Pantry Challenge Day 4

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This month we are eating down the pantry to save money and reduce food waste. Join me every day for the Pantry Challenge!

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I hope you guys will forgive me that I haven’t been able to respond to comments too much yet this week. Even though we’ve been doing Homeschool Lite this week, it seems like every moment has been spoken for and little of it is available for the computer. I hope to catch up this weekend!

Today was another wet and rainy day. Yay, El Nino! You are rocking awesome.

Breakfast: Granola-Yogurt-Berry Parfait, cereal/granola, eggs (basically fend for yourself)

There’s some debate about the stale factor going on with some boxes of cereal. Several boxes (of the same kind) were open at the same time, so that’s part of the problem. The humidity is probably another. Breakfast has been a fend-for-yourself affair, but seeing as most of the cereal and all the bread is gone, that practice will need to come to an end.

Lunch: Sausages, Peas, Hashbrowns, Salad

Somebody on Periscope asked me about our weirdest pantry challenge meal. This was probably it. Random meat and veg. The kids definitely raised eyebrows, but they also ate it with few complaints, so there’s that.

We had a big talk about why we’re eating everything up. They had lots of questions about getting the house tented, so it was interesting to say the least.


Dinner: Chicken Noodle Soup

I meant to make sourdough rolls, but I had a few minor fires to fight this afternoon, so the dough didn’t get made. Tomorrow, alas. We still enjoyed the Chicken Noodle Soup – no leftovers, so it must have been okay. I used cut fideo instead of egg noodles and really liked its throwback to the old boxed mixes my mom used to buy.

It feels like this pantry challenge is going slowly. The fridge looks pretty bare, but we aren’t making a dent in the freezer or canned stuff. I’m thinking that my new, post-challenge shopping habits should just focus on fresh vegetables. That seems to be what disappears first!

How did your Pantry Challenge go today?

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  1. My dad used to make those boxed soups, too. Remember the golden egg? My sister and I used to fight over who got to add it to the pot!

    Breakfast: (Free for all) oatmeal, yogurt with apples and granola, cottage cheese with oranges, banana nut muffin
    Lunch: Leftovers
    Dinner: Chicken burrito bowls, chips and salsa

    Purchased lettuce and romaine today, $5.42.

  2. Breakfast-out with my Thursday girlfriends (30 years once a week at the same restaurant!)
    Lunch-left over posole with toppings
    Dinner-late after a meeting-chili dogs and chips-not healthy, but good
    snack-leftover Christmas dark chocolate

  3. From the pantry tonight I found canned clams so I made spaghetti and clam sauce. Had all the ingredients for the clam sauce [two small cans of tomato sauce, homemade chicken broth, garlic, olive oil, red pepper flakes, parsley, oregano, marjoram and a can of clams w/juice for .88 at CVS when it was on sale] and 1/2 lb of spaghetti.

    I was also out of bread products and scooped up generic potato hamburger buns, hot dog rolls, rye bread, English muffins, and Healthy Life sliced white bread, each for 35 cents or less. My favorite salad dressing is Kraft Zesty Lime Vinagairette and found that marked down to 50 cents. Add two cans of collard greens and 2 boxes of donut holes for DH all at an astonishing low price of $2.78!!! Woohoo! Head start on next weeks meal planning and pantry challenge.

    Grocery shopping for this week is complete. Spent $13.04 on 21 items.

  4. I made a huge pot of jambalaya last night to reheat for dinner today using chicken breast and spicy sausage and shrimp from the freezer, limp celery from the fridge, a can of tomato sauce, a small onion, rice, and some bay leaf pieces. Only thing I bought was a bell pepper for it. Will repackage some into individual containers and freeze for future dinners. DH loves jambalaya.

    Found three individual containers of Thanksgiving leftovers I had packaged up. Thawed and ate two, have one thawing for DH to have for lunch later this week.

    Made oatmeal for breakfast using up some old oats, dried cherries, and some nut topping in the pantry. Will probably keep doing that until the oats are gone. We have made progress on the cereal hoard this week and are down to 3 open boxes but it’s cold and a hot breakfast is nice. Toddler is eating silver dollar pancakes and turkey sausage we had in the freezer for his breakfasts this week.

