Pantry Challenge Days 24 & 25

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This month we are eating down the pantry to save money and reduce food waste. Join me every day for the Pantry Challenge!

pantry challenge dry milk

Wow! We are almost done. I’ll wind up on Sunday in terms of daily updates, but lots of folks are going to continue their challenges into February. I’ve set up a page where you can continue to chat once the challenge is officially closed for me. Bookmark this page and feel free to start chatting there on Monday.

As I mentioned the other day, we’re running low on lots o’things. But I am loathe to restock until after the tenting. We will simply be buying things on an as-needed basis until we are termite-free. So, I bought things this week. Haha! I think our grocery spending will still be pretty low for the month, but Mama needed reinforcements. Hubs and I went to Costco on date night and picked up a few things that really help us get through the days.

I’m still using up random things in the pantry. For instance:

  • Instead of fresh milk, I’ve been using dry powdered milk in baking.
  • I made a stir fry for lunch on Wednesday using the rice noodles in the cupboard. I even followed the sauce recipe on the box and it tasted just like Top Ramen. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not — kids didn’t really like it — but the sauce was just fish sauce, chicken broth, sugar, and soy sauce, so it wasn’t as unhealthy as Top Ramen. (My kids have never had Top Ramen. Haha!)
  • I’m using flax seed meal as an occasional substitute for eggs in baking.
  • My meal planning is revolving around random condiments and ingredients in the pantry or freezer. For instance, tonight we’re using the rice paper rounds for Summer Rolls and this weekendΒ we’ll use up the Fish Taco spice and the green salsa and masa in both Fish Tacos and Poblano Enchiladas.

Here’s the update on Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday Pantry Challenge

Breakfast: Eggs, Leftover Potatoes, Leftover Baguette

Lunch: Chicken, Green Beans, and Rice Noodles with odd Top Ramenish Sauce

Dinner: Chicken Noodle Soup and Cornbread for kids; date night for parents; brownies for dessert

Thursday Pantry Challenge

Breakfast: Bagels and Fruit

Lunch: Grilled Cheese and Veggie Dippers and Homemade Buttermilk Dressing

Dinner: Summer Rolls

How’s the Pantry Challenge going for YOU?

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  1. Jessica, thanks for setting up a page for those of us who would like to continue into FEB!!!

    I’ve completed days #26:
    B – rice pudding and hot tea
    L – out for lunch w/friend
    D – chunky chicken fettuccine soup with added mushrooms [made from leftover chicken fettuccine dinner the night before] and choc pudding dessert
    Bedtime snack – tea and graham crackers

    Day #27
    B – cup of hot tea
    L – cup of bean and barley soup
    S – tea and graham crackers
    D – crustless broccoli quiche and fettuccine noodles/choc pudding dessert
    Bedtime snack – apricot coconut granola

  2. Today is the first day I really felt the challenge. We have an event tomorrow to pack lunch for and I had very little in terms of our ‘usual’ lunch on the go. I’m out of jelly for Pb&j so hubby will have a pb sandwich and the kids and I will have snacks lunch with a bit of hummus, sliced apples, hard boiled eggs, chips that will be stale soon and applesauce. Lots of room has been made in the pantry and we still have meat from my husbands deer this past fall. I’ll go to the store on Saturday only because of time available, it being payday and I have the chance to either go by myself or with my husband and the three kids.

    Today we ate:
    B-a few tony bowls of cereal from the last bits in the boxes on the pantry. Smoothie from frozen fruit that needs to be used up.
    L-had friends over so kids are Mac and cheese, my big boys had a burrito(homemade) from the freezer. My friend and I had a salad.
    D- kids and I had pancakes as I made a big batch of oatmeal pancake mix. Hubby had deer steak and used up one portion left of pasta in a box in the pantry.

    There were two mint milanos in the bag in the pantry so for the sake of the challenge I took care of those tonight:-)

  3. We are still moving right along on this challenge.
    Day 24
    Breakfast eggs and cheese for hubs, peanut butter toast for me
    Kids eat breakfast and lunch at school
    Lunch I found more sliced ham so I had scrambled eggs and diced ham
    Dinner was spaghetti with your red sauce with crumbled italian sausage, salad and garlic bread
    Snack was popcorn and fruit
    Day 25
    Breakfast was scrambled eggs and ham
    Kids eat at school
    Lunch was a hamburger and chips
    Dinner was the last of the bbq meatballs and homemade mac and cheese
    Snack was popcorn

  4. Tastycook says:

    Day 24

    Breakfast: we treated ourselves, just because, and went out. Both of us had egg, farmers sausages and hasbrowns, with toast and coffee.

