Pantry Challenge Day 5 (Summer 2015)

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This is day 5 of our Summertime Pantry Challenge. We’re trying to eat up what we have and not go over budget this month, despite all the craziness we’ve had going.

Sorry no picture for Friday. I’ll make up for it in words. 🙂

It’s been a busy week. In addition to carting two kids to volunteer at our church’s Kids Games, I was messing with code all week getting this all spiffy. I was fried by the time dinner rolled around and forgot to take a picture.

Since it felt that every minute was spoken for, I also stopped at the store on one of those hour-long trips and picked up hot dogs and buns. We had a ton of chili leftover from earlier in the week. I didn’t want to put it back in the freezer, so we had chili dogs instead. My people LOVE chili dogs when it’s homemade chili. They kinda gorge themselves.

On the pizza front, we are now a double batch of dough family. This makes 4 small and 2 large or 8 small. I went with the six pizzas because that’s how many pans I have. I recently stocked up on these pizza screens. Amazing. Everyone says that they make pizza taste better. I bought a few different sizes based on the prices they were selling them for.

There are four small slices of pizza left in the fridge. I guess we’re inching our way to being a 2 1/2 batch family.

Here’s what we ate today:

Breakfast: bagels and English muffins

Lunch: Chili Dogs

Dinner: Homemade Pizza

How’s the Pantry Challenge going for you?

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  1. Dennise says:

    First week of this challenge is going great! I’ve got chicken leg quarters in the crock pot for dinner and will use lefiovers for enchiladas this week.
    Tomorrow we’re doing a picnic lunch to celebrate my dad’s birthday. I made a pasta salad,cupcakes and brownies all with what I had in the cupboards/fridge?

  2. Stephanie M. says:

    Today I was busy all day with my daughter and my grandson. So not a lot of time spent in the kitchen today but a freezer challenge success just the same.

    B – Hubby had eggs benedict so I used up the last of my Canadian Bacon and the last of my hollandaise sauce both from the freezer. I had a nutrigrain waffle and a greek yogurt.

    L – I skipped lunch today but ate my grandson’s leftover chicken nuggets. 🙂

    D – I had some leftover General Tso chicken in the freezer from the last Chinese Run we had. If you pay this restaurant in cash, they give you an order of free General Tso chicken so I usually put that in the freezer and give it to my husband for lunch but I had two of them, so I just cooked some rice and we ate most of that. My husband can have the rest for lunch tomorrow.

    Snacks in the evening were heated up New York Pretzels from the freezer using up the last two.

    Freezer is getting happier and so am I! 🙂

    Also this week, I made the last jello I had I the pantry and used up the last of the whipped cream in the fridge.

  3. Yesterday was a good finish to the week in the kitchen. Today I am spending some time in the kitchen baking up some goodness to get us through to the first of the month. The kids have requested a batch of Jessica’s Maple-Brown Sugar Cinnamon Rolls. I also have what I need to make up some sugar cookies. If there are a few sweet treats available for dessert, the gang will overlook a less than inspiring meal.

    B -Milk, bananas and homemade bread with peanut butter
    L–Lasagna from the freezer, chocolate pudding and blueberries
    D–pizza, garlic bread and cherries. I had several 1 and 2-ounce bags of meat in the freezer that we used to top the pizza. I used some sub rolls from the freezer for the basis of the garlic bread.

  4. Tastycook says:

    Toast and jam for breakfast, meaning I had to make more bread during the day. After my doctor visit, I headed to the farm store and got some new potatoes. Just love those things, especially cooked with lots of mint and served with butter and parsley.
    Lunch was just snacking with whatever I found -fruit and cheese and crackers.
    Hubby BBQd in the evening for supper – steaks for Friday as well as some chicken and Italian sausages while the BBQ was on anyway.
    Slowly, and I mean slowly, making a dent in the freezers.

