Pantry Challenge Day 7

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This month we are eating down the pantry to save money and reduce food waste. Join me every day for the Pantry Challenge!

chicken chili pantry

Today was my day to chill. I have been trying to make that more of a habit over the last few months. But in the afternoon lull of activity, I couldn’t help but hop on and jump into the comments of some of the past posts. You guys are so amazing! I’m really proud of the work you’re doing in your kitchens to feed your families and reduce waste. Yay!

This morning FishBoy13 and I made whole wheat pancakes. We mixed the batter together — I’m trying to get the boys up to speed on their skills — and while he cooked them, I ran to the store. I guess that means I skipped breakfast. Oops. But, I had Walmart and Sprouts on my lists and I wanted to avoid the crowds. I bought flour, coffee, mayo, pepperoni, and eggs at the former and a bunch of fresh veg at the latter.

veggie tray sprouts

I couldn’t resist grabbing the $5 vegetable tray at Sprouts. All the work was done for me at the same price as buying all the items separately. I realized later they must have priced it that way for football games today. So while we watched the games on my husband’s phone (attached to the computer), we devoured the veggie tray. Lunch was Chicken Chili from the freezer and corn muffins. We have so much cornmeal, it’s not even funny!

In a bit I’m running out to In-N-Out Burger for our planned take out dinner. Then we’re gonna do a whole house tidy and watch Sherlock. It’s streaming free on PBS tonight at 7pm PST if you’re interested. 😉

Breakfast: Pancakes with nutella

Lunch: Chicken Chili, corn muffins, veggie tray

Dinner: INO

How is the Pantry Challenge going for YOU?

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  1. Breakfast- Oatmeal with leftover sweet potato stirred in.
    Lunch- I had a salad with the never ending cherry tomatoes from a leftover veggie tray last weekend with onions and hard boiled eggs. Kids had PB&J

    Dinner- Hubby made a delicious stew with deer meat and biscuits to boot.

    I’ll head to the store tomorrow for a few odds and ends but for the most part we are doing well. Everyone is understanding the challenge and supporting the cause. I’m trying to remind myself that certain things will run out soon so I’m waiting to use them (PB&J for instance)

    I’ve recently started using Ibotta. does anyone else use it? It’s fantastic for folks who dont regularly clip coupons! $1.00 off milk almost every week? YES! let me know if you’d like a referral code:-)

  2. Pretty good day here too although daughter had another birthday party to go to that made lunch a little wacky!

    B- smoothie for me, huevoes rancheros that dh made for everyone else, fruit
    L- daughter had a few bites of pizza at the party along with fruit and a cupcake, dh made tuna salad for he and the boy and I had Greek yogurt with honey and blueberries
    D- baked chicken breast, pan fried red potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower, homemade bread
    Snacks consisted of fruit, yogurt, dried fruit and cheese

    I cooked an extra chicken breast that will make chicken salad for all tomorrow:)

  3. Heather M says:

    Day 7 was a total win in the Challenge! We have moved to morning church (it switches every calendar year from morning to afternoon, thus our days really change re food and time for other thing). Regardless of what time we go to church, we always come home starving so I have to plan or we end up eating out/takeout. Since we stayed in yesterday and I inventoried, I also decided to prep a slow-cooker meal. Seared up beef from the freezer, briefly cooked a sauce of beef broth, red wine (we aren’t drinkers and have had 1/2 a bottle in the fridge forever, from last time i cooked with it!), garlic cloves, tomato paste, canned tomato, herbs. Had an old bag of multi-color carrots that were about to die, so trimmed and cut them up, along with red onion. Put in all in the pot and fridge and it was ready to start when we woke up. WIn in that: beef from freezer, old red wine, old carrots, nothing purchased for a delicious meal. And i set aside some of the sauce after we ate to repurpose later. It made a lot of sauce. After I reserved enough for the leftovers. I”m thinking a chili con carne over pasta in a week or so.

    Breakfast: nothing, as we were rushing out the door to church

    Lunch: Sunday Dinner of beef and carrots over mashed potatoes (a little goat cheese stirred in for added yum).