    Lunch: neitber of us was hungry.

    Supper: the last containerr of cabbage rolls from the freezer, with rice from the pantry. Home- canned pears with ice cream and caramel sauce.

    Day 25

    Breakfast: fruit bread

    Lunch: coffee cake while I worked in the kitchen

    Supper: chilli with french bread, made with gr beef and mixed peppers from the freezer, sauce mix( new to me and bought on sale) and kidney beans from the pantry.

    After curling snack: cheese and crackers.

    This has a couple of containers of chilli ready to go in the freezer – but handy to have!!

  5. Jessica S says:

    I have been picking up things from the store here and there with couponing and sales.. Running out of good supplies, ambition and steam! lol
    B- waffles ( Aunt Jemima that I picked up for around a 1.25/bag at the local discount grocer- makes my morning simple!) served with banana and yogurt, I had Cream of Wheat and toast
    L-Packed lunches of sandwiches, fruit, chips etc- I had a new flavor of Hummus, veggies and Rice Crackers
    D-Bought red potatoes and diced them, baked with diced chicken. Kids pan was plain, adults baked in buffalo sauce, salad
    Snack- had 13y/o make a cinnamon coffee cake from box to show him he could( aka- he is lazy), I made a pan of chocolate pudding from scratch- delicious!

    B- the last of the waffles, yogurt and fruit
    L-PBJ, Apples, rice chips, yogurt
    D-Homemade burgers and the last of the chip bag ( found a manager markdown on ground beef and stocked up!)

  6. My kids are starting to get nervous at the sight of our “empty” fridge and pantry. Neither are close to empty, but my kids are not used to seeing so much white space. The only part of the fridge not showing any white space is the door — do the condiments multiply at night when we’re not looking?

    B: Banana muffins, blueberries, milk
    L: Hot dogs, canned chili, asst. fruit
    D: Spaghetti w/ sausage, pudding, cheese bread, pineapple spears (I usually use ground beef for our meat sauce, but the husband and kids liked the sausage so maybe we will use it once in awhile going forward)

    B: Banana muffins, blackberries, milk
    L: Left overs from dinner last night
    D: Ham and bow tie pasta, kale salad, asst. fresh fruit (used up the last of the meat in the freezer)

    I told my kids I would make a batch of cookies. They will have to be either oatmeal or sugar cookies — I have all the necessary ingredients.

  7. Thanks for the continuation page. I find positive peer pressure to be helpful in continuing to avoid temptation. Never mind money saved, I’ve dropped a few pounds as well. I’d most definitely love to continue THAT trend!

    Weds 1/27
    Breakfast: grilled chicken sandwich
    Lunch: olives, mozzarella cheese balls
    Snack: tea and biscoff cookie
    Dinner: fried oysters, quinoa, mixed veggies
    Dessert: tropical fruit smoothie

    Thurs 1/28
    Breakfast: toast
    Lunch: potstickers (cooked rest of the bag although one more serving left in fridge), hummus and crackers for me; sandwich for kid
    Dinner: salmon filet, basil pesto noodles, Normandy-blend veggies
    Dessert: finished off chocolate pudding

    I finally had some loosely free space in the regular freezer so I brought in a few more things from the outside freezer. The inside one is now painfully cramped again, but at least I have some free space in the garage one. I’m sure it won’t last long, as quickly as the ice in there is growing… we need another cold snap so I can defrost it without thawing all the food as well.

  8. I haven’t really felt like I was still in the challenge these past few days as we’ve been eating so well:) I have shopped quite a bit but almost entirely for fresh produce and dairy. I’ve bought very few pantry items and that’s a great feeling. I still would like to use some of the random items I have in the freezer. I have loads of flaked coconut (why?) and too much quinoa as its not our favorite. We will keep plugging away and I’ll work on using up the bits!