  5. B – none for either of us – I was working around the house and ds slept late 🙂
    L – My dad came by the house and invited us to lunch, so my parents bought us lunch at Jason’s Deli. Yum!
    D – Homemade burgers and fries (mine was bunless)
    So far, so good!

  6. Alice E says:

    Today, Saturday, was so-so. Breakfast Burritos for Brunch. Then I heated up a package of fish portions and some carrots from the freezer for Dinner. To serve with them I fixed a Tuscan Grain salad with a Betty Crocker box mix from the pantry, and since this was a new experiment, I also fixed a couple packages of the Knorr Sides Chicken Rice. The grain salad had definitely mixed reviews from both of us, but we have lots of leftover rice, which my husband likes even better the next day when it is reheated. I’m taking a pork roast out of the freezer to thaw overnight in the frig and will fix it in the crockpot tomorrow. So, definitely getting a few things used up.

  7. Hubby had to go to hospital in the middle of the night. So I’m eating leftovers, and have enough for at least 3 days! I had done the turkey and had a good bit left, have the ham slices thawed so must use them up and had fried a whole package of bacon. Today I had a bagel for breakfast. A ham, turkey and bacon sandwich with lettuce and tomato for lunch and finished a small bowl of strawberries. finely slept this afternoon and just had ramen noodles with some turkey and peas added to the bowl. Will cook up potatoes tomorrow, and then have the last of the turkey gravy over mashed potatoes and the turkey with a side of asparagus that I forgot I had and need to use. The rest of the potatoes I will make into a potato salad for Monday and have cold cuts and potato salad, and bring in greens from the garden and make a green salad with small tomatoes. ( I will probably have this for lunch and supper, If Dh is home by then it will just be supper.) Had planned to make hamburgers in the next few days so will put my Hamburger buns in the freezer , and wait to make them.

    • Hope Hubby is going to be okay!

      • Thank You, I don’t know how long they will keep him, but he seemed much better today. He has an infection and they think that caused his heart attack. If he improves enough with medication he might come home tomorrow to recuperate, but it is a wait and see time.

    • Stephanie M. says:

      Best wishes for your husband’s speedy recovery.

      • Thank You. He has had a rough time of it since last November. This time they figure it was an infection that caused the heart attack. But he has many other health issues and so they monitor him closely. This has been our 6th hospital stay since Nov. 30 last fall, but it doesn’t get any easier. At least we have this extra time to enjoy our selves, and that’s what we do when he’s home. Go for short drives, and visit over coffee! LOL last of the red hot lovers!

  8. Breakfast – toast, nectarine
    Snack – watermelon, yogurt
    Lunch – I had another quick day trip for work and needed to use some wi-fi. I stopped at a ChickFilA (who turned out to not have wifi which I thought was odd since all the ones in my usual areas have had it for a while now) and they were giving away free breakfast leftovers as they were starting up lunch time. Free chicken biscuit? Yes, please! I had actually brought food with me but nothing that wouldn’t keep.
    Dinner – snacky finger foods: cheese sticks, chicken firecrackers, fish filets

  9. Your pizza crust was once my go-to for homemade pizza. Sorry, Jessica, but I found one we love more. Trust me when I say I experimented with many to find just the right one. Have you tried the artisan no-knead dough for your crust? It crushes all competition we’ve had here so far. And the longer it sits in the fridge ‘brewing’, the more sourdough characteristic it takes on. A bonus is no kneading besides.

    I prefer to roll out the crust and place on parchment paper. Par-bake in a 500 degree oven for 4 minutes, parchment paper and dough directly on oven rack. Top with favorites and finishing baking for approximately 8 minutes or preferred doneness. The only dishes/pans I use are for transferring!

    This will create a nice, crusty, golden outside and soft, chewey interior. Fabulous! (I use bread flour.)

    Tried it? What do you think?

    Still love your practical, down-to-earth life and food you generously share – thank you!

    • I do like that one. But, it’s wetter than I like for forming crusts and I rarely have enough room in my fridge. Haha! But, it is good. 🙂 Glad you found one you love.

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