    DInner: fend for yourself: leftovers, cheese and crackers, ice cream, etc.

    Still perusing recipe ideas for the month. Still need ideas for various things (creamed corn, dried figs, jam/jelly, lentils, greek yogurt). Just have too much of these and only have limited ideas for them. On the other hand, I bought farro months ago for the first time, and haven’t tried cooking with it yet. Have found a few recipes that look great, so looking forward to trying them. Also found one idea for goat cheese. I eat it in salad, but I have two huge logs from costco that won’t last more than a month and i will never get through both of them in salad alone. Back to recipe searching!

    • We rushed out the door to church too!

    • We switched from morning church time to afternoon. I made homemade potato soup in the morning and reheated after church. It was hard not to have a bowl before church ( it made just enough for a meal) but we had ham sandwiches before leaving. I also laid out leftover dinner rolls from Thanksgiving dinner to eat with the soup. With afternoon block time I see more crock pot meals this year.

      • Heather M says:

        NIce work! Afternoon church really demands prepping in the morning. we are always starved afterward. Morning means either prepping the day before or eating a quick lunch afterward and cooking in the afternoon. We like the one big meal on Sundays thing, so I’ll do my best to prepare on Saturdays.

        • Angie in Hawaii says:

          We switched from 3-6 church to 8-11?. Let me tell ya, that takes a little more effort. At least my kiddos are dazed and confused (and quiet?) for the first hour still trying to keep their eyes open. I was somewhat going to attempt to do a pantry challenge this month, but it hasn’t faired too well. Our friends from church are moving to the mainland soon (we are all military) and I cleaned out their fridge, freezer, and pantry over the weekend. We were busting at the seems with food before and now we could feed the whole street for a month. In other words, I have to get the ball rolling on this pantry challenge or a lot of good food will go to waste. ?

          • Heather M says:

            Oh you can do it! And you can keep it going as long as you want, with whatever rules you want. My rules include buying fresh produce, dairy, bread (though less than usual by baking more, but not sandwich bread), and key things to keep my son happy (growing teenager, needs his needs). I just try to rotate out older pantry items before they are too old, and clean out the freezer, because typically things get buried and need to get used up before they’re gross. Then Once it’s pretty empty, we can slowly add things to it. It’s been great. After an earlier Challenge, I finally had room to start making my own beans and had room to freeze batches in 2 cup bags. Now it’s just a part of my freezer. I also have had room for freezer meals, something I’ve never had room for before. I buy less frozen prepared food (except raviolis, ice cream, frozen yogurt popsicles, etc.) which makes for a healthier diet. Freezer meals are now my convenience food. It’s awesome. Good luck, both with church time, and the Challenge! (we are 8:30, which is brutal with teens who already get up so early during the week and need to sleep on the weekends, so I get it)

    • I am making cheesy corn chowder later this month with my canned cream corn. I can use bits and pieces of frozen veg with it so that will help clear out the freezer too.

    • Stephanie M. says:

      Hi Heather: I see you are looking for ideas for some of the things you have too much of. I have a really good recipe for lentils. It is a recipe I got from my German grandmother and it is also a dish that is served in many Southern German restaurants and also in many German households. It is a very popular dish there. Of, course, you can always make lentil soup and I have a good recipe for that too but this is different and very tasty.

      Lentils over Farfalle noodles

      1 1/2 cups dried lentils
      1 medium chopped onion
      1 TBS. flour
      salt and pepper to taste
      1 beef boullion cube
      red wine vinegar to taste
      1 lb. hot dogs
      small amount ( a few TBS.) of cooked liquid from lentils
      2 bay leaves
      2 TBS. flour

      Pour lentils into a large bowl. Cover with water and let sit for a couple of hours.