  9. Guess who has the little kids’ cold?! Yep, ME. Great. But, like tiger woods says, ” there are no off days”, lol. So I take my vitamin c and keep plugging along.. I’m so tired my black circles have circles. Ah, the joys of motherhood. Right?!
    I was going to make halibut with coconut curry broth tonight but I didn’t feel up to it. So instead I boiled a big pot of water, took a quart of homemade chili out of the freeze, had my teen shred up some Colby jack cheese and I made chili Mac. The kids love it. I finished off the random bits of short pasta from the pantry so yay for that. The little kids always find it entertaining when there are more than one pasta shape. Lol. On the other hand, not a huge favorite of my husband but he eats it anyway. They had it with cut fruit and veggies. I had a smoothie with frozen strawberries, mango, orange and coconut milk. Tomorrow is normally homemade pizza day. We shall see how this mom feels. A 103 degree fever really wipes you out. I’m hoping my 2 year old sleeps tonight. This will be night 4 of sleep strike and my husband is working so no breaks for mom …. Fingers crossed. Lol
    A friend of mine recently had surgery so I took her family dinner today. Baked ziti (from cooks illustrated, so good), a green salad, homemade balsamic vinaigrette, and giant chewy chocolate chip cookies. Her parents are watching her kids and are elderly, so I thought it would be nice to help out. They were surprised and delighted to find dinner on the doorstep after walking the kids to the bus stop this morning. Made me feel good to help too.
    Have a great night everyone.

    • Tastycook says:

      Wish I could say I had dropped a few pounds too, Sandy – congrats!!

    • Laurie in CA says:

      So sorry to hear you caught a cold Brooke. Take care of you. It’s hard to be a momma and be sick. Reminds me of the commercials where the parent opens the door and tells the little kid they’re taking a sick day and the kid gives them a blank look, lol.

    • Heather M says:

      Feel better! i hope your child lets you sleep… a little sleep will go a long way for you!

    • Sorry you’re sick, but it sounds like you’re doing great pushing through. Sometimes you just gotta.

  10. Wednesday coffee and cream for me and kids ate at school for breakfast and lunch
    Was going to make Jessica’s Chicken Pot Pie after house hunting, but that didn’t work out so hubby went through Burger King, not my pick.

    Today, my son had some muffins, daughter ate at school and coffee for me then off to take my son to the dentist.
    Kids had lunch at school
    Leftover scalloped potatoes for me and hubs, kids had make your own subway sandwich thing my daughter came up with.

    I think tomorrow I’ll go through the freezers to see what I have yet. See if I can can some things to get them out of the freezers!

  11. Laurie in CA says:

    Now that I’m on the mend we’re getting back on track with using up the supplies. I think I’ll be one of those that will carry on in to at least mid February. The biggest take away for me is #1, I was buying more food for our household than necessary and #2, with being more mindful of how I use things we are wasting less. Big win in my book!

    Day 24

    B – last of the lemon raspberry muffins from the freezer for me (sniff, sniff), hubs had eggs and toast
    L – leftover Panda for me, leftover bbq hamburger for hubs
    D – tacos (using up hamburger meat from Sunday night)

    Day 25
    B – oatmeal w/raspberries and walnuts and toast for me, hubs had eggs and toast
    L – chicken tortilla soup with avocado for me, burrito with leftover taco fixings for hubs
    D – our son and grandson stayed for dinner. I fixed crockpot bbq beef (roast from freezer) on hamburger buns left from Sunday night, green salad and/or raw baby carrots, chips (polishes off what we had left in the pantry). I saved half of the beef before putting bbq sauce on it and will freeze for tacos one night next week.

  12. Stephanie M. says:

    The first thing I want to do is say a VERY big thank you to all of you for keeping in touch with me the other day before and after I had my wisdom tooth extracted. I think it’s just wonderful to know that even though we would walk right past each other in the street because we don’t know who we are, that we still have a kind of “friendship” where we all cheer each other on and laugh together and be concerned for one another. It’s a wonderful thing and just another reason to keep coming back to the pantry challenges. Thank you much again!!!

    Day 24
    B- Hubby had the last piece of French toast from the freezer that I made a month ago and some Canadian bacon. I skipped breakfast

    L – There was some rice leftover in the fridge from dinner the other night and I had a can of Chunky Beef Vegetable soup in the pantry so Hubby had the soup over the rice. I ate, now wait for it, cold spaghettios, normally reserved for our grandson but I had to eat only cold things that day because of the surgery.

