Pantry Challenge Day 22

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This month we are eating down the pantry to save money and reduce food waste. Join me every day for the Pantry Challenge!

enchiladas and salad

I’m not sure how much I can still call this a “Pantry Challenge”. Except for a few random items and a lot of condiments, we’ve pretty much eaten down the pantry. I made a meal plan for the week using up leftover pantry items like polenta, frozen enchilada sauce, fideo noodles, rice paper rounds, and green chiles. After that, we’re onto new groceries.

So, we’ll waddle through the rest of the week, eating ice cream and drinking lemonade, I guess.

One little wrinkle in my well-thought out plan is that the management company still does not have a date for the tenting. They are going to do some renovations in our bathroom first, then the tenting. So, we could be several weeks out still.

Definitely cramping my style.

I went to the store and bought items to tide us over. I was really glad to find some things marked down on clearance. I’m sending FishPapa to Costco tomorrow and hoping we can eek by with a small supply.

ralphs final PC

So here’s what we ate today:

Breakfast: Eggs, Granola, Pumpkin Bread

Lunch: Snacky lunch

Dinner: Enchiladas (cheese as well as chicken/black bean) with frozen enchilada sauce, leftover rice from last night, Caesar Salad

How did the Pantry Challenge go for YOU today?

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  1. Jessica S says:

    UGH! I feel for you! I know your a planner and this doesn’t sound like a tight enough plan!!!
    Breakfast was oatmeal packets and toast for the kids, I diced up some sweet potato and fried that up and ate that with fried eggs!
    Lunch – packed for 2/3, I ate orange slices and jello.. sounded
    Dinner- a package of keilbasa I picked up on sale, frozen green beans sauted in garlic butter, some farfalle noodles with a homemade provolone cream sauce…Kids were happy, using up random things here and there!

  2. Day 22
    We are still plugging along with this challenge and will probably continue into February
    Breakfast peanut butter toast for me, eggs and toast for hubs
    Boys eat breakfast and lunch at school
    No lunch for me hubs had leftover enchiladas from the freezer
    Dinner was leftover hamburger and hot dogs and your broccoli cheese soup except I used all of the California blend veggies from yesterday and green beans from Saturday. It is a keeper!! Thank you so much

  3. I think we’ll keep going into February. I’m afraid of how much the first grocery trip will be if I don’t aim to stay in the challenge.
    Today we ate:
    L-leftover Mac and cheese for the kids and I, hubby took leftover chili from the weekend
    D- corn chowder from freezer along with rolls from the weekend

  4. Tastycook says:

    Hoping the reno and tenting happen sooner rather than later for you.

    Today was a good one for the PC.

    Breakfast: we finished the blueberry muffins I made last week. I also had a yogurt.
    Lunch: we finished off some leftover meatbalss in sauce from the freezer, on French bread I made yesterday.
    Supper: Beef and mushroom soup which used up a little bit of beef from the freezer, some old mushrooms that needed to be used, carrots and leeks from the freezer, the last oif the beef broth and a container of beef gravy from the freezer. We also finiushed off the one loaf of French bread.

    Also made a fruit loafthus morni g a d thst finished off so me mixed peel, apricots and a few sultanas that had been languishing in thge baking cupboiard.

  5. We have a three night mini vacation in mid-February so I’m extending our challenge until then. Nice to have the extra bucks to play with.

    I made a little headway today on the freezer.
    breakfast-oatmeal with apples and almonds
    lunch-leftover pulled pork, coleslaw
    dinner-peel and eat spicy shrimp, tater tots, and coleslaw again.

    I must say, cabbage lasts in the refrigerator forever. I bought mine the end of December.

    • Cabbage really does last! Love that I can buy a head of cabbage and have it ready in the fridge for whenever we need it πŸ™‚

  6. How annoying to work so hard to thin the stock only to be told, “Just Kidding! It’ll be a while yet!” Argh.

    Mon 1/25
    Brunch: finished stir fry
    Dinner: We spent most of the day today finishing car shopping and buying his car. The first car (that got totaled last week) was a gift from his grandmother when she bought a new one, so this was the first one he himself actually picked out and purchased. Momentous! (and it’s nicer than mine. *sigh*) I suggested that perhaps we should go out to celebrate, but nothing nearby sounded good and we didn’t want to drive across town for anything else. He said let’s just eat nachos at home, so we did. Finished up the sausage β€œdip” mixture from a few days ago, some black beans, some rice from freezer, and some of the pork I made the other day that neither of us liked but couldn’t taste when mixed in with everything else. It was a winner all the way around.