    Plan on making an Indian chicken curry tomorrow using up the rest of the thawed chicken breast, a can of kidney beans, some frozen peas, a can of coconut cream, and a packet of curry paste. This will probably use up most if not all of the remaining basmati rice.

    Have a small pork shoulder and some ground beef thawing. They will become carnitas tacos, BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, and moco loco this weekend. I have everything but the tortillas and it will use up frozen buns, BBQ sauce, pickles, salsa, brown gravy mix, and rice from the pantry. I’ll serve with frozen corn and green beans.

    For lunch tomorrow we have leftover macaroni and cheese or jambalaya with salad greens or baby carrots.

    Snacks are baby carrots and hummus, yogurt cups, applesauce pouches, pretzels, some random cookies, ice cream bars and otter pops in the freezer, tangerines and bananas.

    Just need some fresh fruit, milk, and a few fresh veggies this week! Found a loaf of bread, a package of bacon, and lots of chicken drumsticks tonight in another freezer!

  5. I’m doing great with the freezer, but what I really need to work on is the random bits of assorted grains in the pantry. Tonight was spinach pizza and sliced honey ham from the freezer, a spinach cranberry orange smoothie to use up both the wilting spinach and the old frozen cranberries, and some cruditΓ©s. I made yogurt today so that should keep us from buying it for a week or so (I had to buy the milk, but that’s not as expensive).

    • The assorted grains are hard for me too. My pantry challenges tend to use rice as a base for my odds and end and I think I need to switch the focus to the grains. I’ve got millet and cheese and a wild rice casserole planned.

      • Jessica S says:

        My mom buys a lot of grains and mixes them all with her rice. She will cook a large amount at a time in her rice cooker and then keep in fridge. When she wants a quick meal she portions some into a bowl and partially heats. . Then she will pour a can of soup or some homemade soup into and finish heating. She finds is filling. She has a lot of gastro intestinal issues and she finds eating this regularly helps her keep things.. normal!

      • The casserole sounds yummy!

    • What grains do you have? Let us know and we can throw out some ideas. I’d add little bits to soup if you can or make a breakfast porridge with them.

      Great job making the yogurt. I wish my family liked it as much as I did. Will need to try again.

      • Soup is a great idea. It’s mostly that I have a half cup left of a few things and so it’s hard to make a main dish or even a big enough side dish with it. I found a promising salad recipe that includes a bit of freekah so that’ll taken care of soon. Barley is easy in soup. The white beans would make a good dip or stew, although the kids won’t touch beans. The black and pinto beans are easy for us to use up in lunch burritos. I think the only trouble now is a rice blend that includes quinoa and wild rice but is mostly basmati. It just cooks weirdly so I’ve been avoiding it.

        • You could cook that weird mix and then add it to bread dough. I often use leftover cooked grains in bread. Adds texture and uses it up.

          • Do you adjust the flour or liquid when doing that? I always use a bread machine, so it would be tough to check the consistency of the dough during kneading.

            For the yogurt – I got an Instant Pot and it’s way nicer than the cooler method I was using before! I noticed that it turns out more creamy and less gloopy if I do three pint jars in there instead of one large Pyrex bowl or doing it straight in the stainless insert.

  6. I’m seeing things move in the right direction, but it is still overwhelming looking at the amount of ingredients around here. Next week when I go back to “work” (I watch my 1yo grandson everyday from 8-2), I’ll start relying on more crockpot meals.

    Breakfast – baked oatmeal and a boiled egg for me, fried eggs and toast for dh. My 92 yo mother lives with us but she prepares her own breakfast and often lunch (depending on if I’m home or not).
    Lunch – salad w/ leftover taco meat and avocado for me. Leftover pulled pork for dh.
    Snack – orange and raw almonds
    Dinner – I made white chicken chili in the crockpot using bs chicken breasts from the freezer and assorted canned items from the pantry. We had it over crushed corn chips from the pantry and avocado (my nephew grows avocados and gave me a whole box of them for Christmas, yum). I also made cornbread from a mix in the pantry. My grandson was here so he had another pulled pork sandwich with the last homemade sub roll and my son had couple of pieces of cornbread.

