Pantry Challenge Days 12 & 13

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This month we are eating down the pantry to save money and reduce food waste. Join me every day for the Pantry Challenge!

pizza night with egg

I watched a really weird movie last night instead of posting our Pantry Challenge update. Sorry about that! The film was part of a class the kids took. So weird. Still not sure what we all think of it.

Anyways, my apologies for your not getting an update. This is the part of our PC programming when I start to lose steam. You know I usually only do a 2-week challenge, but seeing as we have to get rid of all this food, oy! I’ll keep trucking.

Our grocery totals are good so far for the month, so I am encouraged!

This weekend we’re making a little more progress in terms of cleaning out what’s in the freezer and pantry as well as the fridge. I feel like we’re going to have a whole lot of random hodge podge at the end, though.

stirfry and potstickers

Friday Pantry Challenge Meals

Breakfast: Buttermilk Corn Waffles – made a buttermilk substitute of milk and lemon juice, fruit

Lunch: frozen potstickers, rice, and veggies

Dinner: pizza night!

carne asada bowls

Saturday Pantry Challenge Meals

Saturdays are my work day and midway I was not as productive as I had hoped. I was tempted toward sending someone for Chipotle, thinking that my carne asada from the freezer hadn’t thawed, but it had! So we were able to resist take out and eat better at home! Booyah!

Breakfast: Breakfast Bar

Lunch: Grilled Carne Asada Bowls (recipe for the meat coming this week!)

Dinner: Creamy Pasta with Shrimp, Steamed Carrots

How is the Pantry Challenge going for YOU?

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  1. The pantry challenge is going well. The basement fridge/freezer is empty. The upstairs freezer is showing some white space.

    Once a year I like to use up all my baking supplies and start over with fresh ingredients. Towards that end, I started baking today. I made 2 dozen oatmeal raisin muffins, 2 dozen scones, and 2 loaves of bread machine white sandwich bread. Tomorrow I am making 2 loaves of pumpkin bread, a batch of Jessica’s Cranberry Orange Granola and 2 dozen peanut butter cookies. I will be using the downstairs freezer to store my baked goods.

    Our church has a couple of meal trains going right now. I need to take one meal to a new mother and another to one of our older members who just had shoulder surgery on Monday. In addition to taking dinner, I will include an assortment of the baked goods for an easy breakfast.

    B: Oatmeal raisin muffins, strawberries and skim milk
    L: Cubed steaks, buttered noodles, tossed salad, and grapefruit halves
    D: Pinto beans and ham, bread hot from the bread machine, and fresh raspberries. I used the ham bone leftover from Christmas and dried beans from the pantry. I cooked the pinto beans in the slow cooker. To ensure safety, after soaking the beans overnight, I drained the beans, added fresh water and boiled them for 10 minutes on the stove top before adding them to the crock pot.
    S: Popcorn while we watched the Minion movie.

    I plan to rent Transylvania 2 for the kids tomorrow while daddy watches the NFL play off games. My daughter reminded me this afternoon that we have not had hot chocolate “in forever.” I think tomorrow’s movie snacks will be hot chocolate and peanut butter cookies.

    • You are rocking this! Our supply of Christmas cookies from the freezer is almost gone, so we will start baking soon. I’m so tired. Is anyone else tired?

      • Yes, I’m tired too, but determined to finish. Any suggestions on using up corn meal and rye flour? I don’t think we can eat any more corn bread/muffins. The rye flour was a freebie with purchase. I tried making rye bread in the bread machine, but no one but me liked it.

        • Oh I’m determined to finish. I just might need some extra energy. Have you done corn pancakes or waffles yet? I’ve done that. But, we have a LOT of corn products in the house. Not sure how that happened. May just take a bunch to my sister next week! Ha!

        • I don’t like plain rye bread, but we make bread in the bread maker that’s 50% rye flour, 25% wholemeal & 25% white, which is quite good & flavourful & not quite as heavy. Your family might like it a bit more? Let me know if you want the recipe for it.