    • Heather M says:

      Fun for your son!! And, isn’t it great when they’d rather just eat at home AND you get to use up random things in nachos? YAY!

  7. I’m with several of the posters as I will be continuing on with the PC into February. I’ll increase my spending allotment from $10 to $15.

    Today I found a 10# bag of chicken quarters for .37/lb. I’m out of those so I purchased the bag as I haven’t seen that price since summer 2015!!

    With that said…today from the pantry:

    B – crustless ham-broccoli quiche. good thing I don’t mind eating the same food item day after day!

    L – two smal bean burritos with cup of tea

    S- chocolate pudding and cup of tea

    D- homemade black bean burger on a bun with ketchup and swiss cheese

    Bedtime snack – 1/2 homemade ham/cheddar waffle and cup of tea

  8. B-The usual cereal, etc.

    L-Usual packed lunch for son; hubs ate at work; I had a handful of nuts

    D-Homemade chicken pot pie (used the last of a bag of frozen corn); green salad

  9. On day 22 I?ve cleared maybe 1/3 of my freezer and pantry. My kids noticed how “empty” the pantry and freezer are getting, but still a long way to go. We?ll continue on through February.

    B- acai bowls with honey, granola and bananas
    L- mac and cheese for kids, cheese, crackers and pineapple smoothie for me.
    D- kalua pork and kale stir fry with rice.
    Im hoping it
    Vog weather is here, its keeping me in my home and in bed.Not quite the same as being in 30+ inches of snow. Im hoping it will clear up by the end of the week.

    • Heather M says:

      OH I can tell you’re in hawaii– acai bowls, kalua pork, and pineapple smoothie!! Jealous! 3 of my siblings and their families live in Hawaii, so this sounds so familiar. We’ve been loving comparing notes re the weather– our two plus feet of snow vs them being in Hawaii. ha!

  10. Stephanie M. says:

    We are still eating good here even though my pantry and freezer supply is really diminishing. I have shopped several times during the challenge but mostly for produce, bread, eggs, milk, yogurt, and things I needed to make meals with the meat I had in the freezer or if I needed something to make a meal out of an item in the pantry. But I am very happy with the way things are going. It’s just that with only two of us eating, it is sometimes a little slow moving to get through the leftovers.

    B – Hubby had cereal; I had the last couple of pancakes from the freezer.

    L – Hubby had the last piece of quiche and a bowl of lentil soup, both of which I made over the weekend. I had a salad and a banana.

    D – We had grilled pork chops, rice, and peas. (4 more boneless pork chops left; I had 9 when the challenge started).

    Dessert: We finished off the brownies that I made on Saturday.

    • Heather M says:

      You’re doing so well! I feel like we are finally starting to hit our stride in the Challenge. Aside from things we are needing/missing/fresh stuff, I think I’ll keep using up the older things in the pantry/freezer on into February so nothing goes to waste.

  11. Jessica, I get how it’s annoying to plan something very carefully and then someone else ruins your plan! Hope everything turns out ok for you.

    Monday, day 22

    Breafast: Oats and milk for DH and DD1. Toast and milk for DD2. Toast and coffee for me.

    Lunch: Packed lunch for DH. Rye bread, some with egg salad and some with mackrel in tomato sauce (a Danish classic πŸ˜‰ ) Vegetables on the side and milk to drink for the girls and I.

    Dinner: Hotdogs and buns.

    Snacks: Banana bread and apples. Crackers.

    I called DH and had him run to the store to buy different kinds of bread, so I didn’t have to go when he came home. This also meant that I could have the hotdogs on the table right after he got home, which was a must after “one of those days”. So happy that he always helps me out in these situations. I can’t remember he ever said no to going to the store or somewhere else for me, even though he was on his way home from work and tired.

    I am feeling the strain of being pregnant again (9 weeks today) and having two kids to take care of. I am usually quite patient, but boy am I struggling right now! I am also so hungry it’s ridiculous! So I am looking forward to the first trimester being over and my almost one year old sleeping trough the night πŸ™‚

    Like some of the other commenters, I will also keep going into February. I still have quite a few things in my freezer which I would like to use up, even though I am seeing some white space and have used up some of the odds and ends that I really wanted to see go!

