Pantry Challenge Day 9

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This month we are eating down the pantry to save money and reduce food waste. Join me every day for the Pantry Challenge!


Hey you guys! Just a quick post checking in. I know that by Day 9 a Pantry Challenge doesn’t seem very exciting. And the winter light certainly doesn’t do my food shots any favors. Sorry about that. But, we’re plugging away. I really want to get that freezer empty!

Today I was thrilled once again withΒ the whole “sugar + molasses = brown sugar” thing. I haven’t bought any more brown sugar, but we’ve MADE brown sugar with what we have. Case in point: today’s batch of granola. Yum! I made the Coconut Ginger Granola from the Good Cheap Eats Cookbook. Super yum! And there’s still some left for parfaits tomorrow. Yay!

PC9 (1)

While I was making the run to the train some of the boys made toast and eggs. Problem was that that bread was earmarked for tuna sandwiches so some boys had their tuna salad on crackers instead. Oops! No harm done, they still ate.

Dinner was a family affair. The Tortilla Team (FishPapa and the girls) made a big batch of tortillas. I had made shredded beef in the crockpot and then added some homemade pico de gallo, Mexican Rice, beans, and an avocado. It was all really yummy!

Breakfast:Β Coconut Ginger Granola, Milk, Eggs, Toast

Lunch: Tuna Salad Sandwiches

Dinner: Shredded Beef Tacos, Mexican Rice, Pico de Gallo

How is YOURΒ pantry challenge going?

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  1. Tastycook says:

    Day 9 already! So far, so good here. I think it really just goes to show that the cupboards, fridge and freezers just have too much stuff fo 2 of us.
    I will need to make some more bread for us and maybe muffins or a coffeecake for breakfasts for a change!

    Today was a good one, using ready (home)made stuff so no real cookin.

    Breakfast: bread and jam, yogurt

    Lunch: leftover quiche from yesterday

    Dinner: shepherd’s pie, peas and corn. Dessert – squares i found in the freezer.

    Am really enjoying reading how everyone else is doing!

  2. B- homemade yogurt and granola with bananas and blueberries
    L- kids had PB&Js with their grandmother, I had a ‘too small a portion for hubby to take for lunch’ bowl of deer stew.

    D- leftover stir fry and rice for me, hubby had leftover baked pence from yesterday and the kids were thrilled to have Mac and cheese ( yesterday’s score for $1/biz of Annie’s) and the last bit of frozen chicken nuggets.

    Still pacing myself so I don’t scare my family from doing this again in the future πŸ™‚ it’s going great though! I love knowing how little I’ve spent at this point in the month!

  3. Starting to see white space in the freezer, fridge and pantry. Still lots of baking supplies so I am working on a baking plan to do over the long weekend. I know breakfast muffins and quick breads will be on the list. I always find during pantry challenges the family will stay on board without too much complaint if I keep the kitchen stocked with a few baked goods for breakfast and snacks.

    B: Muffins from the freezer, grapefruit, and skim milk
    L: Hot dogs, hummus & pita, carrots
    D: Chicken cutlets, au gratin potatoes, and vanilla pudding
    S: Cookies from the freezer and milk for dunking πŸ˜‰

  4. Kids had toast for breakfast coffee and cream for me
    Lunch banana bread and fruit
    Dinner was leftover pizza and salad for my daughter and I. My son wasn’t feeling well so he took a nap. Upon waking up he wanted pancakes. So I made a batch of Jessica’s basic pancakes and got a “these are good mommy”. Yay! I had crockpot chicken noodle soup planned for my husband, but he wanted the pancakes I was cooking. So yeah, I got pot full of soup for tomorrow, lol.

  5. I found hot dogs hiding in the freezer! But we’re eating the last frozen bit of chile con carne for dinner. It’s left over from when my wife’s mom came and cooked for us last summer…

  6. B-Cereal, etc. (the usual) plus blueberries for me.

    L-Hubs packed the normal PBJs, etc., for his and son’s lunches; I had salad w/ feta, sunflower seeds, and flax seeds, a clementine, and a leftover corn muffin.

    D-Pulled pork (used some leftover pork roast that was in the freezer and the last half of a bottle of BBQ sauce from the fridge), homemade cranberry sauce, homemade apple sauce, homemade pickles, and steamed broccoli. Still working on the Christmas goodies for dessert.