    D – I didn’t cook. Hubby picked up a few slices of pizza on his way home and I ate a ham sandwich.

    Dessert: Ice cream

    Day 25
    B – Hubby had cereal; I had a cheese omelet

    L – Hubby had the last of the leftover soup over rice; I had a roast beef sandwich

    D – We had Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, and shredded brussel sprouts with bacon

    Dessert: We had some of the mini pudding pies I made the other day for the family dinner I had to cancel.

    • Stephanie, Hope you are feeling better and back to normal…..and talking his ears off….lol

      • Stephanie M. says:

        Thank you, I am feeling better. And yes, his break from my talking is over. I have lost time to make up for and since it’s the weekend now, I will make up for it for sure!!! LOL. I really do talk a lot though. I’ve been told by my parents that someday when I die, the doctor will have to sew my mouth shut. And I was voted most talkative in high school so my husband has been dubbed with the nickname “Poor Paul.”

    • I am sorry not to comment sooner, Stephanie. It’s been a crazy week with little time to sit at my computer. Glad you’re feeling better.

      (Did Paul take some cool video of you recovering from anesthesia? Have you seen those? They are hilarious on youtube.)

      Also, we like your chattiness. πŸ˜‰

      • Stephanie M. says:

        Hi Jessica: I didn’t have anesthesia; just a few numbing needles in my mouth. The worst was the two he gave me on the roof of my mouth. Ouch!!! Don’t be sorry about not commenting sooner. You have a very busy life. I also tell Paul, I don’t know how she finds the hours in the day to home school, cook, bake, write blogs and books, and recipe test. You are, for sure, a super mom! As for my chattiness, be happy you only have to hear so much of it during the challenges. Ha Ha. πŸ™‚

  13. It’s Friday lunch time here in the UK and I’m going to call my pantry challenge done although I will pop in until Sunday to see how you have all done that is if we still have Internet as it will end sometime over the weekend but not meant to stop until midnight Sunday. I’ve really enjoyed the challenge and it’s really helped me use up our stores before our move. The fridge is cleaned out apart from milk and butter and a very small bit of cheese and there is plenty of empty shelf space in the cupboards.
    B cereal and coffee for hubby, cup of tea for me
    L we shared the last tin of soup from the cupboard
    D beans on toast using the last tin of beans

    B cereal for hubby and I had granola and yoghurt coffee or tea to drink
    L had to go out to buy bread and meat for a sandwich
    D we are going to have a take out of fish and chips

    Tomorrow we are eating at friends for dinner and Sunday we are having a farewell bring and share lunch at church. Hubby is the Vicar and so the congregations have organised this for us to say Goodbye.

    I have to say I’m looking forward to being able to restock the cupboards, fridge and freezer to enable us to have a more varied and healthier diet again. I have saved a load of money though this month only spending about a quarter of my normal grocery spend so a real win win situation. Thank you all for your support and encouragement.

    • Laurie in CA says:

      Jackie, what part of England do you live in? We lived there for 3 years in the 70’s. We lived in Hitchin (Hertfordshire) and Clapham (Bedfordshire). We are hoping to make a trip back next year (we live in California).

    • Thank you for participating in the midst of all the hassle of getting ready to move. May your move go smoothly and all go well as you settle in a new home. One of the wins for me in participating in this challenge has been hearing from so many people in different areas.

    • Heather M says:

      Best wishes with the move, goodbyes, and all! And, Great job on getting your food supply way down to make the move easier. πŸ™‚

    • Great job with the challenge! And happy housewarming! Wish we could all come!