  7. Hello πŸ™‚

    Breakfast: Oats and milk for DH and DD1 before they left for work/preschool. Rye porridge for DD2. Rolls and coffee for me, when DD2 was put down for her first nap.

    Luch: Rye bread with cold cuts and cream cheese. Cucumber sticks on the side.

    Snack: Fresh homemade roll before heading out to pick up DD1 from preschool

    Dinner: I pulled all the leftovers from the first three days, heated them up and put them on the table. I also made a mixed salad. We had leftover carrot and almond soup, leftover spinach and mushroom quiche and leftover burrito. We now have a completely clean slate, leftoverwise, which I really love!

    I baked more rolls. I used leftover oatmeal (from the pot, not the plates LOL) in the dough. It adds whole grain and gives a nice texture to the bread. Oatmeal at our house is just water and oats. I only add things when I have put it on a plate. This means I don’t get any funny tastes in the bread, even though I put the oatmeal in the dough.

    Went to the grocery store and stocked up on some staples, which I have been wanting to get, when they hit my target price. We also bought some yoghurt, so I will make granola today to eat with that. Today (friday) I will get some fresh fruit and vegetables, since we are out of a lot of things. I am lucky enough to have several grocery stores within walking distance. This makes grocery shopping easier, but it also makes it difficult to stay out of the stores. I am hoping to strike a happy medium, so I can stick to my goal of saving a third of my grocery budget this month.

    Kathy in Denmark

  8. Stephanie M. says:

    Hubby did not come home from his business trip till dinnertime so up until then, it was only me eating. But my pantry, especially, is beginning to show progress.

    B – Yogurt.

    L – Salad and a banana

    D – We had chicken tortellini with sliced smoked sausage, spinach, and diced tomatoes in a melted Neufchatel sauce. I also made a salad.

    After dinner, we had some more of those awful Christmas cookies still hanging around in my freezer. LOL Not many left, thank God!!!

    • “those awful Christmas cookies” — you are hilarious. Maybe bake fewer or give more away next year. Take them to your fire station on New Year’s Day!

      Also, tell me about the neufchatel sauce. I use that in my lasagna sometimes, but I’m curious how you make it.

      • Stephanie M. says:

        Hi Jessica: The sauce is made in the same skillet as the rest of the ingredients rather than separately. I’ll just give you this recipe.

        1 lb. of smoked turkey sausage
        1 medium chopped onion
        20 oz. package of refrigerated tortellini ( l like the chicken tortellini, but use whatever you like)
        2 14 ounce cans diced tomatoes in juice
        1 14 ounce can chicken broth
        4 oz. neuchatel cheese
        6 oz. fresh baby spinach

        Slice the turkey sausage and sautee it with onions in a small amount of oil till brown.

        Add tomatoes with juice, chicken broth, and tortellini. Bring to a boil, stirring often.

        Add spinach; cover and simmer on low until pasta cooks to al dente; about 15 minutes.

        Turn off heat; add Neufchatel cheese. Cover and let sit 10 minutes before stirring.

  9. B- berry baked oatmeal with berries from the freezer
    L- nacho bean bake with veggies
    D- sausages with zucchini soup and frozen vegetables. In hindsight, I could’ve added everything to the soup, but my kids don’t really care for the soup so I left if plain. I like to sip the plain soup for breakfast so I left it as is.

  10. Breakfast – Pancakes and sausage
    Lunch – Turkey and/or roast beef with cheese sandwiches, yogurt
    Dinner – Spinach & tomato pizza, chips

  11. B: Raisin bran cereal, skim milk, Β½ grapefruit, baby bell cheese
    L: Roast beef sandwich using LO beef from the freezer, Apple-cranberry relish
    D: Beef stroganoff stew using LO beef from the freezer, baked potatoes, steamed broccoli and green beans

    The pickings for meat are starting to get a bit slim already. We have two pork chops, Β½ lb. bacon, 2 lbs. of block cheese, Β½ dozen eggs and 2 lbs. of leftover ham from Christmas but not much else. Looks like a lot of beans and rice between now and February 1st.

