Rosemary Chicken and Potatoes in the Slow Cooker

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This Rosemary Chicken and Potatoes comes together so quickly in the slow cooker. The hands-free braising results in a tender and delicious meal of chicken and potatoes.

Crockpot Chicken and Potatoes Good Cheap Eats

There are some days when you just want to take it easy in the food department. Like call room service. Not that I’ve splurged on room service, but it sounds like a nice idea. Except for the price.

Instead, you can call on your slow cooker. Slow cooker – room service – they’re the same thing, right?

Having a repertoire of easy and foolproof recipes to cook in the slow cooker is a must. The first is not so hard — easy slow cooker recipes are a dime a dozen. It’s the foolproof part that is tricky.

Or maybe I’m just picky. I want my slow cooker recipes to taste just as wowza as my traditional recipes. But, it can be hard to pull off since the slow cooker can make things mushy.

Crockpot Chicken and Potatoes GCE

This easy recipe for Rosemary Chicken and Potatoes limits the mush factor. By using whole potatoes that take longer to cook, your finished dish features potatoes that are soft and tender without being totally squashed.

Slow cooked chicken is fall off the bone tender. It won’t have crisp skin like when you roast it in the oven, but it will delicious. It’s hard for me not to eat my share while I’m carving it.

This dish is perfect for those weeknights when you need to come home and have dinner (aka room service) waiting for you.

Tools I use to make this easy:

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  1. Love this recipe idea. I’ll dig a chicken out and try it this week. I grow my own rosemary so this recipe is a hit. I love it when I can find recipes that taste good and include staples directly out of my pantry. Thanks Jessica.

  2. Jessica, this looks good. If I didn’t have fresh rosemary, have you any other suggestions for seasoning? Do you think I could substitute sage?

  3. I know I sound childish, but I can’t handle cooking a whole chicken because the sight makes me squeamish. Could I sub chicken parts? If so, I’m wondering whether I should start the potatoes an hour earlier, as chicken parts might take less time. I’d appreciate an answer ASAP because this dish would be PERFECT for Passover! Thanks

    • Not childish at all! And yes, you could totally sub chicken pieces. Just remember that they won’t get crisp skin. I’ve often done the pieces, pulled out the breasts, cut the breasts in half before serving and piled it all back in the pot (without the drippings) to keep warm on a buffet.

      As a side note, blessings on your preparation. I know if can be a busy time!

  4. Thanks for your quick reply! When you did the chicken pieces version, did you put the potatoes in at the same time? I’m not worried about the presentation BTW; I am planning to make this for just our family on a “regular” day during Passover. Thanks for the blessings – back at ‘ya

  5. Have you ever tried cooking your chicken upside down? I have started doing this with good results, both in the oven and the crock pot. Makes for very moist breast meat. When I roast it in the oven, I’ll turn it right side up for the last few minutes if I want the skin to brown. 🙂

  6. Sara Eastman says:

    Hi Jessica,
    I really want to make this dish soon 🙂 Do I need to put some kind of liquid in the crock, if it is going to be cooking all day? Wouldn’t it burn without liquid, and being unattended?
    Thanks, Sara

    • As weird as it sounds, no. Unless there’s something wrong with your crockpot, it doesn’t need liquid. The juices from the chicken accumulate in the bottom of the crock. Usually there is a ton of liquid at the bottom.

  7. Sarah Brenny says:

    Quick question. So are you taking the Rosemary sprigs out at the end and throwing them away? I imagine that be a whole lot of rosemary flavor otherwise. Do you break some off and put it in the gravy if you make it? I want to make sure I get it right the first time. There’s nothing worse than being excited for a new recipe only to have it be a big fat flop! Thanks for all your amazing recipes. You have made life a lot easier for this mama of 4. Love your cookbooks and your blogs ?

  8. When I was putting this together, I thought that maybe I should brown the chicken because I didn’t see how it possibly could brown in the crock pot. But then I thought, “Well, the site shows pictures of nicely browned chicken, and I’m sure they wouldn’t be deceptive.” Wrong. 9 hours on low using a new, six-quart crock pot and following the recipe exactly produced gray chicken and unseasoned potatoes coated in oil. Everything was cooked and edible, but I’m sorry that I wasted a perfectly good whole chicken–something I don’t buy often–on this.

    • Hi Mark. I am sorry to hear you were disappointed. All slow cookers operate differently and can produce different results. I’ve never had gray chicken, so I’m not sure what to say.

      For comparison, here’s an oven-roasted chicken: As you can tell, the color of the skin is really different than the slow cooked chicken. As I mentioned in the post, slow cooker chicken will never get crispy. Unfortunately. Even if you browned it ahead of time, it would not stay crisp. The moisture in the slow cooker softens it. Again, I am sorry to hear of your disappointment.

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