        • Here’s the recipe Janet:

          2 1/2 tsp yeast
          250g rye flour
          125g wholemeal flour
          125g white bread flour
          2 tsp salt
          2 tsp sugar
          2 tbsp olive oil
          380-390mL water

          Bake on the rye setting in the bread maker.

          The only problem I find with it is that not all the flour always seems to be incorporated, so there might be a bit on the edge, but easy to cut off when you slice the bread. I don’t know if this is just from my bread maker though.

          Hope your family enjoys this a bit better! 🙂

          • Jill,

            Thanks for the recipe. It turned out really well. The bread tasted like light rye bread without being overly heavy. I sliced it into about 3/4 inch slices and used it to make patty melts. Everyone in the family said the recipe was a keeper. For those like me who do not use metric measurements, I used the following:

            2 1/2 tsp yeast
            rye flour (1 cup)
            whole wheat flour (1 cup)
            white bread flour (1 cup)
            2 tsp salt
            2 tsp sugar
            2 tbsp olive oil
            water (1 ½ cup)

            Thanks for the recipe!

        • I usually add some corn meal to chilis and tortilla soups. I don’t know if you have any of those planned, and it doesn’t use great gobs of it, but it might help chip away. For the rye… I don’t like rye so I don’t have much idea other than Kathy in Denmark makes that rye porridge thing nearly daily so maybe that would be worth a try?

          • The rye porridge has a strong rye flavour, so maybe only Danes love it ? However, you can mix different kinds of flour and boil to porridge. If you add sugar and/or fruit to it, it might be something your family will enjoy.
            You can also make polenta and corn porridge with the corn flour. Corn porridge is the first type of real food I feed my babies. It has a sweet taste and is very smooth. Polenta can be eaten as you would mashed potatoes or cooled down, cut into strips and fried in olive oil.

        • I’m so glad you liked the bread! 😀

    • Janet, you seem like a lovely woman. Just reading about a basket of your baked goods cheered me up. What a wonderful thing to receive.

  2. Heather M says:

    Jessica, your meals the past few days sound fabulous. Who would ever guess you’re doing the Challenge?

    Day 12:

    Breakfast: cereal and bacon for son; cereal for me; nothing for hubs home sick and sleeping all morning

    Lunch: son took usual snacky lunch; hubs had the rest of the thai chicken noodle soup; I finished off the chicken green bean sautee over couscous from Day 10–still as good as the first time!

    Dinner: Mahi Mahi burgers (last 3 from the freezer!) with guacamole on whole wheat buns; green salad w/tomatoes and cucumber; son finished off the last of the fries from the freezer.

    Day 13:

    Brunch: hubs ate more beef and carrots from last Sunday but over rice this time; son ate baguette with cheese; I had cheese and crackers and an apple

    Dinner: Guys had a serious yen for burgers so we picked some up for them (dad home sick for a few days deserved a treat!); I had nachos, which had been the plan for all of us. Because it was only me, I adapted the plan and used items already open in the fridge– refried beans mixed with a little enchilada sauce, cheese, green onions, chopped avocado, a little sour cream. Had originally planned to heat up a jar of queso, defrost black beans from the freezer, and make guacamole. We can still do that another day.

    Noticing we had a serious lack of veggies today. Oh well. One day won’t kill us.

    Hubs and I watched The Hundred Foot Journey tonight. Really inspiring me to cook! The food looked divine, the setting was gorgeous (small town in France), nice feel good movie.

  3. Today we had eggs and bacon (homegrown, yay) along with smoothies made from frozen mango, pineapple,spinach, and coconut milk.
    It was a busy morning with daughters dance class and the service guy coming to install an LP conversion kit in my new dryer. I have been wanting a new set for years. Our old ones were over 15 years old. They still worked and went to one of our rental properties. When we saw that coscto had a great deal on a highly rated set, we finally made the jump. (Whirlpool duet steam set in chrome shadow if anyone wants to know) They make laundry fun!!!
    Lunch was homemade chicken nuggets and veggies for the kids. My husband ate his lunch from work that he didn’t get time to eat on Friday. I had a banana and a cut apple with almond butter.
    Dinner- family fave chicken taco salad with homemade Catalina dressing.