      When ready to cook, drain water from lentil and put into a large pot with cold water; enough water come up over the lentils a couple of inches. Add bay leaves. Bring to a boil. When boiling, add beef cube, lower heat and simmer for one hour with the lid slightly open. (Don’t close the pot completely as it will boil over and you will curse me! 🙂 I have cursed myself plenty of times about this.) When they have been simmering for 45 minutes, in a small skillet, brown onion in a small amount of oil; add flour and liquid from lentils. Stir. Drain some of the liquid from the pot of lentils but not all of it. You want there to be some liquid still in there or your lentils will be too dry. Add onion mixture, salt, pepper, vinegar, and hot dogs. Heat till hot dogs are done Serve over farfalle.

      (the actual dish is served over a german dumpling called spatzle. I have a spatzle making tool which is really nothing more than a large ricer) I brought it back from Germany with me. I usually always serve this over farfalle because that’s what I did before I got a spatzle maker. It’s just as good. This recipe is really easy and quite delicious. Let me know if you have any questions.

      • Heather M says:

        This sounds delicious! My son loves hot dogs, so this could be a win for sure. Thanks for a different idea other than soup! 🙂

    • I don’t know if the lentils you have are the red ones or the green/brown/black ones. The red lentils cook into a mush, and are best used in soups, dhal etc. I use those in tomato sauce in stead of meat. They add protein and fiber and can simply be tossed in without pre-soaking.

      The other kinds of lentils are best, if they are soaked before being cooked. They hold their shape really well so they are great in salads and in stews. You could cook the lentils, toss with a mustard vinaigrette while warm and add bell peppers, onion and goats cheese. Bacon is good in this too! This is a very versatile salad since you can add pretty much what you like.

      The goats cheese can also be used on pizza. The potato pizza I make was first served to me with goats cheese at a friend’s house.

      Good luck!

  4. Breakfast was pumpkin chocolate chip muffins I found in the deep freeze (win!!) and oranges. We had a late breakfast so we had meat, cheese and crackers and chips in the early afternoon. Dinner was roast beef, mashed potatoes with gravy and cooked carrots. I made chocolate pudding for snack and we also have popcorn

  5. Tiffany R says:

    Breakfast: Banana and coffee on the way to church and later 1/2 bagel @ church (me), DH and kids ate on their own
    Lunch: LO Chicken Gyros (DH & daughter), LO Greek Orzo salad w/LO grilled chicken me, not sure if son ate
    Dinner: Ground Turkey Minestrone soup and rolls, it’s cold in Georgia! Used ground turkey and tomato paste from the freezer, canned beans and canned tomatoes from the pantry, small bit of Manchego cheese from fridge
    Snack: Daughter made apple pie from scratch for dessert (used older apples in fridge that were soft – yeah!)

    The freezer and pantry are looking better but the best part is that we are eating at home. Hubs wanted me to pick up take out Greek last night but I had planned ahead and already had Gyros on the menu and prepped for dinner. In less than 15 mins, it was on the table. Win!

    • Heather M says:

      You guys had a big win this weekend! Love that you already had Greek food planned and foiled your husband’s take-out plans. 🙂 The soup sounds delicious, and a daughter who makes homemade apple pie is awesome!

  6. I can’t remember all the meals from the past few days. Lunch was pb and on Friday. I did make some granola and tried your yogurt parfait recipe. That was a fun breakfast! The problem with granola is that I eat it all very quickly. The kids had leftovers Friday night, and we had oven baked chicken with leftovers. Saturday night was take out pizza planned because a friend came over with her children. After making all those dinners, take out was awesome! Left over pizza was today’s lunch. Tonight we had chicken and gravy with biscuits for dinner. I roasted a chicken yesterday and stuck it in the fridge, Now I can get at least another dinner and soup out of it.

  7. Breakfast was a sausage/egg casserole. Leftovers for tomorrow’s breakfast too!
    For lunch, DD and I ate the last lone enchilada and the chicken enchilada soup from the freezer.
    Dinner was homemade chicken tenders, oven fries and peas.

  8. Kids had the last of the frozen pancakes, coffe and cream for me.
    Lunch was blueberry and banana smoothies and pumpkin chocolate chip muffins from the freezer from awhile ago.
    Dinner was potato soup per the request of my 5 yr old son, he even helped make it. Ok, I chopped and he put the veggies in the pot, lol, sweet none the less.