    S-Son had a yogurt, string cheese, and some cookies before swim. (He fixed his own snack, can you tell?) I had some homemade trail mix (used up the last of the opened bags of Craisins and almonds, along with some walnuts, cashews, and peanuts). Not sure what hubs might have had.

    Ran to Sam’s while son was at swim practice and picked up fresh bell peppers (we’ve got scads in the freezer, but they won’t do for salads or cruditΓ©s), carrots, yogurt cups, Greek yogurt, and milk. Spent $24.26 (that just might be a record low for Sam’s. Ha!) So far, we’re way under our average grocery spending–and we still have tons of food in the house to be eaten up.

  7. Breakfast: coffee. big whoop.
    Lunch: Greek yogurt parfait with granola
    Dinner: sausage potato soup (used up some produce and more of those carrots) with baguette from freezer
    Dessert: choco chip cookies from frozen dough

  8. We’re half doing the pantry challenge, since we have to move soon, so just trying to use stuff up (mostly fridge & freezer!) But none of our meals seem out of the ordinary, I’m just not buying much!

    The past two nights, we’ve had Italian Wonderpot from BudgetBytes ( to use up half a bag of frozen spinach, which I believe I bought several months ago to make this! And we still have two more meals of it to eat.

    However, I have a question for all you lovely people, how would you use up half a can of evaporated milk? I have half a can in the freezer to use up. I used the first half for pumpkin pie for Canadian Thanksgiving. However, we live in Perth Australia, so it’s the middle of summer & rather hot, so not really pumpkin pie weather! If anyone has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them πŸ™‚


    • Could you put in pancakes or biscuits? I think it would bake just fine. You may need to dilute it though, since it is more concentrated.

    • Tiffany R says:

      I would use it in Mac & Cheese. Or in a creamy pasta dish. Any recipe that you would use whole milk, heavy cream or half and half.

    • I second the pasta suggestion and would also suggest that it goes well in creamy soups like potato or corn chowder. I keep it on hand to use in soup and pasta dishes.

    • My mother in law uses evaporated milk in mashed potatoes. They are always great.

    • Love evaporated milk in soup. Much lighter than cream but tastes similar. Also love a little in scrambled eggs. Makes them fluffy.

    • Keep your evaporated milk chilled then you can whisk it up until very thick. Add a jelly melted in a small amount of water then whisk into the whisked milk. Put in a bowl and into the fridge to set. You can use any flavour jelly and it makes a nice quick and easy mouse. You do need the evaporated milk chilled I order to get it to whisk well.

  9. Hi everyone πŸ™‚

    Breakfast: youghurt and homemade granola for DH and DD1. Rye porridge for DD2. Leftover potato pizza for me. Followed by a softboiled egg and a piece of rye a little later + coffee.

    Lunch: Packed lunch for DH and DD1 (she is in preschool on tuesdays). Homemade rolls for DD2 and I before heading out to a meeting in the preschool.

    Snacks: bananas and crackers. DH and kids waited in the car while I ran in to pick up a few things. A lot of crackers were eaten while I was in there lol.

    Dinner: leftover beef stew and vegetarian stew. I also served some leftover rice with the stew. I didn’t have that much rice, so I used up the last pouch of instant potato mash in a box. I also heated up the last bit of pizza and put it on the table.
    After the meal we still had two very small servings of stew and rice left over. I went ahead and put the stews in the freezer to have at another time and the rice will be repurposed when I make tortillas one of these days.

    Late night snack: pain au chocolat and a small yoghurt for me. Just pain au chocolat for DH.

    Kathy in Denmark

  10. Did not use up a lot yesterday. Had an appointment to have basal cell removed from my nose so spent all morning and most of afternoon at Doctors. But all is good now so we can get back to a regular schedule again.

    Breakfast – Granola bar on the way to appointment
    Snacks – Last of the cookies from freezer
    Dinner – Leftover tomato barley soup w/crackers

  11. Had homemade granola for breakfast. Lunch was sandwiches for three of us and my husband took the left over pizza. Dinner was a chicken pot pie skillet with biscuits. It was meal two of a roasting chicken that I then turned into soup for Wednesday (tonight). Using a lot of what we had, but then again we weren’t jam packed either.