    It doesn’t feel like a pantry challenge! We are eating so well. I’m excited to keep going.

  4. The pantry challenge is chugging along. I’m finally seeing some white space in the pantry and freezer!! It is a good feeling.

    B: cereal
    L: leftover quinoa casserole
    D: Good Cheap Eats menu win!! I made your white bean chicken chili with your pumpkin biscuits. I used up so many odds and ends. YES!!

  5. I’m wondering: what are those globs of white stuff on the pizza closest to the photographer up above? Mayo? I can’t tell and I’m so curious! Also, I love egg on pizza … nice!

    • That was Brie. I had it leftover from NYE and needed to use it up before it went bad. I must have been tired when I typed this that I forgot to share that detail. 😉

      • Ah, yes… yummy! And another question: I don’t have a double oven but we do have 7 people in our family. How do you manage pizza night with all of those pizzas? I can only cook 2 at a time and then the first 2 are cold by the time the last 2 come out of the oven. Do you just eat them as they come out? Or do you all wait and eat together with some of the pizzas being room temp?

  6. Our Pantry Challenge is moving right along. Friday we weren’t home for breakfast or lunch. For dinner we had meatloaf and fried potatoes and broccoli cauliflower and carrots. Snacks were popcorn and chips and salsa. Today we had pancakes for breakfast. Lunch was grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and potato soup. Dinner was meatball subs and homemade french fries. Snacks were ice cream and homemade chocolate chip cookies.

  7. Thanks Jessica for the motivation to do this challenge. We are preparing to treat our house too and was wondering what we would do with all of our food.

    We are a family of 5, with 2 girls, 15 and 7 and 11 yr old boy. We live in Hawaii where prices aren’t that wonderful. A gallon of milk is about $7.50, if I find it on sale its $5.89. USDA weekly food range for us is $244 (low)-$303(moderate)/week. I spend about $250, buying items on sale/bulk, using coupons when it works out. I plan meals weekly- for my diet (wheat free) and the family. We all pack breakfast and lunch everyday, eat out 3-4x a month.

    Week 1 of course went well, I did my inventory and set my meal plan. I made a couple batches of mix & match muffins and banana bread, pre-made 2 dry mixes for future use.
    Week 2 was challenging, I had two birthday parties to plan for the hubby and 15 yr old daughter. The good news is the savings from Week 1’s no shopping, afforded me to buy some special food for their birthdays. I spent about $150 for the 2 parties.

    Upcoming week 3- I spent $100 on staples from Costco, but thats all the shopping I’ll need to do for the coming week.

    The past two weeks I learned…
    – we consume lots of cheese, fruit and milk.
    – Im a food hoarder! I made a meal plan for an entire month, I still project to have tons of stuff in my freezer and pantry. 🙁
    – I had quite a bit of freezer meals i made, but just forgot about them, I need a better inventory system.
    – By doing this challenge, I was able to redirect my grocery $$ on other things like birthdays or needed home items like towels and sheets.


  8. We’re plugging along here and still eating well with a lot of variety. I will need to buy eggs, milk and bread this week but I think that should do it.

    Day 12
    B – protein smoothie for me, eggs and toast for dh
    L – I wasn’t hungry and just had a small slice of roast chicken, I’m not sure what dh ate
    D – burritos out of left over roast chicken and assorted items from the fridge (I set it up as a burrito bar)

    Day 13
    B – I made Jessica’s lemon raspberry muffins and they were awesome! It made 12 very large muffins (made in jumbo muffin tins). I’ll freeze the leftovers for next weekend.
    L – It was our grandson’s 1st birthday so we had lunch at his party
    D – Date night at a local family owned Italian restaurant. DH I split the antipasti salad and lasagna as we weren’t terribly hungry (and we have leftover salad for lunch tomorrow).

  9. Tastycook says:

    Things are still going along tickety-boo!! A little bit of space showing up in the pantry, and I do mean a little. Where I do see a difference is on the shelves in the basement, where I keep “the extras”. I had to make a big pot of soup for an event at the curling club and that used 5 jars of tomatoes and tomato juice ( and they weren’t last year’s tomatoes yeah!!!).