  14. Ended challenge early with the pension checks in. Bought a whole leg of pork at $1.27/ lb. Great price for here. Had the butcher cut it up into smaller pieces for me, so many, many meals of pork done in different ways. That is one nice thing having the butcher cut it at time of purchase, I just bring it home and bag it in my own bags and right in the freezer at no extra cost for cutting, yet if I walked down the aisle and bought those same cuts I would be paying $’s more. Today starts our case goods sale. While not as good as the States near us sales, it is very good for here. Will stock up on corn, peas, and stewed tomatoes, tuna fish, and what ever else we use that I see on a good sale, pork and beans ( although with all the pork I’ll probably skip it this time and make our own). Kidney beans and so on. Just waiting for the paper to come out with the sale.
    I have 3 empty shelves just waiting to be filled! I have muffins made and in the freezer, plus the leg of pork that I wouldn’t have had room for before the challenge. Once I have stocked up I will again go back to eating down the cupboards and freezer. I found we had lots to eat, and I did rotate through many items that had been sitting around for too long. Also I used up 3 spices during this time! So I went into the asian area of our store and bought 2 of them, then checked the regular area for another ( and left that area buying nothing), and went to the bulk section and bought a small bag and brought them home and re filled the old bottles. Just on 3 items I saved just over $11. from buying the bottles I had before. Plus the small bag was more than the bottle I had so I put the rest in a small jam jar! All three areas I bought the spices in are in the same store, and all the prices worked out different in the different sections.

    • Tastycook says:

      Sounds like you maybe live in the southern part of Canada Pat/ We are in Eastern Ontario and the store you shop in sounds like Loblaws or No Frills that I too use. Great deal on the pork!!!

      • Yes I am in Southern B.C. and we have Overwaitea and Extra foods stores in the closest town ( Creston, B.C.). A couple of years ago we used to shop in Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho. But now the exchange rate has made that a no go. Plus we can’t bring Chicken across the border.
        It was a Great deal on the pork, best I’ve seen in a long, long time.

    • Great job restocking!

  15. I am so glad that there will be a continuation page for those still going on into Feb. I was kinds dreading no contact. I can see that when I find a good sale I buy too much. With a very small kitchen and no additional storage space that needs to change. I think I am now more aware of how much time goes on until those same sales come back again. Going to try and do a bit better. We have eaten a lot this month but not necessarily as many of the items that I am not thrilled about. Out of necessity I will begin to concentrate more on those things.
    B _ pancakes and egg
    L – LO buritos
    D – For the life of me I can’t even remember what we ate.
    S – some peanut brittle bought on a great after Christmas sale for $ .25 a box
    B – egg and the last sausage patty from the fridge.
    L – steak, red potatoes, canned corn (not my favorite but now out of the pantry)
    D – Last of the pork roast made into pork and cheese enchiladas with freezer green salsa verde and pantry rice
    S – Last of a day old (now actually 3 day old) cherry pie
    Note to: Alice E thanks for your reply about freezing LO during a challenge. Going to take your advice.

  16. Thanks, Jessica, for setting up the “PC Chatter” page. The daily reporting has been so helpful/motivating, and we certainly need to go into February.


    B-Usual cereal, etc. (with frozen blueberries for me).

    L-Usual packed lunch for the guys; salad (used up the last of the feta in the fridge), yogurt w/ honey, granola, and pomegranate (from the freezer) for me.

    S-Banana bread, yogurt, & pita chips for son; nuts, hummus, and cruditΓ©s, for me; bread w/ peanut butter for hubs.

    D-Pasta w/ meat sauce (used some hamburger patties from the freezer); steamed broccoli; salad; Girl Scout cookies for dessert (they were a new purchase, but ya gotta support the Girl Scouts–especially when they’re friends–smile).


    B-The usual. It’s not terribly exciting, but it’s so darn easy (and hubs has early morning classes this term, so “easy” is good).

    L-Usual packed for the guys (again, “easy” is good); salad (used the last of an opened jar of salsa as the dressing); yogurt, granola, honey, and more pomegranate from the freezer.

    D-LO pasta & meat sauce, salad, broccoli, and homemade applesauce from the pantry (we made tons this past fall); banana bread (remember, I *had* to make four loaves this month) for dessert.

    It’s a good thing we don’t mind leftovers in our house. πŸ™‚

  17. Day 24
    Breakfast: Oatmeal or eggs and toast
    Lunch: Leftovers
    Dinner: Shrimp and veggie alfredo

    Day 25
    Breakfast: Eggs and toast or yogurt and fruit
    Lunch: Leftovers or Chipotle (Why do I keep forgetting my lunch?)
    Dinner: The girls were ate dinner with their friends. HH and I had leftovers and sandwiches.

