A Month of Meals: Protein Style

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Want to take a break from junk and get in better shape? Go protein style!

A Month of Meals: Protein Style | Good Cheap Eats

It’s back! So many people have written me and asked that I bring back the meal plan, Month of Meals: Protein Style, that April, when I plan to try Whole30 again, seemed like a good time to do it. This meal plan is designed to help you focus on the veg and lean protein and take a little break from all the heavy.

It’s also good for folks eating paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, and/or Whole 30.


A Month of Meals: Protein Style | Good Cheap Eats

What’s protein style?

Well, at my favorite fast food joint, “protein-style” is how you order your burger when you don’t want the bun. Instead of a bun, the burger is wrapped in lettuce leaves. It’s tasty and incredibly refreshing. The flavor is there, without the heft of the bread.

This meal plan has no bread included, but you could certainly add it if you like! Instead you’ve got loads of flavorful proteins and fresh vegetables.

It’s a great plan for folks who are trying to eat without dairy, gluten, grain, sugar, soy, alcohol, and/or legumes.

A Month of Meals: Protein Style is a great fit for folks following food programs like low-carb, paleo, or the Whole 30. It’s great for families looking to avoid certain foods due to allergies and food sensitivities. It’s a good fit for folks who simply want to focus on fresh and homemade without the heavy.


In the Month of Meals, you’ll receive the following:

  • 4 weeks of menus that are easy enough for weeknights and plenty healthy
  • 4 weekly grocery lists
  • a monthly grocery list to help you make good use of sales
  • suggestions for homemade condiments and sauces
  • prep tips to make it all come together easily


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  1. I just prepped the curry chicken salad for my lunches this week and it’s so good! I’m super excited about all of the meals this month. Hoping this isn’t a one time meal plan!

  2. Wish we would have had this meal plan when we did our Whole30 two years ago! At the time, it was all overwhelming, but we made it through. Good luck with your April Whole30!

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