    Day 12
    I was out for breakfast with a group of friends, hubby treated himself to breakfast at a local coffee shop on his way out for the morning.
    Lunch: I wasn’t hungry, hubby made himself a ?? sandwich.
    Supper: the real winner for the day. Pasta and meatballs. Emptied a package of pasta, meatballs and sauce were leftovers from the freezer and we finished off 2 tubs of parmesan cheese!!!

    Day 13 did nothing for the PC.

    We had breakfast at home, toast and marmalade for me, yogurt, toast with PBJ for hubby.
    After that, we spent the day at the curling club, helping to run an event so had lunch there and then stopped for a pizza on the way home. But that was all pretty much planned so I don’t count it as a ‘ lose’.

  10. Stephanie M. says:

    Also going good for us.

    Day 12
    B – Hubby had a toasted bagel with peanut butter and jelly. I had a cheddar omelet and strawberries.
    L – Hubby had a business luncheon; I had yogurt and crackers.
    D – We had fish tacos and rice and beans.
    Freezer now less another item; bag of cod fish. Getting much better in there.

    Day 13
    B – Hubby had a toasted bagel with butter; I skipped breakfast today.
    L – Hubby had the last of the buffalo wings from the freezer; I had a salad.
    D – We had French bread pizza, using up the pizza sauce, the mozzarella cheese and the two loaves of bread from the freezer.

    It’s so nice now to look into the freezer and see some empty shelves. A couple more weeks of this, and we’ll be just about emptied out.

  11. Got some muffins baked for Breakfast and/or snacks and thinking won’t have to make a store run this week…we’ll see.

    Day 12
    Breakfast – Blueberry muffins, coffee, tea
    Lunch – Grilled cheese and ham sandwiches, yogurt
    Dinner – Kielbasa, fried potatoes, peas
    Snack – Nachos and cheese

    Day 13
    Breakfast – Chocolate chip muffins, coffee, tea
    Lunch – Turkey and Swiss cheese sandwiches, chips
    Dinner – Baked cod, mac & cheese, greens beans

  12. I am off a day in my tracking-oh well!
    Day 13
    I was not at home at all today. It was a complete fend for yourself day. Here is my best guess based on a quick peek through the kitchen.
    Breakfast: Hard boiled egg, yogurt, granola, cereal, fruit. I had brunch at my aunt;s house-YUM
    Lunch: Fast food and Leftovers
    Dinner: HH’s company;s holiday party, DD1 had dinner at her babysitting job, DD2 had dinner at a friend’s house

  13. Strayed from plan a bit this weekend

    Breakfast: Eggos for the kids, husband had a rare weekday off work so we went out to breakfast
    Lunch: Typical packed lunch for son, ramen noodles for husband and daughter, corn dog and hummus/pita chips for me
    Dinner: My son’s birthday is coming up this week, so he got to choose an outing for the weekend. He chose pizza and bowling. Unfortunately weather had other plans (lots of snow). We decided it wasn’t safe to venture out to the other town where the cosmic bowling is, so we improvised and ordered pizza and salad from up the street, grabbed stuff for root beer floats (his favorite) from Target and rented Inside Out. All in all the evening ended up being cheaper than had we gone bowling, we all loved the movie and my son told us he was glad it snowed so that we had a movie night. Winning 😉

    Breakfast: Homemade chocolate chip waffles and bacon
    Lunch: Leftover pizza and salad
    Dinner: Tomato basil pasta (spaghetti noodles, canned Italian diced tomatoes, basil, salt, pepper topped with grated parmesan). Quick and easy after a full day of cleaning house.