    Kathy in Denmark

    • Heather M says:

      Kathy, congratulations on the new pregnancy!! Thank goodness for husbands who happily take care of things! You’re like me…into February to use up those items still hanging around. Sure hope this first trimester hurries up for you and you get some energy back soon! πŸ™‚

      • Thank you, Heather.

        Yep, he’s definitely a keeper! I usually get my energy back in the second trimester. Hope it is the same this time πŸ™‚

    • I am 7 weeks pregnant and my 8 month old has yet to sleep through the night also. It’s such a test of patient to balance it all during the first trimester while not feeling yourself, I understand. Good to know I’m not alone πŸ˜‰

  12. May need to run to the store for milk and some fresh fruits and veggies….Thank goodness for a full freezer …hehe. Snow plow just went down the road so hopefully all roads are clear….we still have some areas to clear but the worst of it is done.

    Day 22
    Breakfast – Finished off the baked omelet
    Lunch – Sandwiches and chips
    Dinner – Honey roast chicken quarters, scalloped potatoes, Brussel sprouts

  13. Heather M says:

    Hi All! Day 22, and life was still pretty much shut down in the DC area. So many residential roads haven’t even seen a plow once yet. It’s so bad that schools are closed for us (right across the river from DC in quite urban Arlington, VA) thru Wednesday. And the government had to decide to stay closed an additional day thru Tuesday since so many people can’t get out of their neighborhoods yet. The Metro only restored most of its service as of Tuesday morning (Orange line above ground in VA which is by us, ugh; and the silver line still closed— way too much snow to clear still). That gives you an idea of life in the national capital region. Monday, Day 22, Hubs worked from home, since he covers a beat related to the government, no metro open by our house yet, plus our cars weren’t road-accessible yet. Son spent his snow day doing some school work and digging out our street-parked car, which took hours and he didn’t quite finish yet, given the piles of snow surrounding it. Our garaged car can get out finally! We all slept in!

    When I finally got up, I baked a chocolate buttermilk bread (w/whole wheat & greek yogurt, so relatively healthy) and banana oat muffins (also w/whole wheat). No one had breakfast due to sleeping in. i licked the batters, if you can call that breakfast. I went right into making lunch while things were in the oven.

    Lunch: spicy wonton soup (homemade stock, wontons from freezer, fresh mushrooms.cilantro, sriracha, etc.), salad. Hubs raved. He loves a spicy asian soup.

    Dinner: the last of the shrimp and sole salmon filet (portioned into 4 small pieces)from the freezer which I cooked in the grill pan (son could eat his plain, we could add ours to the curry); stir fry veggies from the freezer tossed with a bottle of trader Joe’s thai red curry sauce– i also sauteed some onions to include in this; steamed rice. It was delicious even if not “homemade”.

    Snacks: grapefruit; muffins/chocolate bread; son was starved after shoveling for hours so he had a chicken-pepperoni quesadilla, the last banana, and then two taquitos from the freezer. He was starving!

  14. Another day using what we have. We definitely will be going into February with the challenge. I can’t eat down our supplies here because I don’t shop often, but I organized the pantry and am making myself use certain things by the end of February before I will replace any of the other things. I have plenty of baking supplies, so I hope I don’t hear too many complaints from the family. Should just have to continue to buy fresh produce and milk.
    B-eggs and toast for hubby, granola yogurt parfaits for everyone else
    L-leftover chili for hubby, chicken tortilla for me, also used the last of the dinner rolls that were languishing
    D-meat loaf using bread crumbs from some old bread in freezer, broccoli from freezer and boiled Yukon potatoes, leftover peaches from the other day
    S-grapefruit and kids finished some various crackers that were open

  15. Heather M says:

    And Jessica, meant to tell you that i love your strategy going into a “waiting” phase you weren’t expecting! Using up those random bits definitely counts toward the Challenge— you’re really cleaning out your pantry completely! Which is awesome! When you finally are tented, you really won’t have much of anything to pack away! Total and complete win! Even if your planning was messed with. Also, renovated bathroom? another win! πŸ™‚

  16. Let’s see, kids had breakfast and lunch at school, I had coffee with cream.
    For supper I made a big pan of scalloped potatoes and ham. The way my stock looks, I could keep doing the challenge for another couple months, lol. I so would NOT want to pack it all up to move.