    I made what I hope is my last trip to the grocery store before the end of the PC for produce and yogurt: $23.73 for a monthly total of $148.09. When I returned home, it occurred to me that the grocery trip total was high. I realized I spent $14.27 on a bag of apples-frugal fail! I thought the entire bag was $3.49 not $3.49 per pound! That is what happens when I’m rushed and not paying attention. Bummer, they better be good! Even so, I am very pleased with my monthly total to date!

    • That doesn’t sound right…maybe you should take those apples back. That’s crazy expensive! Maybe they put it in the computer incorrectly.

    • Wow. Those were pricey apples. I would definitely go back and ask if there was a mistake. If they were already bagged, I think they should have been priced per unit, not per pound.

  18. I am also continuing into February, but I am doing a big shopping trip Sunday. The store where we buy most of our groceries, diapers and formula has a great add, which starts Sunday. So I am stocking up on a lot of different things.


    Breakfast: I can’t remember what the girls and I had. DH had oats and milk before he left for work.

    Lunch: Rye bread with hard boiled egg and mackerel (I always try to have at least two options). Raw vegetables on the side. DH had a packed lunch

    Dinner: Ham from the freezer, Vegetarian patty for DH. Rice and steamed green beans. Sauce bΓ©arnaise (from a box)

    Snaks: apples and crackers . Pain au chocolat.

    I had an open bag of Pains au chocolat in the freezer. There were 3 in the bag, which I baked in the oven for snacks. Not very healthy, but very good!


    Breakfast: Oats and milk for DH and DD1. Rye porridge for DD2. Toast and coffee for me.

    Lunch: Packed lunch for DH and DD1. Bread with garlic cream cheese and banana for DD2. Rye bread with lunch meat for me.

    Dinner: Freshly baked rolls and cut up veggies for the girls. Rolls with scrambled eggs for DH and I.

    Snacks: apples. cucumber. Chocolate chip cookies.

    I baked two kinds of rolls and chocolate chip/nut cookies. Our youngest is sleeping terribly both day and night, so DH and I are both exhausted. Being pregnant doesn’t exactly give me more energy, so the cookies are a nice treat when I feel like I just want to go lay down. They also help my mood, when the hormones are getting the better of me πŸ˜‰
    In all honesty it’s more luck than sense that I am making dinner at night. I have only made really easy meals this week, because we are having long days and nights right now. This means I am not using some of the things I actually want gone, but at least I am not ordering take out!

    Kathy in Denmark.

    • Heather M says:

      Pregnancy and lack of sleep means you deserve those cookies! It’s awesome to be able to put any dinner on the table when you’re exhausted, busy or whatever. Easy is a good thing! πŸ™‚

      • Cookies are always good, and I am using up chocolate from the pantry to make them, so that’s a win πŸ˜‰

        Right now I am actually content as long as I’m putting dinner on the table every night. Thank goodness I have things in my freezer and pantry which can be transformed into dinner quickly. I don’t know what I would have done otherwise.

    • A belated congratulations on your pregnancy. YAY for babies! Here’s hoping big sib starts to sleep better. Give yourself much grace right now.

      • Thank you Jessica.

        I hope she sleeps better too. She is waking up quite a few times every night and around 3 AM she is really awake and jumping in her bed. Somehow she doesn’t really understand that it is not time to get up πŸ˜€ She does have a slight fever tonight (Saturday), I suspect it is because she is teething.

  19. I will add my thanks for the PC Chatter page as well.

    I don’t remember Wednesday that well. Hubby took his usual PB and fruit for a brunch snack at work. I had a corned beef and egg sandwich. Then leftovers for supper for both of us from the frig and freezer.

    Thursday Hubby the usual, I had a pot pie from the freezer for breakfast and sandwich out for lunch since I wasn’t home. Supper was LO sliced pork loin (freezer) made into sandwiches with baked sweet potatoes from the pantry (They were on sale for Thanksgiving) and peas.

  20. Heather M says:

    Yay for the Challenge continuing into February for those of us who need it! Thanks, Jessica! We have ended up with no school the entire week… they do NOT deal with snow here well and schools/roads/sidewalks weren’t dealt with enough to feel like they could send the kids to school safely. That means 7 straight school days off, the last 7 of the semester. My high school son is not particularly happy about it. No exams/papers/etc. for grades. Oh well.