  9. B-Cereal, etc., for the guys; just coffee for me. (If I’d eaten breakfast, we would have been late for church. Hubs usually makes the breakfasts around here because I am NOT a morning person. Ha!)

    L-Out after church. We really need to limit this practice. Last Sunday was better–we ate at home. Will try for “at home” again next week.

    D-Hodgepodge. Hubs–salad. Son–PBJ & yogurt. Me–toast w/ peanut butter & yogurt. (It’s a good thing no one in our family has a peanut allergy! smile)

    S/Dessert–TJ’s European cookies that were given to us at Christmas. Yum!

  10. Jessica S says:

    This morning I whipped up some pancake mixes I had grabbed at the local grocery outlet- they looked yum- Vanilla bean and one was meyer lemon and blueberry.. and the results… Nothing special.. Live and learn!

    Lunch was leftovers after church- I love the shelves being empty and the sink being full!

    Dinner was chinese out… had to run errands and I got a break.

    FISHMAMA- TKD is TaeKwanDo Class!

    • Sorry those pancakes didn’t turn out as fabulous as they sound. I’m not even a pancake person and I was ready to join you for breakfast until you said they were nothing special. LOL.

  11. Breakfast: leftovers from last night’s Chipotle bowl
    Lunch: baked fish, apple chips
    Dinner: freezer turkey from Thanksgiving, last of mashed potatoes, buffalo-sauced cauliflower from freezer – WIN for the challenge!
    Dessert: ice cream bar

  12. Looks like I ended up sharing today’s meals on yesterday’s post! Oh well! We had a good day of home food. I was able to move some of the food from our deep freeze into our fridge freezer this morning, which was so nice! I’m hoping to defrost my deep freeze at the end of February, so that’s how long I plan to keep this challenge going! It’s definitely nice to see some space in my deep freeze. It’s been crammed full for so long now, it feels good to know that we are making a dent in it! I also shared some chicken noodle soup from the freezer with a sick neighbor, so that helped clear out some space too!

    I’m loving reading through the comments and seeing everyone’s creativity! Such a fun group to be part of!

  13. I went to the store for the first time this year (Fred Meyers) and bought a half gallon of milk for 99 cents and four onions-total spent $1.85. Whooee! I think I’m good for the week.
    Breakfast-poached eggs on toast and pepper bacon. It was too peppery so I washed it off first.
    Lunch-Hot dog with sauerkraut, carrot sticks Husband was watching the Seahawks game with his guy friends so he ate there.
    Dinner-sweet and sour chicken on rice.
    I bought a new Aroma rice cooker with an Amazon gift card. First time using it and it worked great!

  14. Sunday
    B: Eggs, hash brown patties, grapefruit and skim milk
    L: Broiled hot dog sandwiches, French fries, and pineapple spears
    D: Roast beef, rice, carrots, green beans, and pineapple spears

    Enough LO roast beef for at least two more meals. I put French dip subs and shepherds’ pie on the meal plan for this week. We have sub rolls in the freezer along with a couple of pie crusts.

  15. Breakfast: eggs, hash browns, toast, pears
    Lunch: day date for mom and dad, carrot sticks and cheese quesadillas for the girls (slightly burnt judging by the smell of the house when we got home-oops)
    Dinner: shrimp fried rice and egg rolls

    Grocery purchase: yogurt, bananas, pears, broccoli, and garlic bread (bread for part of a gift meal for our neighbors who just had a beautiful baby boy-all other ingredients from pantry/freezer-yay) $12.06 ($17.48 total to date)

  16. Breakfast – Toast w/peanut butter and jelly, coffee, tea
    Lunch – Last of the sub and mushroom, tomato barley soup
    Dinner – T-Bone steaks w/mushrooms & onions, loaded baked potatoes, peas

    Interesting what you find as you use up what you have…..another good eating day!