  17. Another good day
    Breakfast was granola and yoghurt for me and cereal for hubby
    Lunch was a quick sandwich as we were at a funeral this morning and I had a quick turn around to be out this afternoon.
    Dinner I’m being taken out by friends for a leaving meal, hubby is having pizza from the fridge that he bought for himself

    I do feel for you not having a definite date for the tenting, at least we had a date to work towards. Hope you hear soon and manage to keep going without stocking up.

  18. Melissa F says:

    I posted my wing recipe on yesterday’s comments but I have to get home from work to provide my granola and pancake mix recipes. For my flavored oatmeal, I start with the small canister of quick cook oats simply because I get them on sale and they are a perfect fit for the jars that I use. I also purchase the ocean spray dried cranberries that go BOGOF all the time at Publix. You can find several flavors, plain and reduced sugar. I sometimes use dried fruit from Sam’s but find it much more expensive.
    For Cherry vanilla almond: vanilla powder, plain sugar, sliced almonds and cherry infused cranberries
    For Blueberry Pecan: brown sugar, cinnamon, dried blueberries and chopped pecans
    Most of the time I just throw it together using whatever is on hand that needs to be used up and I’ve been doing it so long that I just eyeball it. I go easy on the sweeteners but I know the kids add extra if they feel I haven’t used enough *wink*.
    The vanilla powder I bought at Vitacost but it can be bought at Emergency Essentials where you can also find honey powder which I have yet to try but think it would be a nice addition to a dry mix.

  19. I will be taking the PC into Feb. too. Will probably need to spend a little to get things to work out. Sent Hubby to laundry room yesterday to dig for 1 package of frozen broccoli but he didn’t find any. He, however, did find a turkey that neither of us can remember buying. We have a big family dinner planned for mid Feb. so guess we will be serving turkey. Variety is not quite as good as earlier in the month, but that’s ok. For now I am just going to use what I have.
    B – LO biscuits and sausage gravy.
    L – last remaining pork roast with potatoes, carrots, and onions, very small slice of pie (It is gone now as are my pork roasts from the freezer, russet potatoes, and carrots) Still have 2 homemade TV dinners using the leftovers from lunch and enough roast for pork enchiladas with my last frozen container of green salsa verde. Can’t wait!
    D – Our Monday night 1/2 price burgers
    S – tapioca pudding (that is one LO I won’t mind eating)

  20. I’m with everyone who is continuing into February. I might go its March with my freezer stash. Haha. Well, I wanted to have a steak salad today. I am not a big meat eater so this was odd. Anyway, I dug to the bottom of my freezer and alas, fresh out of steak. I know i have 2 filet mignons in there but —I grabbed a hunk of cooked brisket. I’m putting that with some mushrooms that got forgotten on pizza night and making beef stew. I’ll make a barley pilaf to serve it with. It’s cold and rainy so it’ll be good. I’m making zucchini carrot yeast rolls to go with it as well. Trying to sneak in veggies anyway I can to my picky 5 year old. I’ll have a salad too since I’m still sort of not doing grains at the moment (-7 pounds. 2 to go)
    Last night was a bust. I was gone all day running errands with 2 very crabby toddlers. The kids all had dental appointments 45 mins away, couple that with feeding animals, homework, soccer and dance…. I threw in the towel when we were still at the dentist at 615 pm. I ordered 2 pizzas. Epic fail! Oh well. I just couldn’t do it last night. On the plus side, everyone was in bed early since they inhaled their pizza, salad, baths, and bedtime.
    Today I went to coscto to return the 3rd (!) bag of clementines that went from unripe to moldy. Thank goodness they have such an awesome return policy. I bought fruits and veggies while I was there, along with organic pita chips, kind bars for my husband who is going on a business trip, pretzels, cat food for my barn cats, AND a purchase that I have never made, a 7pound bag of frozen chicken tenders for $17. Lately find myself wishing for some protein on my salads and since I’m not a huge meat eater, I thought one chicken tender grilled and tossed on a salad might work. Anyone like them? Hate them? I know Jessica buys them at trader joes- sadly I don’t have one close. I raise my own organic whole chickens and I have 4 left in the freezer. I just thought for convenience they might be worth it. We shall see. I spent $198 at coscto. I definitely went over what I wanted to spend, but it was all healthy food, save the pita chips and pretzels. I am still hitting my monthly budget goal and under the usda thrifty plan costs so I guess I shouldn’t beat myself up too bad. That chart blows my mind actually. I feel like we eat really, really well and I don’t spend that much. We’re almost entirely organic too.
    Thanks for listening to my rant. Enjoy you all
    Kathy congrats on your pregnancy.