    I’m down to chicken breast, breaded salmon fillets, leftover turkey meat, frozen vegetables and a pack of cranberries in my inside freezer. Trying to decide if I want to get super creative for the week or suck it up and go out to the frozen tundra (i.e. my un-insulated freezing cold garage that stores my deep freeze) to pull out some more items 😉

  14. My pantry challenge is going really well, the freezer and fridge are nearly empty and the pantry cupboards are starting to have some bare shelf space too. I’m not so worried about the cupboards with tins and dry goods in them as they will move but the fridge and freezer do need to be empty. Still I’ve 2 weeks left and I am more on target than I thought.
    Breakfast was cereals with milk or yoghurt
    Lunch was corned beef sandwich and crisps
    Dinner was home made pasta with white wine and cream sauce with prawns followed by banana and ice cream
    Breakfast hubby had cereal and milk as he always has an early start and I had granola and yoghurt and a slice of toast
    Lunch was pork casserole which used up lots of slightly tired veg from th fridge
    Tonight we will have cheese on toast or similar and raspberries and cream

    Snacks have been cookies left from Christmas that are now almost gone and also a few nuts and a few sweets also left from Christmas

  15. Yesterday was:
    B: oatmeal, bagels, fruit
    L: out to eat
    D: hamburgers from the freezer, veggies

    Now that we have some space in the freezer I was able to take out everything yesterday, re-inventory, wipe it down and re-organize.

  16. We had a work event Friday night, so the kids went to Grandma’s for a sleepover. My daughter and I had our freezer cooking workshop Saturday morning. So, the few meals that we’ve been home for have gone as planned, but more has gone into the freezers than has come out. Oh, well. Daughter liked the freezer cooking session and requested that we eat one of the new meals last night…cajun chicken. The two big kids liked it. I was shocked that they would eat something with that much seasoning. So, my plan for after the challenge is to focus a bit on adding a few new meals to our menus. Maybe I’ll involve the kids and have some success.

    I’m glad that I had room in the freezer, from the challenge, for the workshop meals. I need to clean out the fridge today to make sure we use up a few things and I will meal plan a couple of meals that use languishing freezer/pantry items for this week in addition to “normal” meals from the freezer. The kids are home tomorrow from school, so we are getting organized this week. Hoping this means the week will go smoothly.

  17. Crazy couple of days here, but still managed to stick to the PC as much as possible. We hosted our annual hog butchering weekend for my family. I did get our one freezer cleaned out beforehand to fill with our fresh pork.
    B-eggs or cereal
    L-Leftover Mexican casserole and grapefruit for hubby, me and oldest daughter, other kids eat at school
    D-quick pulled pork sandwich and chips before evening milking, gave everyone a treat by making ice cream cookies with some cookies that got slightly overbaked at Christmas and no one would eat, funny how you put ice cream between them and they get devoured!
    B-Everyone was in a rush for butchering so a quick banana and slice of zucchini bread from the freezer for all
    L-I made sloppy joe for the whole crew and everyone brought a dish. It is always the most amazing meal, usually heavy on dessert! Some family members left their extras for us, so now we have some goodies to eat up again.
    D-Take out pizza, we only order about 4 times a year and butchering day is always one, because Mom is too pooped to do anything after evening milking:)

  18. This pantry challenge is a good thing. We were to the point that when I went to the store I had times where I could not buy even a 1 # bag of peas because I knew that I could not fit it in the freezer. It is still too full to do an inventory. I don’t want to try and get it all back in. I just grab from the top 1/3 for now and figure out what to do with it. Right now we are getting a little tired of left over ham from Christmas. I have one more meal planned that will use up the remaining piece. Then on to other things. I do have 2 loaves of bread that need to be used and that will free up some space. Maybe I can inventory next week. I think my challenge will last at least 6 weeks. Fridge is getting lower. Cupboards are full but not stacked to the point you are afraid to open them.
    B – oatmeal with raisins
    L – grilled cheese sandwiches, cottage cheese with applesauce.
    D – left over Stir Fry, the last of a frozen pumpkin pie from Christmas
    B – egg with bagel and cream cheese.
    L – Ham and navy beans (bone with some attached meat from Christmas and beans from pantry) I cooked extra beans for a meal for next week. Cookies from the freezer.
    D – odds and ends of previous meals. Mostly just enough of each thing for 1 person. So happy they are gone. Also had frog eye salad.
    S – fruit

    • Wait, time out: frog eye salad?!? Really? Please tell me what that is. Frogs?