  17. Michalene says:

    Sunday- Day 7

    Breakfast: English muffin and yogurt
    Lunch: Leftover Tossed salad from night before, with pasta shells and cheese mixed in- yum!
    Dinner: Mini Meatloafs, Mashed Potatoes and Broccoli (only thing I needed to buy was a sweet potato and ground beef that was on sale)
    Dessert: Carrot Cake made from a cake mix (Used up pumpkin sitting in the fridge since Christmas and leftover carrots from Christmas- yay!)

    The best part is that Company came for dinner, which means more got used up!


  18. Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, bacon, vegetarian sausage for DH. Served with rolls and some bread for the freezer. Milk for the kids and coffee for the adults.

    Lunch: Crêpes with jam.

    Dinner: Beef stew and vegetarian stew served with plain rice.

    I used up some milk making crêpes. It was about to turn bad, so this was really good.

    The beef stew was something i made in the slow cooker overnight. I then reheated it Sunday evening and added some cream. It was really good. I prefer to have at least one of the dishes ready, when I am serving both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes on the same night. Making two dishes from scratch is just too much work. I suppose this is also why I have so much meat in the freezer. I don’t use it up, because I don’t have time to make two different dishes at once. I am working hard on using up the meat, though!

    Kathy in Denmark

    • Heather M says:

      IS your husband vegetarian? Or does he just prefer eating that way most of the time? We are not, but I try to throw in vegetarian meals at least once a week. Hard with a meat loving husband, but he survives. 🙂

      • He is a vegetarian for ethical reasons. He eats eggs and dairy products, but we always buy organic.
        The girls and I eat meat, but not very often. It’s always free range/organic meat, so the price also influences how often we have it.
        It is clear to me that I need to rotate the meat in our freezers more. Even though I don’t buy it very often, it adds up over time.

        • Heather M says:

          I wondered, since so many of your meals are vegetarian. Tonight it’s veggie in our house. I understand your husband’s reasoning, completely. I guess you and your girls will be eating up more of that meat this month, to rotate it out. Good lucK! But then, you always do really well in the Challenge. You’re one of my inspirations!

          • Thank you Heather. That is very sweet of you to say.
            We will definitely be eating more meat this month! I hope to get rid of all the odds and ends in the freezer and keep the bigger pieces of meat for when we have company. We’ll see how it goes ?

  19. Stephanie M. says:

    It was an unusually warm day here in New Jersey. 60 degrees!!! And unfortunately, chicken soup was on the menu for dinner. Luckily for us, we ate late for a Sunday because we were shopping in Home Goods for a couple of hours and we got a late start to begin with and by the time we ate, the temperature had cooled off.

    B – Hubby had French toast that I made and froze a couple of weeks ago. (only one piece left) and some melon. I had a yogurt and strawberries

    L – Hubby had buffalo wings. I had a bag in the freezer so I was able to use half of that. Will finish that up next weekend for lunch. He also had French fries and mozzarella sticks. I had a roast beef sammie, a couple of pickles and the last two pepperoncini in the jar. Yay, another jar out of the fridge. The pickle jar will be gone tomorrow – only two pickles left.

    D – Chicken soup with home made bread from the bread machine.

    Dessert – Apple turnovers. Used up the last two in the box. One more box left.

    We have three small dogs. They love carrots so I always try to have a bag of baby carrots in the fridge. And every night around 7:00, they all come to the kitchen looking for their “evening snack.” So spoiled! 🙂 They each get 2 carrots. Recently I ran out of the baby carrots and the only ones I had left were the ones I needed for today’s soup. The last two nights when they came to the kitchen, I didn’t have any but their expectant faces looked so wanting so I gave them each a piece of cheese. So today, in keeping with the pantry challenge, before hubby and I headed out to Home Goods, I decided it was time to bake them some cookies. I have been making dog cookies for them for a few years now and it’s nice to have them because I know there is nothing unnecessary in them. All good stuff. They do have to be frozen though because there are no preservatives in them so each night, I take three of them out and let them defrost for 15 minutes and everyone’s happy.

  20. Tastycook says:

    Love how the dogs are included Stephanie!

    It was a lazy day around here and quite mild most of the day but the temperature dropped about 10 degrees in the early evening.

    Breakfast / brunch – the last of the bacon from the fridge, with eggs and pancakes.