    • Are you giving yourself permission to buy some proteins in the next three weeks or just gonna go for the gusto?

      • Yes, I am going to purchase more protein. My husband is a type I diabetic so meatless, carb heavy meals are not a healthy option for him. However, I am going to try to get to the store early in the morning so I can get a shot at some of the marked down meat while there is still some good choices left. I will also restock the eggs if only to so I can do some baking. We have a lot of baking supplies left from the holidays. I plan to restock the freezer over the long weekend with muffins and breads. We get a day off for Martin Luther King Day.

  12. Jessica S says:

    Breakfast for the kids before school was cream of wheat and toast, I also had a dish of cream of wheat but had a mini cinnamon bagel with it! Husband- on hos own
    Lunches- 1 packed with leftover lasagna and garlic bread, fresh orange slices, granola and water. 2 were PBJ, fresh orange slices, granola and water. I took a random sampling of grapes, colby cheese chunks, a sleeve of butter crackers, a pile of salami and an apple that went into the trash after 1 bite- rotton mush inside-ugh

    Dinner was foiled! I had planned to do a brinner for the kids and I since husband doesn’t eat before TKD class. I had pulled out pumpkin, chocolate chip muffins from freezer( only to find out there were 4 and not the dozen I froze… HMMM Husband must be eating them during the week!) I figured they could have muffins and yogurt/granola parfaits with fruit.. Daughter headed to the kitchen upon getting home from school and exits the kitchen with a bowl of yogurt and fruit as her snack- lol.. SO by the time I went to make dinner I changed course..

    Dinner was a double batch of homemade sugar free wheat waffles- I chopped up a handful of precooked bacon and sprinkled it into 1 waffle each kid. Served with the last of the grapes,2 chopped apples, and the remainder of a dish of fruit dip. Leftover waffles were tossed into freezer for breakfasts.
    While busy in the kitchen I pulled a bag of frozen strawberries from the freezer.. Must have partially defrosted at one point b/c they were a solid mass.. let them defrost some and tossed into Vitamix.. added a huge pile of frozen spinach leaves and added water to puree.. scooped in half a can of frozen orange juice concentrate and peeled and tossed in the last 2 softening bananas. Looks HORRIBLE! tastes yummy. kids each had a small glass and I froze 4 mason jar portions for future sipping.

  13. Breakfast: skipped it as I just wasn’t hungry
    Lunch: I had bell pepper slices and a mozzarella and tomato salad. Not sure what the kid ate since he picked up lunch on campus.
    Dinner: tortilla soup that used stale tortilla strips salad topping from pantry plus Thanksgiving turkey, tomato paste, and cilantro from freezer plus threw in the leftover rice from last night’s curry

    As a plus, I found a loaf of bread that I’d really thought was in the freezer that the kid could not find when he was looking for it. I pulled it out to thaw and now we can have sandwiches with some of that sliced meat or that remaining Thanksgiving turkey.

  14. Hilary J. says:

    Pantry challenge win last night! I made spicy sausage pasta skillet that used up 7 (!!!) containers of of opened pantry and freezer stuff. I finished a box of pasta, 3 almost-empty bags of frozen veggies, 2 bags of shredded cheese and chicken sausage. I feel so accomplished!!

    • Stephanie M. says:

      Great job Hilary! Isn’t it a great feeling when you see that your efforts are paying off? I love that. By the end of this coming weekend, I will also be heading in that direction and feeling good about what I’ve accomplished between the pantry and the freezer. Keep it up!

    • Great job! That is most definitely a WIN!

  15. Vanessa B says:

    I had to go buy fish food yesterday and picked up a few groceries. Sour cream, greek yogurt, eggs, cabbage, bananas, avocados, and cucumber cost me $14.53. I didn’t need the avocados but they were too good of a price to pass on.

