have let them stay up until 11 last night watching the football games. Lol.

    • Heather M says:

      Good luck with the car situation. Those decisions aren’t always easy. And good luck with emptying out the freezer! You can do it! And keep a lot of it going for a while to get it cleared out of aging items. Raising your own food must be so so rewarding. 🙂

  29. Day 13 and 14
    We were out of town both days for DD’s figure skating test and competition, but traveled home to sleep and have breaskfat. She and all the skaters from her club did very well-good times.

    B: Egg, cheese, and canadian bacon homemade mcmuffins and fruit X 2
    L: Culvers/Noodles
    D: Panera/Pieology PIzza

    I did bring healthy snacks and refillable water bottles to avoid additional costs.

  30. Day 15

    HH and I were out of town most of the day for a business event. We saw the musical The Bodyguard, went out for dinner, and stayed at a downtown hotel. The whole day was a fantastic treat! If you have the opportunity to see The Bodyguard, take it! Everyone in our group really enjoyed it. The girls spent the day and night with Grandma (Thanks Mom! Aren’t Gmas the best?!) After being away from home the majority of 3 days, I am seriously behind on meal planning and house work. I did stop at the grocery store to pick up bread, dairy, and produce (which is allowed under my self-imposed rules:) The girls start to panic if there is too much white spce in the fridge. They still haven’t figured out we are doing a PC.

    B: Bagels and cream cheese, fruit, yogurt
    L: Lunch at Gma’s house or granola bar
    D: Dinner at Gmas or at Manny’s in downtown Minneapolis (crazy good!)

  31. Had planned to take my 91 year old mother shopping today. Got all of her errands done and then found out she forgot to buy cider vinegar so back to the store I went. Walked past the closeout freezer where they had double pie crusts priced at 75 cents. If it wasn’t for PC I would have loaded the freezer. Instead I only bought 4. Came home and took my small container of lemon juice out to thaw. Tomorrow I will make hubby his favorite lemon meringue pie. No breakfast today. Lunch was green salad with smoked salmon from the freezer. Dinner sauteed apple omelet. My daughters and grand daughter got together and sent me a new nutra bullet which came ups as a surprise to me today. I can now go back to making the green smoothies I love. Its now 1am. I am up having hot tea and a tooth ache

  32. January 18th

    Still out of my own environment for my pantry challenge. Spending minimally on groceries and eating the same proteins several days in a row while visiting family.

    Tuesday 1/17/17

    Breakfast – toast and hot tea
    Lunch – ounce of Swiss cheese and crackers
    Dinner – cup of homemade chicken and rice soup; hot dogs and buns.

    Wednesday 1/18/17

    Breakfast – triple zero strawberry yogurt, hot tea
    Lunch – Kroger was offering samples of their “wraps” and they were 2″ thick so I tried their turkey/cheese wrap sample. Amazingly filling for a sample!
    Snack – an avocado
    Dinner – spaghetti w.meatballs and salad with cucumber/tomato. Used jar sauce since that what was in my son’s pantry.

    Finishing up the meatballs on Thursday with meatballs strogonoff over rotini noodles. Have no sour cream so may use whole milk with brown gravy to make the sauce for the meatballs. Bought frozen green beans which will serve for 2 dinners to go with the meal.

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