    Dinner – pot roast, scalloped potatoes and brussels sprouts, ice cream with a homemade raspberry sauce.

    The pot roast will give us one more meal as is. I also have some of it shredded for French dip on buns another night as well as a very flavourful base for a beef vegetable soup. Definitely a win/win.

  21. Finally made some smoothies. My daughter has been after me to make some, so she was thrilled. I’m hoping to make them a few more times this week to use up more old yogurt and frozen fruit. The crepes disappeared in a flash, so planning to thaw a bit more milk for another batch. My son requested pizza rolls for his lunches and I have everything on hand, so I’ll make a big batch of those today. Should last him about 3 weeks. It adds items to the freezer, but makes lunch packing even easier.

    Also, I finally tried making lasagna without boiling the noodles first. Next time I will make extra sauce, as it was a little bit dry, but I will definitely make it this way from now on. So glad I finally got up the nerve to attempt it. And the second pan is in the freezer for later this month.

    I’m still not ready to do a freezer inventory (still too full), but I’m going to go through the top layer or two of my chest freezer in a minute to inventory for this week’s meal plan. I’m hoping to empty out the kitchen freezer enough by the end of the week to be able to use it for staging. I think it would help me to use up certain things if I had easy access and could see them…especially individual leftovers for my lunches.

    Also, going to focus on snacking from the freezer this week. We finished off a couple of open pantry containers snacking this weekend and prepped more than usual for school lunches for the week.

    The only real disappointment was that I finally threw away a few leftovers that were old. I’m sure I have some items in the freezer that should really go, too, so I’ll check the top layer when I look in there today.

  22. I am loving the pantry challenge! Some days are better than others, but I feel really good clearing out the pantry and making the most of my odds and ends. I also found an unintended benefit. I have been trying out a bunch of new recipes that I had previously bookmarked online and never got around to making. Not sure if anyone can relate to tons of recipes just waiting to be tried. The challenge is forcing me to get creative and try new things.

    • Heather M says:

      I always love trying new recipes! I spent the weekend hunting through my stash of untried recipe clippings, Cooking Lights, and cookbooks to see what I could try right now. My family knows I’m always trying new things. Love being creative! Glad to know I’m not the only one. 🙂

    • I can relate Hilary J! I have something like 10,000 pins (very overwhelming) on pinterest but I keep falling back on the same recipes week after week. It’s a mindset I’m trying to get out of. I love trying new recipes!

    • Definitely not alone in the massive amounts of recipes to try. I actually also find myself trying more new recipes during pantry challenges. I wonder why that is? Maybe because we are specifically thinking about using things and prepared to be creative so are more focused on meal prep rather than just auto-pilot cooking? Interesting.

  23. Melissa F says:

    Friday night we had a doctored up frozen pizza – pepperoni and chopped green olives pepped it up quite a bit.

    Saturday – lunch date with hubs, grocery store visit and made a large quiche in a 9×13 dish for dinner. Bought some stuff on sale and got a few fresh items – still spent more than I wanted but I am set for breakfasts for a couple weeks which a bonus. The quiche made excellent leftovers for a couple days for me and my son. He lives on his own with his sister so he was glad to take home some extra home cooked food.

    Sunday – homemade pancakes and bacon for breakfast, stepdaughter was in town for the weekend. Leftovers for lunch. Lasagna, salad and garlic bread for dinner – son and his GF joined us and he took home some lasagna and the rest of the bread. I saved myself one piece to eat for lunch this week.

    I had planned on baking some pumpkin bread but didn’t get around to it after I decided to clean and polish my floors yesterday – gosh is that a hard job. We have HW and tile throughout so it was quite the chore.

    Hubs is back to travelling for work after the long holiday season, so I mainly eat leftovers or quick things while he’s away.