    • Wow, I had to go look up what the heck Frog Eye Salad was. I’ve never heard of that. It sounds odd, but I just might have to try it. I’m usually willing to try anything once. I found a whole ton of recipe varieties but nothing that gave the origin of the bizarre name. Anyone know?

      • Hey gals, No killing of frogs! I think it is because it was made with acni de peppi which is a little round pasta that may resemble a frogs eye. It no longer is available at stores in my area. I, along with others I know are using orso pasta which is a different shape but works well. It is an old recipe. I have made it for over 30 years. Orso happens to be half the price of the other pasta so that makes me happy. We usually have it for pot lucks because it makes a ton. Lately I just make a half order. Really good.

  19. It’s been so much fun to read everyone’s comments on their progress. Yay to all who are seeing white space in their freezers, refrigerators, and cupboards. Way to go!

    We, unfortunately–or maybe fortunately–are in the camp of still having way too much food. (Our PC will certainly go into February. At least our grocery bills should continue to be lower!)


    B-Cereal, toast, water, and coffee (no OJ because we’re out)

    L-The usual packed lunch for son; hubs and I had a lunch date

    D-Quesadilla and grapes for son (hubs and I didn’t eat anything since we were still full from lunch)

    S-Banana bread, yogurt, and string cheese for son before swim


    B-Pancakes, eggs, coffee, and water (still out of OJ)

    L-We were at a friend’s birthday party

    D-Fend for yourself: quesadillas & grapes for son; peanut butter on toast for hubs; Greek yogurt w/ homemade cranberry sauce for me (we’d all eaten plenty at the party)

  20. This has been an interesting time of things for us over the past 3 or 4 days. Found myself really worn out and figured I was getting what I thought was the same cold/flu that was going around at work. Came home from work early on Thursday morning – ended up in the hospital on Thursday night! Turns out it’s pneumonia. Woo!

    So, we’ve been pretty much house-bound since then, and boy, has it gone a long way towards eating down the left-overs supply in the freezer! And in cleaning out the fridge and pantry of quick, easy stuff to put together like the crackers/cheeseball/sausage from New Years, pickles, cheese, the last remaining boxes of KD (I know, I know…!) and all of the oatmeal, bread, eggs, milk and cereal! I’m definitely not wanting to do much, if any, cooking, so it has been “find what you can and re-heat it” for basically every meal! But, it will be nice to start with a much cleaner slate again once I’m back to 100%!! And is it ever nice to see the space in the freezers!

    I’ve been so enjoying reading through the comments for this pantry challenge. You ladies are all so creative, and so friendly and supportive of each other!

    • Tastycook says:

      Sarah, take care of yourself!

    • Oooh, so sorry to hear that. There’s lot of crud going around but in the hospital is even less fun. It’s nice that everyone is finding the bits to clear out for you.

    • Heather M says:

      Definitely take care of yourself! Better to lay low awhile and get better. Aren’t you glad you had a leftover supply in the freezer? Makes life easier for all. Take care of yourself and feel better!!

    • Thanks so much ladies! It was definitely something to be thankful for, having the food stashed away that was easy for the family to heat up and prepare their own meals.

  21. So sorry to hear you have pneumonia. It really knocks you on your butt. Take care of yourself and get lots of rest.

  22. Friday-
    Freezer waffles, fruit
    Ham and cheese, tabbouleh, fruit and veg
    Pizza and veggies with ranch

    Freezer waffles and eggs I think…
    Leftover pizza and salad
    Turkey corn chili with tortilla chips

    Snacks both days were fruit with pb, cheese and crackers

  23. Got a late start to my day so I missed breakfast.

    I did some prep work for the week.

    There was a big pot of spaghetti sauce cooking on the stove. Found an 11″ long pork bone in my freezer. I put it in the crock pot with enough water to cover and cooked it for 10 hours. While it was cooking, I had a sweet potato for lunch. I pulled off the pork and shredded it for a meal this week. Most likely some form of soup.