    Yesterday I was saying the same thing about the pantry items clearing out very very slowly. There is room in our very small fridge, which is rare. Concentrating on fresh foods will be a goal of mine going forward as well. The Catch 22 is that I just hate running out of staples or ingredients. The down side of making most foods from scratch is the variety of items I have to keep in stock. Example: tonight I’m making Pad Thai and in takes 7 or 8 ingredients just to make the sauce. I don’t care for the bottled stuff because of all the undesirable additions. I digress.

    Breakfast- cereal, peanut butter and honey on English muffin
    Lunch- leftover beans and rice
    Snack- cereal, apple, Star Wars Honey Graham Crackers (I hate to admit I love these things)
    Dinner- Vegetable Beef Soup used up the remainder of an aging bottle of V8 spicy low sodium and a couple cans of veg. We also ate most of a loaf of bread since I didn’t get to the bread baking either. I may have to make rolls for sandwiches later on. Oh well my husband prefers that anyway.
    Dessert- caramel brownies
    I still have so many bits of this and that. Any couscous recipes? I’m the only one that will eat it.

  16. Doing well eating down the holiday leftovers and things bought to make recipes for the holidays, but never happened for various reasons. My biggest problem is that I love to cook and we live far from a nice grocery store. 25 minutes is the closest decent one. So, when things are on sale I stock up because I want a good variety to pick from each week. We are farmers and butcher all our own meat, so with a varied pantry I can make almost anything. The problem is that the surplus seems to keep growing, so I’ve got to get this under control. Thought I was doing well, but then had to make a run to Sam’s Club for butchering supplies and things for the farm. Picked up essentials that I always get there for cooking and now the pantry is overflowing again. I stuck to my list, but it’s an hour drive to the store and I only go every 4-5 months so I couldn’t not restock. It gets so frustrating when I think I make progress and then everything is bulging again! I could keep this pantry challenge going for a long time! !!

    • Jessica S says:

      In your situation I would work on using up everything that is open already and anything in the freezer that needs to be used NOW. I would not want to deplete anything 100% either, so this is a great opportunity to focus on the odds and ends and set yourself and space up for a fresh restart!

    • Your situation is definitely different from those of us that live in town. I agree with Jessica, try working on items you have had in stock for the longest to make sure your oldest things don’t go stale or end up in the trash/compost/pig slop for whatever reason. Keep the stock rotation up to date.

      • Heather M says:

        I was thinking the same thing as Sandi… in your situation, Sandy, rotating your stock is key. And stocking up when you get to town is vital, whenever it happens! Good luck!

    • I feel you! Just be sure to use the oldest stuff first, like the others have said.

  17. Tastycook says:

    Another strange day for meals yesterday but the pantry challenge just keeps on going.

    Breakfast was muffins for hubby and bread and jam for me. We had an early lunch as hubby was going out and wouldn’t be back until well into the evening so that turned out to be our main meal of the day and was meatballs on a bun.. I had a piece of Christmas cake with a cup of tea in the afternoon before going to meet hubby . When we got home about 9 o/c, he finished the blackberry crumble with some ice cream and I had a cheese sandwich.

    However, when I look in the fridge this morning there is not much in there other than eggs and cheese and a little bit of bacon and a very few veggies. So, we are making progress.

  18. Tonight is Movie Night at our house.
    We usually do something fun for dinner on movie nights. Tonight I’ll be able to make almost our entire dinner from the freezer: homemade pizza dough, homemade sauce, cheese and pepperoni. And for dessert – we are thawing part of the huge birthday cake we had leftover from my daughters birthday.
    I might go to the market and get some mushrooms to add to the pizza.

  19. My husband and I had eggs hashbrowns and broccoli mixed together for breakfast with a little shredded cheese. The boys get free breakfast and lunch at school. I ate my breakfast midmorning so did not eat lunch. I had a piece of lemon loaf for a snack. For dinner we had pork stir fry and rice and fruit. The boys had peppermint pie for a snack.

  20. Day 4 was not terribly successful for us.
    Breakfast- toast and yogurt
    Lunch- kids grazed on whatever they found in the pantry. I forgot to eat, which led to eating dinner out. πŸ™

  21. Today I had granola and yoghurt for breakfast and hubby had cereals and milk
    Lunch was a chicken and avocado sandwich using up an avocado that badly needed eating and chicken from the fridge
    Dinner, it’s date night tonight so not sure what we are doing but will either have take out or go out for a car very.