  12. Jessica S says:

    Everyone looks like they are doing great!

    B- kids all had homemade pancakes from the freezer, I had scrambled eggs and the last mini bagel with cream cheese.
    L- 1 bought lunch, the other 2 had PBJ, veggies, fruit, chips and a leftover brownie from my work meeting

    D- usually I don’t cook on T/TH but it was SO COLD, husband decided that they were not going to TaeKwanDo class. SO I scrounged and found the last bag of cooked ground beef, defrosted that in a stock pot. I grated in a few cloves of garlic and a can of tomato paste. I added a few jars of store bought pasta sauce and made a huge pot of meat sauce. Served over a box of rigatoni, a loaf of garlic bread from the deep freeze( just bought). while water coming to a boil I chopped an head of iceberg, a head of romaine, grated a few carrots and made a huge salad.
    Since the oven was still hot from warming the garlic bread I whipped up a pan of homemade brownies. Not that we NEED them.. but I figured the oven is already going…. YUM!

    • Heather M says:

      And you have leftovers in the sauce, I bet! Nice work not planned.

      • Jessica S says:

        Today I changed my mind! lol Husband was pretty disappointed that it was not chili originally.. so since I was off today I defrosted it, added chili powder, cumin and cayenne. I had 1 can chili beans in sauce and 1 can black beans.. tossed both in there and froze 5 2c mason jars of chili and left a large bowl in the fridge for eating off!

  13. Stephanie M. says:

    Today was another good pantry challenge day for us. We are going through a very cold time right now on the east coast but I’m still bundling up and going for two to three one mile walks a day in low 20 degree weather. I’ve always been a walker but never in this weather. All in an effort to help me live forever!! LOL

    B – Hubby had eggs benedict, using up the last of the hollandaise sauce, and melon. I had a poached egg on half an English muffin and melon and strawberries, and a yogurt.

    L – Hubby ate at a business luncheon. I had a salad and a banana

    D – Hubby grilled some pork chops. He lives by the postal motto: Neither snow, nor rain, nor gloom of night . . .will keep him away from the grill! Ha Ha. I think I took the silly pill today. πŸ™‚ Anyway we had those with some basmati rice that I made with toasted pine nuts, scallions, fresh parsley, and a few spoons of grated parmesan. It was delicious if anyone would like the recipe. I also made some broccolini and put some olive oil and garlic on that. And lastly, with the last two slices of bread machine bread that I made on Sunday, I made some homemade Texas Toast with that. Yum! Refrigerators are looking rather bare these days. Pantry is slowly emptying out and the freezer too.

    • I would love the rice recipe. I have some pine nuts in the freezer from my MIL that I need to use.

      It’s cold here in MI this week, too. Many neighboring schools had a snow day on Monday, but our schools stayed open (we had a little less snow, so the roads weren’t quite as bad). Looking forward to the kids being home for the first time in years for Martin Luther King, Jr Day on Monday.

      • Stephanie M. says:

        Ok, here is the recipe: Let me know how you like it:

        cooking spray and a small amount of oil. (a couple of TBS.)
        1 cup uncooked basmati rice
        1 garlic clove, minced
        1 cup water
        1 cup chicken broth
        1/4 cup chopped scallion
        1/4 cup pine nuts, toasted
        3 TBS. grated parmesan cheese
        chopped fresh parsley
        salt and pepper to taste

        Spread pine nuts on a cookie sheet and toast in oven at 350 for a few minutes till light brown. Set aside

        Spray a large skillet with cooking spray and add a thin layer of oil. Heat on medium. When skillet is heated, add rice and garlic; sautee until rice is slightly toasted (approx. 2 minutes)

        Add water, broth, and salt and bring to a boil. Cover and reduce heat and simmer 15 minutes or until liquid is absorbed.

        Remove from heat; let stand 5 minutes.

        Stir in scallions, nuts, parsley, and black pepper.


        • Stephanie M. says:

          Ooops; At the end when stirring in the scallions, nuts, parsley, and black pepper, also stir in the grated parmesan cheese. πŸ™‚

  14. Smoothies a few times has helped to clear out some older frozen fruit from the freezer. More of those to come. Making more crepes tonight from frozen milk. And the family found some older ice cream that they’ve been enjoying. The kids are thrilled. I know the ice cream is an easy sell, but it’s still nice to be gaining back some room in the freezer. I hid two partial containers to save for next week, too.