    Then I cut an 8+lb piece of pork butt that I bought for .99/lb into sections and froze them. I have a roast, ground pork, pork cubes for stew/kabobs, rolled skin for flavoring spaghetti sauce, a pork bone that weighs 3/4 lb and several 1.5 lb pieces of pork for the crock pot (shredded pork).

    Dinner tonight was Sunday Sauce with Sausage, spaghetti and green beans!

    We’re half the distance to the goal line everyone! 🙂 Your support is making this not as stressful as it could have been. Thanks!

  24. Tonight’s dessert was one of those pantry challenge specials: Quick Rice Pudding
    – Warm 2 cups of leftover rice in the microwave.
    – While the rice is warming, mix 1 can of evaporated milk, 1 box of vanilla instant pudding and 2 teaspoons of cinnamon.
    – Once the rice is warm, mix everything together. Stir in some raisins if you like them in your rice pudding.

    Just in case you have a monster sized bag of rice that you need to use up. 🙂 Dinner was curried beef over rice.

  25. Still plugging along, albeit slowly. Usually I love cooking but I think the parameters of using up weird things is making me avoid it the last week or so. My deep freeze looks great; it just has basics in it that I don’t feel the need to polish off. My pantry is organized and mostly down to basics (although that dang weird rice blend that is still staring at me from my counter, daring me to just toss it).

    Tonight I roasted the second half of a can of chickpeas that was in the fridge and had them with plain lettuce mix with bottled dressing, crudités, leftover pancakes from the fridge, and leftover ham and applesauce and toasted buttered hot dog buns from the freezer. For some reason I had three partial bags of hot dog buns in there. Oh and a few leftover pancakes that were in the freezer also got eaten up. Made strawberry ice cream with the cream that was about to expire as well.

  26. Is the avacado oil going in the pizza dough? I tried making buns with avacado oil instead of butter/coconut oil, but they didn’t cook up as nicely. I’m wondering if you’re having luck with that oil?

  27. Breakfast both days was oatmeal for me and toast or cereal for the kids. On Friday I caved and ordered a sandwich at work. I had been eating the same soup for days and was getting sick of it. Variety helps! I finally let the kids buy school lunch on Friday, but that was their first lunch of the new year. Friday’s dinner was left over lobster sauce from the freezer from Chinese take out. I was close to throwing it, but I made some rice and we managed to eat it. Saturday’s lunch helped us get rid of some leftovers. I had dinner at my mom’s Saturday with the kids. My husband grabbed fast food.
    I did have to shop Saturday, as our pantry/fridge was never overflowing. My baking products are almost gone and I plan to finish them before replacing them. I was very low on proteins and tried to buy lots of produce. My weekly cost has been significantly lower than usual ($121-this week) because the store has been sending some amazing coupons and I have been buying a lot less. Planning ahead to not run out of milk has made staying out of the store easier.

  28. Fri 1/15
    Breakfast: finished pumpkin bread, orange
    Lunch: angus beef patties with no bun, some other kind of snacky things I don’t recall
    Dinner: fried rice with l/o shredded pork
    Dinner didn’t stick around long and we got hungry, so we had some bananas and clementines drizzled with a bit of melted Nutella for snack/dessert

    Sat 1/16
    Breakfast: granola bar
    Lunch: lentil soup
    Dinner: stir fry
    Dessert: cocoa made with Nutella warmed and melted into milk

  29. Danielle L Zecher says:

    The weekend was a little haphazard in terms of the PC. Hubby had to work forced overtime on Friday night, so we both just had leftover chili. Saturday morning I had to take one of the cats to the vet for a routine checkup that turned into an all day ordeal when he reacted badly to some meds. We both skipped breakfast (I was at the vet, and hubby rarely eats breakfast coming off of night shift). We both had more leftover chili for lunch and finally froze the left. We went out for dinner using a gift card from Christmas.

    Sunday we had waffles with some pumpkin pie spice added to the batter (YUM!!!) and bacon for breakfast. Lunch was out while we were running errands. Dinner was potato soup from a mix.

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