    The freezer is looking very empty and we will struggle to get to the end of the month but as my reason for doing this is to prepare for our imminent house move I’m not too worried if I have to start and buy a few bits towards the end of the month. Unfortunately I’m not doing so well with the cupboard but there is time yet

  22. B-Oatmeal w/ maple syrup & whipped cream; toast, OJ, coffee.

    L-PBJ, etc., for the guys–the usual packed-lunch stuff (hubs added a yogurt to his); peanut butter on whole wheat toast, yogurt, clementine, and a few grapes for me.

    S-A few peanuts/cashews for me; trail mix for hubs; banana bread & yogurt for son.

    D-The guys finished up the last of the tortellini soup and salad w/ Christmas treats for dessert. I skipped dinner & went to bed early due to a headache.

  23. Cheated! Our son was at work and our daughter was house sitting across town. So, hubs and I went out for Chinese. (We only go out to eat once or twice a month. This time it was even cheaper b/c we had no kids to feed.) Tonight we are grilling meat from the freezer and having salad and fruit. Our freezer and pantry are looking more like a sensible person lives here.

  24. Yay, I am excited to participate in your pantry challenge Jessica! I love being inventive with food and love reading everyone’s experiences that they share. Also nice to save some money in Jan of course! Kids are each responsible for cooking supper one night a week which has not occurred when we have done a pantry challenge before so this will be new. In the past I have been willing to pick up ingredients a week in advance based on what the kids wanted to cook for their supper nite. A bit of a change for them.
    Thanks!! πŸ˜€

  25. This whole week has been a crazy blur…TGIF! We’ve had fairly normal meals here despite the chaos and I’ve been to the store for fruit and dairy but things in the pantry and freezer are shaping up nicely.

    Today we ate:
    B-smoothie for me, LO quick for dh, and kids had scrambled eggs and frozen homemade waffles with pear
    L-pbj for kids, LO sweet and sour pork tofu stir fry for me, not sure what dh ate…
    D-homemade pepperoni pizza and salad
    Snacks were a mix of fruit and crackers

    Also, I made a batch of soup with leftover mashed potatoes and turnip and some mashed squash. I added onion and celery and little broth then whizzed it with the stick blender and added a little curry powder. We will share some with my folks and then eat the rest with grilled cheese tomorrow I think.

  26. Heather M says:

    Day 4 (Thursday) was partially in the Challenge spirit, in that we ate leftovers. But they were leftovers from going out for my birthday on Wednesday. Still no inventory, but until Day 4 I hadn’t gone to the store yet this year. I finally did, since i desperately needed some things from Costco (laundry detergent and TP anyone?). I spent $57 on food at Costco, including the $20 for my son’s beloved pistachios. We can’t live without those, since they are his main protein for lunch at school. He likes a snacky lunch, then comes home and eats another lunch after school. Teenage boys. Also got milk, fresh produce, cheese, baguette. Then I grabbed OJ and a few items at Target, totalling $7. So $64 so far this month, and the next grocery trip will likely be less $$. We really have a lot of food that hasn’t been touched yet this week, especially because of the birthday outings that ended up being multiple meals worth. HEre goes:

    Breakfast: cereal, OJ, and leftover christmas sausage for the guys; I didn’t have anything but two christmas cookies. These goodies have to go. I keep eating them!
    Lunch: son took usual snacky lunch; hubs ate at work; I ate the other half of the salad from Day 3’s lunch out, along with some baguette from Costco. It was just as good the second day. I’m so having this salad again one day.
    Dinner: leftover chicken skewers from over the holidays for my son, and hubs and I split the leftover Szechuan Double Cooked Pork Belly and the Spicy Garlic Shrimp and Vegetables from my birthday dinner (alas, the Duck was finished off at the restaurant). I also steamed up a bunch of rice to go with it and for Day 5’s dinner. We had ice cream for dessert.