    The meal plan this week includes a number of meals that are not our norm, but aren’t recipes/items that are disliked. I know I have some things in the freezer that will make people less than happy with dinner, so I need to work those into the meal plan sporadically to use them up (and never buy them again). Will probably need to arrange good desserts those days, too. Good news is that I have plenty of baking supplies and more than a few baking mixes (don’t usually buy those, so not sure how that happened).

    So far, I’ve mostly been buying a little fresh produce and dairy, so the budget looks great. I need to start shopping for the freezer cooking session that my daughter and I are doing on Saturday with her friends, though. That flies in the face of the challenge, but she really wanted to participate. I think I’ll keep that budget separate, so that I don’t get discouraged by my progress.

  15. No school because of snow, so we went through a lot of food today.
    B- everyone had something different, yogurt granola parfaits, eggs with homemade bread, peanut butter toast or cereal
    L-burrito rice bowls made with leftover chili and taco meat from freezer, freezer corn, can of beans, pkg. of quinoa and brown rice. Delicious and used up a lot. Oranges for dessert.
    D-Crockpot pulled pork from roast that I found in freezer. Homemade French fries from freezer. (made a ton of freezer fries from our bumper crop of potatoes) Salad and leftover cookie dough dip from weekend party for dessert.
    Snack-misc. things that were open in the snack cupboard
    Felt like good progress today. Lots of opened things used!

    • Don’t you love it? When the kids are home from school I feel like all they do is eat! When I have it under control though I feel like we can use up a lot of stuff and I feel accomplished! lol Stay warm!

  16. Michalene says:

    Day Nine
    Breakfast- cereal and an English muffin
    Lunch- half a bag of salad, carrots, goldfish, peach and last of spice cake
    Dinner- Potato Florentine Soup from the freezer with Grilled Cheese

  17. Melissa F says:

    Since Hubs is out of town – in VERY cold Minnesota – its been an easy peasy time for me. Left over quiche all finally gone, made a hamburger for myself last night and my lone piece of leftover lasagna will by my lunch today. Snacks have been halo oranges, popcorn and chips and salsa. Hubs will be back tomorrow so back to cooking.

    Picked up our Zaycon meat order yesterday of pork tenderloins and boneless pork chops. We have tried many other items from Zaycon but this is our first time with the pork. I was down to only the ground beef in the freezer that we purchased from Zaycon last month. If anyone is interested I do have a referral number.

    We had a bit of wind yesterday and I came home to find a tree had fallen through our backyard fence. By the looks of the debris field and the splintered fence, it came down with quite a bit of force. It missed our chicken coop by inches although broken branches did make the roof – all my poor girls really DID think the sky was falling! lol

    Everyone seems to be doing well with little complaining πŸ™‚

    Melissa F in SC

    • Heather M says:

      So glad your chickens were spared! We had that crazy wind here, too, and I saw branches all over the roadways today.

    • Glad it missed your chickens! poor things, they were probably frightened silly at the time. I had a tree crash a fence once as well. As every bit of science and gravity indicated it should have crashed literally thru the middle of my house, I was never so glad to see a broken fence!

  18. I haven’t posted yet for this challenge, but I’ve been following along. I have two sick kids so that’s been hindering my progress a bit. I’ve used up all my instant oatmeal, just have steel cut oats that I’m working on now. I made turkey and chicken noodle soup for dinner yesterday to use up the last of the Thanksgiving turkey and a little bit of chicken and broth I had left from a roast chicken earlier in the week. I made homemade hamburger buns this morning to use up the last of the shredded cooked pork I had in the freezer from an enormous pork roast I made last month. I’m seeing some space in my freezer and that’s good.