    Day 24:
    Breakfast: cereal for son; banana oat muffin for hubs; chocolate buttermilk bread and grapefruit for me.

    Lunch: tuna sandwiches for son and I, along with air popped popcorn; hubs took leftover curry over rice and an orange

    Dinner: I made Stephanie M’s German grandmother’s lentil dish over pasta. Delicious! we also had a side salad.

    Day 25:
    Breakfast: son slept in; banana oat muffin for hubs; chocolate buttermilk bread and grapefruit for me.

    Lunch: crackers and cheese for me; son had pistachios, crackers, pretzels, apple; hubs took leftover lentil dish and an apple

    Dinner: the guys wore me down, begging for pizza. So we ordered pizza.

    Will definitely be continuing on in to February, but buying what we are missing/needing. So a bit modified. I won’t buy anything for the pantry, only proteins we are out of and missing (like salmon, shrimp, bacon), and the usual fresh produce/dairy, etc. And whatever we need for son’s lunches at school. I’d like to use up whatever I can in the pantry because most of it has been there at least a year (not all of it, but a lot of it– pasta & pasta sauces, tomatoes, things like that we always buy) and I need to rotate it out. I’ll stock up again with things we really use. πŸ™‚

    • Stephanie M. says:

      I am so happy you liked the lentils, Heather. We love it too. It’s a great winter dish and healthy also. I can’t believe you are still crippled from the snow. Here they start plowing when it starts snowing and they don’t stop. We can always hear the plow trucks going by all night long. I don’t think the kids missed any school at all and we got a lot of snow too. Maybe we ordinarily just get more snow than you do and are better prepared, I’m not sure. Hope things get better for all of you soon.

    • Chocolate buttermilk bread sounds really interesting!

  21. Glad to hear the PC Chatter site will be available. Agree it is so much easier to stay in control when we are sharing our menus and not running out to buy some thing new when we have freezer and pantry’s overflowing. It should be easier next month since we will still be using up but have the extra money to pick up a treat if we get the urge. lol
    Definitely planning on avoiding the grocery stores as long as possible since the pantry, fridge and fridge freezer is looking better (still lots but looks like its in some kind of order now) but still not much space in the big freezer yet.

    Day 24
    Breakfast – Toast w/ nutella
    Lunch – Tuna sandwiches, chips
    Dinner – Chicken orzo soup w/ Caprese panini’s

    Day 25
    Breakfast – Granola bars
    Lunch – Finish off tuna salad w/crackers
    Dinner – Finish off Chicken & blackbean mix in soft tacos

  22. Yesterday our son, 15, informed me that we needed to stop and buy bread. I told him I would make a loaf if he would make his sandwiches with it. He agreed πŸ™‚

    Supper last night was a new crock pot pork chop recipe. We had homemade mashed potatoes and green beans from the freezer.

    Tonight was a fend for yourself night.

    We are continuing on!

  23. We are making progress…. but still got lots of food left.

    B= acai bowls, leftover pancake muffins from the week.
    L= pizza
    D= shredded beef tacos, leftovers

    We?ll push on through next month

  24. Flax seed meal can substitute for eggs? I had no idea! Thanks!

  25. For me, it’s day #29 of this month’s challenge. I did #18 days in December. Grateful to have the PC Chatter page up and going to kick off February!

    B – A cup of hot tea and a granola bar is all I needed, DH had a bowl of cereal and banana.

    L – Date Day!!!! We went to IKEA for lunch and spent $12. and change. Two plates were the equivalent of a dinner meal. Then we walked around IKEA for awhile.

    On the way home, picked up two servings of free Chic-Fil-A grilled 8 piece nuggets courtesy of Peach Bowl 2015. We’ll save them for chicken fried rice meal later in the week.

    D – still full from lunchtime so a cup of leftover soup – cup of chocolate pudding.

    Did some batch cooking this morning for next week. Made a whole chicken in the crock pot, chicken cacciatorie and a big pot of mashed potatoes. Potatoes were starting to get soft and needed to be cooked.

  26. Wednesday 8/31

    Breakfast – Granola bar

    Lunch – Cut up cucumbers & tomatoes in Italian dressing

    Dinner – Margarita pizza (got to use up tomatoes), salad

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