    I should mention that, Jessica, like you, we have a motherlode of ice cream as well. I bizarrely bought 4 1/2 gallons and 2 pints for Christmas dessert. For 3 people. Yeah, not my finest moment. We also have piles of brownie mix. And several boxes of frozen nonfat greek yogurt bars. So I think desserts and sweets will be more than taken care of this month. I’m doubting the inventory will happen until the weekend. I hope. Either way, no eating out or shopping until we need fresh produce. I’m really ready to cook again, which really hasn’t happened yet. Reheating freezer meals and leftovers doesn’t count. But it counts toward the Challenge. πŸ™‚

  27. We don’t have a Trader Joes close to us so I took advantage and shopped a bit last week. Nothing crazy and I focused on staples that we would use to accompany what we have. I spend $68 which is pretty good for me there.

    B- brown rice farina for all of us
    L- kids had nuggets and sliced carrots with leftover dip from last week. I had leftover squash soup and a baked potatoes choppped and tossed in. We all enjoyed a can of pears for a sweet after.
    D- I cooked a couple of chicken breasts earlier this week and divided it for that nights meal and tonight. I put it in with frozen veggies and soy sauce along with baked rice. I didn’t want to heat up the oven for just that so I halved the recipe and put it in my toaster oven and it came out great!

    Doing well as we have bananas and milk to last a few more days. Going strong!

  28. We had homemade macaroni and cheese. Not the healthiest meal but it worked well. For lunch the deli meat was gone so everyone took peanut butter. I took left overs. I think breakfast was toast with peanut butter. We eat a lot of peanut butter. Feels good to use up what I have. I do have to shop though, because we need a lot of basics!

  29. My days are all messed up due to a semi-crazy schedule right now, so I don’t know what day I’m on. I might be posting on the wrong day, but life will go on.
    Friday’s meals:
    Breakfast: leftover cinnamon raisin oatmeal
    Lunch: cheese pizza
    Dinner: chicken burger, kale, mashed potatoes
    Dessert: ice cream

  30. Tiffany R says:

    Breakfast: bagel w/cream cheese (son), homemade scone (daughter), met a friend for breakfast (me), hubs is on his own
    Lunch: kids pack a snacky lunch, leftover Jimmy Johns sandwich (me), hubs is on his own
    Dinner: hamburgers (kids), chicken sandwiches (adults), oven fries (regular for kids, sweet potato for adults)
    Dessert: leftover pecan pie

    I am beginning to see some light but my challenge has changed from eating down the pantry to just eating at home. We ate out too much in December so I am trying to eat at home more.

  31. Forgot to post yesterday’s food so here’s yesterday’s and today’s meals:
    B: oatmeal, bread, cereal, fruit (both days)
    L: leftovers, finally used up a few odds and ends from the fridge though we still have some chicken cordon bleu lasagna that needs to be eaten in the next day or two
    D: one night was homemade Cobb salad with homemade dressing and the next night was dinner out

  32. Ok, I’m slow, lol. Thursday:
    Breakfast – banana bread kids ate at school
    Lunch at at school and I had more banana bread aND pineapple
    Supper was frozen chicken fries, grapes and carrots for kids and scalloped potatoes and ham for hubby and me.

  33. A bit behind for me, but here goes!


    Breakfast: My usual ( tea at Starbucks before work – my sanity time!) Not much of a breakfast eater. Hubs works from home and usually eats leftovers from the freezer, or a PBJ or Ham sandwich for his breakfast/lunch. That usually carries him through till dinner.
    Lunch: Leftovers – shepherd’s pie and some Christmas chocolate.
    Dinner: Baked chicken breast, Sidekicks (cheater alfredo pasta from the pantry) and the last of the beans that were about to turn.


    Breakfast: Me – half a left over chicken breast from Friday’s dinner, couple pieces of cheese, coffee. Hubs had leftover shepherd’s pie from the freezer
    Lunch: Out – A&W Burger with Mom
    Dinner: Chicken Enchiladas from the freezer

    Still going strong from the freezers and pantry! We have enough meat, for sure, to last well into February, so I’m planning to keep going as long as possible!

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