    Breakfast- eggs and toast for oldest son, nothing for younger son, yogurt for husband and oatmeal for me

    Lunch-packed lunches for the boys, and I’m going out to lunch with my husband

    Dinner-BBQ pork sandwiches, the last of the french fries from the freezer, and some roasted potatoes from Monday’s dinner, salad

  19. We are doing well with this challenge. Still lots to use, but we are making progress.

    B- FFY Cereal and oatmeal.
    L- kids took sandwiches and crackers, hubs had LO tuna casserole, I bought at work.
    D-my version on Garlic Chicken Voila. Used a large bs chicken breast, half bags of frozen broccoli, corn, carrots and pasta. Felt good getting so many bags out of the pantry/freezer.
    Dessert- last of the vanilla/coconut cream pudding.
    S-trail mix or chips and salsa.

  20. Breakfast: oatmeal
    Lunch: chicken rice soup from the freezer. I always make it without the rice so I also took another jar of chicken broth out to thin the soup when we add the rice or noodles.
    Dinner: chicken tenders sauted with taco seasoning. We made chicken tacos with beans.
    The leftover chicken got thrown into the soup. No wonder I never run out of soup! I do the same thing with veggies, etc..
    My husband loves chicken soup in the winter and will eat it every day for lunch.

  21. Breakfast Cereals
    Lunch hubby had tortilla wrap I think, he was on his own as I was taken out for a farewell lunch
    Dinner hubby is having the last portion of chicken and leek pie from the freezer with some potato and veg also from the freezer. I’m going to have soup left from yesterday.

    I’ve still not been shopping since last Thursday so I’ve spent a lot less so far this month than normal

  22. Yesterday was chick-fil-a breakfast. It’s a standing breakfast date with my daughter while we wait out the time between brother’s school drop-off and the start of her Gymboree class. It’s too far to go back home and it makes both of us happy, so I’ve kept it even during the challenge πŸ™‚

    Lunch was tuna sandwiches, which I learned my daughter LOVES. We used up the last of the bread, so I’ll have to run to the store for that and milk today or tomorrow. Son had a packed lunch with most of his usual foods (peanut butter on tortilla, baby carrots, apple, some home popped popcorn.

    Dinner was taco tuesday. We are still out of the typical taco items (ground beef/turkey, hard shells, shredded cheese). I’m not allowing myself to restock these items during the challenge. So this week I did shredded chicken in the crockpot with some Mexican spices, warmed up some soft corn tortillas, chopped up some tomato, onion, cilantro and pulled out the last of the sour cream from the fridge. They were delicious!

    Before I close out I want to give a quick thank you to all those who chimed in with advice for my son’s picky eating behavior. We sat down and talked to him about how he’s getting ready to turn 5 (next week!) and that means he can no longer eat “baby” foods and has to eat big people food with us. We pointed out that even his sister (2) eats big people food already. Each meal that he’s home for since then (breakfasts and dinners) we’ve created a buffet on the dining table and made it a rule that he has to choose 3 foods to eat. I always have one food on there that I know he likes already so that it eases my mind that he is eating more than just a few bites. We give him one of the kids divider plates (2 small slots and one big slot) and he’s not allowed to put one of his “old” foods in the big slot, it can’t fill more than the small slot. There’s been lots of tears (from him) and stress (for me) but so far he has eaten cantaloupe, scrambled eggs (used to eat before and then declared them gross a while back), strawberry cream cheese, sliced cheese, strawberries, green beans, baked chicken and one or two other things. He only likes the chicken with teryiaki sauce (I’ll take it!) and now states that he loves cantaloupe and scrambled eggs. The rest he still declares disgusting, but it’s a start πŸ™‚

    • Yay! Shannon, these are all significant WINS, from the mom-daughter time to the tuna sandwiches to the making Taco Tuesday work to your son trying (and liking!!) new foods. I’m so thrilled for you! Well done, sister! [fist bump]

    • HUGE HUGE HUGE progress! I hope you know that and are willing to pat yourself on the back! This is a major change and kudos to your son for being willing to try! I have a 13year old who eats a varied enough diet- more than some- but when it comes to trying stuff he gets panicky.. where his 10y brother will try ANYTHING.. if he doesn’t like it he is like Yeah.. No thanks!

    • That is so great, Shannon! Kudos to you and your husband for being brave enough to adress this issue now. And kudos to the little guy for trying new things!

      You are on the right track for sure.

      • Tastycook says:

        Shannon – that’s great. Sounds to me like BIG strides in a very short time. It won’t all go smoothly but you are all to be congratulated. I’m really glad you tackled this now rather than letting it go any further and using his 5 th birthday is a spot of brilliance.