    • Thank you, Brooke.

      And great job on the weight loss! Losing weight and doing a pantry challenge can be difficult, I’m sure.

      Regarding picking up pizza: I would have done exactly the same! Sometimes you have to order take out or serve junk food just to save your sanity! This is also why I served my family hotdogs Monday evening πŸ˜‰

  21. Ugh, found the dial on the fridge got bumped and wasn’t cold enough. The milk was going sour. Fixed dial and am going to tape it in place so it doesn’t get bumped again.
    So this morning I got busy, and went to the cupboard and took out my box of Bran Flakes ( hubs asked for it and has stopped eating it lately) Measured out what was left 5 1/2 cups, added enough rolled oats to make 6 cups and went to work and made 2 dozen bran muffins. Used up most of the milk, all the Bran Flakes, and finished 1 box of eggs ( 2 doz. left). That was brunch with coffee ( I added raisins again to these muffins).
    Supper will be chicken breast, and left over kraft dinner ( last night was pork chops, and KD. and peas) Dh had pork chops and peas at midnight, so that was lunch gone. and dilled carrots.
    Tomorrow will be a shopping day. I have some basic items that need replacing. Potatoes, being one item. Also Blueberries are on sale, so will get a box and have Blueberry pancakes either Wed. or Thursday for supper.
    Have been baking bread buns and muffins and have avoided buying any bread the past couple of weeks. Think using the bread machine to do the hard work I will keep on doing this. Can proof in the oven and it sure cuts my grocery bill, plus the bread buns and such don’t go moldy ( a problem the past while for us). I made up 8 lovely bread buns and it has kept us in bread for 3 days. much more reasonable amount for 2 people. Today I am bagging up 2 bags of 6 muffins and putting them in the freezer. Will extend their life and have me baking free for a few days.

  22. On my. Where to begin. I was last with you on Day 17&18. Then, we lost power. For 3 days. 3 DAYS!!! Needless to say, we lost a whole lot of food. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ We have a small generator to power the outside freezer. That worked perfectly, Praise the Lord! But, it can’t power the refrigerator in the kitchen too. So, we put everything in the snow. It was a mixed bag of results. The sour cream was super sour and was tossed although it was just purchased. The eggs froze and we had to toss some that cracked. The mayo and salad dressings that weren’t vinegar based were tossed. We lost lettuce (it froze) and so forth.

    My grandmother is 98 and lives with us. She has her own kitchenette. We worked so hard at keeping her warm and occupied and I totally forgot about her refrigerator. I was sick when I thought of it and went to find it dripping water in the floor and everything in the freezer at room temperature. She lived through the great depression and saves EVERYTHING. I just had to talk to her and explain that she couldn’t save any of it- that it all had to be tossed. She very quietly got up and got the trash can and started tossing. It was so hard for her and it broke my heart to see her look defeated. But after we got it cleaned out, I wiped it down and it is sparkling clean. And empty.

    We found a package of fish that my men folk caught this summer and froze. It stayed good and frozen so we are having it tonight. Last night I made Tater Tot Casserole because I found a small serving of tots in the back of the freezer. We are continuing with this PC, but we must replenish the refrigerator soon.

    • Oh my! I’m so sorry to hear this. And my heart breaks for your grandmother. That would be so so hard. You’re all safe, though, and no one froze, so that’s good. What a yucky way to clean out the freezer. πŸ™

  23. B: Milk, bananas, toast
    L: Hot dogs, tater tots, and blueberries from the freezer
    D: Sub sandwiches, chips, carrot sticks and cherry tomatoes

    We had several banana past their prime so I made 4 dozen mini banana muffins, which the kids will eat up for breakfast and after school snacks this week.

