A Meal Plan for the Week

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Planning your meals for the week can be a great way to save money, eat well, and shop effectively.

A Meal Plan for the Week

For some reason, it seems like last week I turned a corner in terms of our homeschool and getting us back on some kind of schedule. It feels so good! Since January’s Pantry Challenge was a little haphazard, I figured I’d just keep this ball of organization rolling by getting a meal plan in order for the week.

I know that this will help me shop well and make sure my family gets some great meals this week. I used a few different strategies in this week’s meal plan, namely planning every meal of the week and  relying on a weekly rotation of breakfasts and lunches.

Here’s what I came up with for this week:

A Meal Plan for the Week


A Meal Plan for the Week


Fruit Kabobs


  • Fruit
  • Cheese and Crackers
  • Pumpkin Bread
  • Rice Cakes with nut/seed butter
  • Yogurt and Maple Syrup

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A Meal Plan for the Week


What’s on YOUR menu for the week?

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  1. Stephanie M. says:

    I’m not sure what we will be eating on what day but I have a good idea of what we will be eating.

    Breakfasts will be some of the freezer meals I made two weeks ago:

    French Toast with turkey sausage
    Pancakes with applesauce
    Breakfast bowl
    Breakfast Casserole
    Yogurt and Granola
    Mini Hard roll with butter


    Hubby and I eat differently at lunch so for him:

    Various sandwiches

    Me – salads and lighter versions of sandwiches


    Pork London broil
    Pork fried rice with leftover pork and Chinese fried dumplings
    Pea Soup
    Leftover Pea Soup
    Spaghetti with meatballs and sausage from the freezer
    Leftover spaghetti with meatballs and sausage
    Surprise Dinner (will just pull something from the freezer)

    • I tell my kids “surprise dinner” too, but that doesn’t make them too happy. Ha!

      • Stephanie M. says:

        That’s funny, Jessica! Every day at some point my husband asks me what we’re eating and I always say “nothing.” His reply is always: “nothing is usually really good.” So for him, he never knows what we’re eating till he walks in the door. This way he can never say ahead of time, “I’m not in the mood for that.” 🙂

  2. We’re planned thru Friday. I’ll reevaluate by then to see what we’ll eat over the weekend. Breakfasts and lunches aren’t planned per se, but the usual. Breakfasts cereal, turkey/veg sausage, eggs, fruit, toast w/PB, etc. Lunches usually a variation of leftovers, sandwiches, salads, etc. Dinners I try to plan. This week’s:

    Monday: trader Joe’s mandarin Orange chicken; rice; salad (we also planned pancakes for breakfast due to holiday!)
    Tuesday: jambalaya loaded w/veggies, chicken, sausage, shrimp; salad
    Wednesday: salmon; roasted asparagus; another side tbd
    Thursday: beef-broccoli stir fry; rice
    Friday: black beans and rice; salad of some sort (will depend on what is left)
    Over the weekend I’ll likely make a chicken wild rice soup one day

    With Lent beginning, even though I’m not catholic, hubs is and was raised with meatless Fridays (and Ash Wed., which I also didn’t observe). We eat plenty of fish and vegetarian meals, but this is when I choose to keep up the tradition for him and we eat those fish/veggie meals on Fridays, and Ash Wednesday. Definitely makes me plan our meals this time of year.

    I’m also planning to go crazy and make two different “freezes”: mango and strawberry. They include vanilla yogurt and mashed banana, so kind of a healthier fruit-filled frozen yogurt, sort of? Crazy, because it’s freaking cold here… Crazy long cold snap and those pesky weather people say the entire week’s gonna be bad that way. But I still love a cold dessert. San Diego girl by blood, winter sufferer b crazy choice! I might bake, too. We’ll see. Meanwhile, school’s closed tomorrow so I don’t have to get up early! Gonna stay up late and read. 🙂

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