    • Heather M says:

      So great you’re following through with a plan! Your entire post was awesome. Thanks for the update!

    • I think you are to be commended for your approach to picky eating. What great progress it seems you are making! You are an inspiration to other moms of picky eaters. Keep up the motivation.

    • Using his birthday as a milestone turning point was brilliant. Good job! It sounds like enormous progress in a short period. I really hope it works out for you, and I think we all send you our “stay strong, mama” cyberhugs. Those chicken tacos sound yummy, btw.

    • Awesome job on all fronts!!! This wins for my favorite post of the PC so far!!

  23. I haven’t commented before but have been following everyone else. My 89 year old father moved in with us a few months ago and brought all his food items. I was unable to absorb all of them so had a big box behind a living room chair and pantry food taking up counter space. Started challenge on January 1. The box of food has either been eaten or put in spots that have opened up in the cupboards. I have a small kitchen with only four small counters. One and one half of them has now been cleared. The fridge is still a nightmare but I was able to combine some duplicates yesterday. I am not seeing any white space yet but am hopeful.
    B-egg and mini bagel with cream cheese for me. DH had cereal. DD always eats oatmeal.
    L-left over homemade turkey Italian sausage with tomatoes, pasta (probably a year old), onions, and chicken broth made into a soupy thing.
    D- one pot ham from Christmas with potatoes, carrots, onions, and cabbage. Enough left for another day.
    S-firey crackers with 2 Tbl. left over egg salad

  24. I guess since we have two Laurie’s posting I’ll be Laurie G from now on πŸ™‚

    Day 9 turned out a little weird for us. Started out normal. I had scrambled eggs and quinoa/kale for breakfast and dh had fried eggs and toast. Son called right after breakfast and his family was hit with a stomach bug. DH and I spent the rest of day helping out in one way or another. We took the girls for part of the morning since dil was the first one hit. I was taking care of my grandson for part of the day (at my daughter’s house) and took lentil soup (from the freezer) for lunch. DH grabbed lunch from El Pollo Loco while he was helping out with the son’s fam. We were both beat so for dinner he picked up our favorite Mediterranean food (chicken tahini with bulgar and fatoosh salad). Some days are just weird like that.

    • Hope the family recovers quickly. Lots of yuckies going around. Even though you had to eat out, thanks for sharing what you got. I’d never heard of fatoosh before, so I learned something today. πŸ™‚

  25. Heather M says:

    Day 9 was odd. I woke up feeling very off. After i got my son to his early morning class (he has a carpool to school from there, we drive once a week), I went back to bed and slept until almost 11. I felt kind of miserable and off all day, so no cooking. Luckily we had good leftovers for the menfolk who had appetites. Glad I laid low, because Wednesday (today) I had lots going on. More on that Day 10.

    Breakfast: cereal and the last of the leftover christmas sausages for hubs and son; piece of wheat bread with honey for me.

    Lunch: son took his usual snacky lunch; hubs took leftover fried rice and an orange; I had, be ready for it, a bowl of ice cream. It was the ONLY thing that sounded remotely appetizing. That’s it. no snacks, nothing.

    Dinner: guys had leftover sunday dinner of beef, carrots, mashed potatoes– so glad I made a nice batch of this! I had a bowl of cereal. Like I said, didn’t feel well. Appetite off.

    Snacks: none for me; usual chicken-pepperoni quesadilla for son. He also had a small frozen pizza. Hungry day for him. Opposite of me.

    Not to worry, Woke up a bit better on Day 10. πŸ™‚

    • Stephanie M. says:

      Feel better Heather. It’s just that time of year. You and I both live on the east coast and there’s lots of stuff going around. Eat healthy and drink lots of orange juice if you have it. Rest, watch your stories or read a book. Take a cat nap and drink some hot chocolate. Hope you feel better soon. πŸ™‚

      • Heather M says:

        Thanks, Stephanie. Luckily I feel “ok”, at least compared to my husband who is a mess suddenly. Whatever it is, I got a mild version of it, and he got walloped. Still trying to rest and keep myself from overdoing so I continue to feel completely back to normal and avoid asthma. So far, so good. πŸ™‚

  26. Last night I made a chicken pot pie from pie crust, soup, vegetables and chicken – all from the freezer and pantry. I sliced a banana and combined it with a can of fruit and put it in the freezer to get super chilly. We ate it as a side. Nice meal and we only had enough left over pie for a lunch today.

