A Month of Make-Ahead Meals

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Back through September 30, A Month of Make-Ahead Meals: 30 recipes, 4 weekly grocery lists, and all the step-by-step help you need to make the month easy.

A Month of Make-Ahead Meals

In some areas of the world, summer vacation is winding down and kids are heading back to school. Before you know it, fall will be here and with it the busyness of the holiday season. Transition well to a new routine by having dinner all ready for you when you get home.

Not sure you can swing it by yourself. I’ve got just the thing for you!

Back through September 30, A Month of Make-Ahead Meals. In this digital download you’ll findĀ 30 recipes, 4 weekly grocery lists, and all the step-by-step help you need to make the month easy.

This month’s meal plan is Make-Ahead which means that all the meals can be made several hours, if not days in advance. In fact, the bulk of the recipes are freezer-friendly. I highly encourage you to make a few double batches and start stashing your freezer for winter.

A Month of Make-Ahead Meals

In case you didn’t know, one of the easiest and most painless ways to fill the freezer is to double dinner. šŸ˜‰

Pulled Pork Sandwich

There are 30 meals included in this Month of MealsĀ plan, broken into weeks where they bestĀ complementĀ one another. Like ingredients are shared during the same week; and the protein-rich and meatless meals are spread out through the month for variety.

There’s even a month-long grocery list so that you can shop the sales, consulting the monthly list each week and stocking up on sale items that you’ll use later in the month.

I was drooling the entire timeĀ I editedĀ this plan. Everything in here is super delicious and easy to make, meaning you can get spouses, children, and housemates to help out.

A Month of Make-Ahead Meals

A Month of Make-Ahead Meals

In the plan you’ll get:

  • 30 menu plans, all main dish recipes thatĀ can be made in advance
  • four weeks of grocery lists
  • a monthly grocery list to help you shop the sales
  • make-ahead tips and a prep list to make dinnertime easy-peasy
  • the full text of the recipes so you donā€™t have to click around the web

Here are the recipes that are included in this Month of Meals:

A Month of Make-Ahead MealsA Month of Make-Ahead Meals

The meal plan is only available through the end of September. So, grab it while you can.Ā This is the second time this meal plan has been made available which means it will be retiring as of October 1st. Don’t delay!

You can always find the current Month of Meals here.

NOTE: Today (8/15/16) is the last day you can buy A Month of Quick and Easy Meals.

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  1. If you’d make a Trim Healthy Mama-friendly version of this book, I’d be your most enthusiastic customer!

  2. I ordered and paid . . . now what? Will I receive a link for a download?

  3. I do not live in the US but my father in law does.
    Can I add his address since mine cannot be added? ( i live in Albania in the Balkans) or is there any option I can buy it????
    PS: I already bought your book Good Cheap Eats via Amazon šŸ™‚

  4. Would love a Whole 30 plan!!

  5. Jerry Parker says:

    I’m a single senior guy trying to be frugal, but all I seem to find are plans for families. Do you have something on cooking for one?

    • Most of the recipes I prepare are designed for four servings. However, many can be packaged for freezing or to use later in the week. If you don’t mind a little repetition, you can easily make them work for you. I have several readers here who live alone who make the recipe and then divide it into smaller portions. Cooking in bulk is a great way to save money. For you, one batch is a “bulk recipe” and can save you a lot of time. Let me know if you need more help on cooking to freeze.

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