    Have a great week everyone!
    Melissa F in SC

  24. Danielle L Zecher says:

    We’ve kind of fallen off of the Pantry Challenge wagon. Hubby’s grandmother (a truly amazing lady) entered a hospice facility on Saturday after an extended hospital stay. Meals have mostly been eaten out and in the hospital cafeteria. Fortunately we didn’t have a fridge full of things needing to be used since it’s Pantry Challenge month. My sister came to our house and cooked a fabulous meal Saturday. She brought most of the ingredients herself, but did end up using some cream cheese from our house. We have way too much of it right now, so yay for her for using it.

  25. Today is our diet day
    B hubby had small bowl cereal I had cup of tea
    L I made soup with the left over casserole veg from yesterday
    D Boiled eggs and toast
    No snacks today we don’t eat snacks on our diet days

  26. Day 7….went to the store for NON food and ended up with Chinese food from the freezer section also…why because that’s where I got a massive headache, and thought I was hit with the flu that the neighbors had had and wasn’t sure I was even going to make it through the check out let alone go home and fix dinner. But more than 6 days straight as we actually started eating from the pantry in Dec. is good…better was we ate leftovers for the next 3 days until the evening of the 10th when I made potato soup. Back to eating from the pantry

  27. Slowly emptying things here.
    Friday I made spaghetti and meatballs from the freezer.
    Saturday we had veggie soup from freezer and various crackers that were open and leftover Christmas cookies from the freezer. Hosted a party with friends that night and used up a lot of extra snacks and supplies from holidays. Everyone had a snacky supper.
    Sunday was a fend for yourself day all day. I got in house late from morning farm chores so kids already had eaten cereal. Hubby and I skipped breakfast because it was so late. Lunch was plenty of leftovers from party to use and I took french bread out of freezer for subs using up meat and cheese tray for supper. Not the healthiest day but the frig looks much better!! I pulled a lot out of the freezer to make this week, so we’re going strong on the challenge!

  28. Have been fighting a cold ( I think it’s a cold). We had eggs and hashbrowns yesterday for brunch, with milk, and /or coffee. Later I made corn pancakes for supper ( not what I had planned but DH requested them, and they are so easy that I made them for supper), had a green salad ready, but neither of us wanted one. I had water and Dh had milk with his meal . (We usually have a glass of milk twice a day). I had boiled up 9 eggs, and so have hard boiled eggs in the fridge for snacking.
    Today Dh had eggs sunny side up and toast and his glass of milk for brunch. I had toast and a hard boiled egg sliced on 1 slice of toast and then the other slice of toast and made my sandwich. I drank a cup of green tea with brunch. earlier I had an orange and a cup of tea. Since I have been not feeling great I am drinking tea and not the milk or coffee which is our normal drink during the day. There is a pot of coffee on from morning to night ( friends that know us often stop by for a cup and a visit, and we enjoy that very much )…. I rarely ever serve anything other than the coffee and cream , and sweetener of their choice.
    Snacks are free for dh and I to take from the fridge when we are hungry. They usually include the leftovers ( like the pancakes that became dh’s midnight snack). oranges, apples or what ever fruit I have bought in the markets. For me yogurt, as dh doesn’t like it. So far I still have yogurt in the fridge, but will soon have to try and make a batch with my powdered milk. For me it usually works out, but I have had a few failures too. I have been on a don’t go to the stores for anything mode. Helps but soon I will need Dh meds and that will add up fast. Other than regular bills and groceries , and meds. I hope not to buy anything this month. 11 days down , 1/3 the way there.
    Oh, Saturdays main meal was perogies, with onions and bacon bits over them and yogurt ( in place of sour cream). That finished the perogies in the freezer…. they were potatoe and cheddar cheese ones.
    Also I finished my flour so I took my last 20 kg. of unbleached flour out of the freezer and cleaned the flour bin and refilled it. Good for the month. I like to have one bag ahead then when it gets put in use I watch for the next flour sale.

  29. I cleaned up the outside fridge yesterday. DH was amazed how much white space we have in there. Progress!

    B – I had a protein smoothie and dh had cereal and a banana
    L – DH had a deviled egg sandwich from two eggs I had boiled earlier in the week. I had a burrito bowl with beans, salsa, avocado and cheese (had it over shredded napa cabbage).
    D – leftover white chicken chili
    snack – apple

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