    Tonight, we had a taco pie that I made from a Pinterest recipe. No leftovers! Now, however, we have used up the tortilla’s, sour cream and the salsa. Lots of progress being made this challenge.

    • Jessica S says:

      Feel better! It is going around for sure! I am also one to play the proactive card! Gone are the days where I just run myself into the ground.. if I start to feel bad I hunkerdown the best I can and rest.. usually it helps prevent a major illness!

  27. Breakfast: muffin and yogurt, cottage cheese and oranges
    Lunch: leftovers
    Dinner: spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread

    HH is back to his regular business travel now. I have always struggled with meal prep when it is just the girls and me. Boring but easy meals, today (who am I kidding-today and everyday:) I consider it a success that we have not gone out to dinner!

    • I would say that was a perfect success, then. My husband usually travels once a month for 3-6 days. My kids have a few favorite dinners that hubby doesn’t love, like waffles, so we usually do those while he’s gone. It works out perfectly, but if he traveled more often it would be more difficult. I know my kids like simple. I’m usually the one wondering where the “real” meals went.

  28. Dinner for last night got changed to just hamburgers in bread for a bun. Still had hamburger left and tonight, ued that, plus 4 chopped up slices of bacon, chopped up 1/2 cabbage and 3/4 of a large onion that needed using up, cooked them stir fry style with a little oil and soy sauce. Then did kraft dinner to go with it. Have not been well and had dr. apt. today, found out that much of my illness was an allergy to one of my meds. Hallelujah! It will be wonderful not to be coughing steady and having a sore throat and other things that go along with this. But I have had meals prepared and ready to go, even if my planned dinners didn’t pan out.

    This morning just had coffee and yogurt. company showed up till I had to leave for the Dr. Then I waited over an hour for my med change at the pharmacy, so made above meal when I got home.

  29. I have joined the challenge! I’ve been following along everyday and everyone sounds so interesting and creative when it comes to using up items. Yesterday we had bagel egg sandwiches for breakfast (I keep hens for organic eggs so they’re almost free!) bean burritos (homemade) from the freezer for lunch with cut veggies, and lo mein with tons of veggies and a little ground turkey for dinner. I used up a box of organic whole wheat angel hair that was getting up there in age. Everyone really liked it. I made a simple sauce of sesame oil, soy, honey, ginger, and sriracha. Best part- enough leftovers for my 2 year old and I to have for lunch today.

  30. Danielle L Zecher says:

    We are slowly getting back on track after spending so much time at the hospital/hospice with hubby’s grandmother.

    I put together a big crock pot of chili last night. I just have to take it out the fridge and plug it in at lunch. We will end up freezing a lot of it for later, but I did finally get around to using some of the larger cans of beans that have been sitting around for a while. Small steps! πŸ™‚

  31. We had the usual breakfasts–eggs for husband and peanut butter toast for me late. The boys get free breakfast and lunch at school. For dinner we had bbq shredded beef sandwiches and oven roasted sliced potatoes with onions rosemary and garlic and green beans. Snacks were birthday cake and brownies.

  32. Yesterday’s dinner was a big pot of white chicken chili with toppings and tortilla chips. I was able to use beans, broth, and corn from the pantry and chicken from the freezer. I was out of diced green chilies but subbed in a half cup of salsa Verde I had open in the fridge- it worked beautifully!

    Today we had:
    B: yogurt, fruit
    L: apples, cheese, hard boiled eggs
    D: leftover night and as a treat a few mozzarella sticks I found in the freezer
    Snack: popcorn and oranges

  33. Thursday breakfast with the girlfriends. We’ve been going to the same place so long we get a special deal-$6.10 for each of us and it’s well worth it for the friendship.
    Lunch-tuna/egg salad sandwiches-one can of drained tuna, two hard boiled eggs mixed with celery, mayo and mustard. It makes several sandwiches and is good with crackers
    Dinner-lawnmower tacos from the freezer topped with sour cream and salsa and canned corn with peppers on the side. Yum.

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