    Despite the Pantry Challenge, I plan to do some grocery shopping tomorrow. A new grocery store specializing in local/organic food in our neighborhood is having its grand opening. They are advertising 6 oz. packages of fresh blueberries and blackberries for 77 cents; whole pineapples for 88 cents each; and broccoli, cauliflower, red delicious apples, sweet potatoes and Vidalia onions all priced at 77 cents per lb. At those prices for fresh, organic produce, I am stocking up. I told my kids I see some sweet smoothies in their near future πŸ˜‰

  24. I made enchiladas today but I have a small press and find it frustrating to try and roll the tortillas with the filling because they just break and the filling falls out so today I decided to skip that step and just lay the corn tortillas flat put in the filling and the cheese and then put on another layer of tortillas then add the sauce and cheese. It turned out beautifully. I think my rolling days are over. I cooked up a bunch of food this morning, my daughter is off school for exam week and will eat all the easy food or burn down the house ( deep fried French fries) so I decided I had to make her a bunch of food to eat. So I made a big pot of rice, and white beans, two loaves of bread made with about a cup of this green wheat grain from Australia that I purchased that everyone hated. I ground it up and put one cup in the bread, it tastes okay and it is getting used up. I made the enchiladas and a pot of vegetable soup to use up some sad carrots and cabbage. I am determined to use up all the lingering starches that I seem to have so much of.

  25. Melissa F says:

    I do not claim any recipes as my own and I get them from many different places so if any are yours Jessica, speak up lol!

    3c. Rolled oats
    2c. Nuts – I used pecans & walnuts
    3/4 c. Shredded coconut- I use organic, unsweetened from
    1/4c. Plus 2 Tbsp. Brown sugar
    Mix together in a large bowl
    In a small bowl mix 1/4c. Plus 2Tbsp. Maple syrup, 1/4c. Oil, 3/4 tsp. Salt
    Drizzle over oats mix and mix well. Turn onto a large sheet pan and bake at 250 for an hour & 15 minutes
    Remove from oven and mix in a cup of dried fruit like raisins or cranberries.
    Cool and store in an airtight container.

  26. Melissa F says:

    Buttermilk Pancake Mix
    2c. Dry buttermilk powder – I get this at Walmart in the baking section
    8c. Flour – I use half wholewheat & half all purpose
    1/2c. Sugar
    8 tsp. Baking powder
    4 tsp. Baking soda
    2 tsp. Salt
    Mix together and store in an airtight container – I keep mine in the fridge.
    To make: 1 1/2c. Mix, 1 egg, 2 Tbsp. Oil & 1c. Water
    Mix well, makes 10 small pancakes

    I like this mix because it’s low sugar, lasts a while and is portable for camping – a big plus is that kids find it easy to use and love the taste.

  27. Hi! I’m a planner, but not a follower of plans. LOL.

    I’ve cleared a lot out but not as much as you’d expect because my kids and I are all sick, so not very hungry, and hubby doesn’t eat because he “doesn’t want to dig to see what we have.” Wish I could just decide to go without.

    Breakfast: last of the bf burritos.
    L: dd leftovers, me and the other kids school lunch, hubby ??
    D: The last of the chicken soup, homemade rolls, and misc leftovers.

    I haven’t planned tomorrow yet. The way today was I don’t even want to think about tomorrow yet.

  28. Laurie in CA says:

    Woke up with a scratchy throat.

    B – Hubs and I had fried eggs and toast
    L – I took a lovely steak salad with avocado to m daughters but I didn’t feel like eating so I gave it to my daughter. Hubs had leftover chicken afredo
    D – I came home and slept all afternoon. We both ate our leftovers from the steak house. Mom had leftover alfredo

    • I hope you are feeling better soon. I missed a day of work last week (should have been two) due to a nasty cold. Still a week later my voice isn’t back. We didn’t eat much (unless hub cooked for himself) when I was sick as I had no energy at all. Hot chicken noodle soup with siracha helped somewhat. Sleep helps too.

  29. Not a bad day overall.
    Breakfast: Smoothies, eggs and toast, or cereal
    Lunch: Leftovers
    Dinner: Beef and barley soup and bread

    Quick trip to the store: beef broth, produce, dairy and eggs $15.52 (124.36 monthly total)

  30. Monday was a dinner fail, dinner out at Subway with a gift card, and only the start of a week of utter dinner fails.

    The week went from bad to worse to terrible to downright unbelievably awful at work for me, and I stumbled my way through the week like a zombie on autopilot, and just couldn’t cope with cooking!!! I cooked one meal, on Thursday, and the rest of the week we either totally skipped dinner (mainly me, hubby scrounged for leftovers!), managed on left overs, or ate at Subway or the pizza joint next door. Not exactly how I wanted to finish out the month, but it was an unexpected week, and work just took all of my energy every day!

    I, too , will be continuing the challenge into February, as I am choosing to not count the week of the 25th, and just move on as though it didn’t happen!

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