How to Section a Grapefruit

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Learn how to section a grapefruit so that you can enjoy the delicious sweet fruit in salads, desserts, and quick tasty snacks.

How to Section a Grapefruit | Good Cheap Eats

Years ago, I┬áshared with you this pictorial on how to section grapefruit. I tell you, it’s a game changer. Not only will you have grapefruit fit for a king, as my husband says, but you will also have folks in your household who now love grapefruit. Even the grapefruit haters, I promise.

Recently, I did a short, impromptu kitchen demo on how to cut grapefruit sections. I decided it was too good not to share here. Because even though my hair is in a messy bun, and I had no plan when I started filming, lots and lots of people have written to tell me that it has changed their life as concerns grapefruit.

And I want to change your life, too. ­čśë

Keep in mind this is on periscope where viewers can type in comments and the “scoper” can respond in real time. Unfortunately, the comments aren’t showing on the replay, so sorry about that! Until you get the hang of the format, it can seem a little weird. Hang in there with me.

How to Section a Grapefruit

How can you serve grapefruit sections?

My kids love to eat them plain. In fact, I’m pretty sure that each child could eat an entire grapefruit in a sitting. They’re that good. We eat them plain, but you could sprinkle them with sugar or drizzle with honey.

But, I also love to serve them in salads. They are a great winter salad topping. Toss the greens with a light, on the sweet side, vinaigrette. Layer on the grapefruit sections, sprinkle with some onion, chopped nuts, and maybe some crumbled blue cheese or feta. Party in your mouth! So good!

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  1. Don’t forget! Once you have completed cutting the entire grapefruit using this method – Give the grapefruit a good squeeze to get all the delicious juice out!

  2. A nine-minute video is too long!

  3. I hate grapefruit, but maybe I was eating them wrong. I’ll try again. I don’t like grapefruit juice from the store, but then, I don’t like most orange juice from the store. The fresh stuff is so much better, so we’ll see about those grapefruits.

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