2015 Winter Pantry Challenge: Day Twenty-Five

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This month our family is participating in a Pantry Challenge. We’re focusing on using up what we have in order to save money and time as well as to reduce waste.

Sorry. Again no picture. It was a weird day. I slept in, took a 90 minute nap in the afternoon, and I’m ready to go to bed now at 8:40 pm. Weird.

My dental patients are back to themselves, except for the liquid diet. I think I may have to get them more supplies before Friday comes, but we’ll see.

The day went well though.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with Toppings

Lunch: Sandwiches (almond butter/jam, tuna salad)

Dinner: Pancakes for the littles; smoothies/mashed potatoes/clam chowder for the big boys; date night for the parents

Im-Taking-Pantry-ChallengeThis post is part of the 2015 Winter Pantry Challenge. Read through the archives to catch up.

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  1. Sounds like you needed some sleep. Hope you aren’t coming down with something. Aren’t you guys just past a round with the crud?

    Breakfast: bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon
    Lunch: spinach & mozzarella ravioli
    Dinner: nachos (picked up with a gift card since it was already 10PM and I had no desire to dig in the fridge when I got home)

  2. Stephanie M. says:

    I get those days too when I need some extra rest. The best thing you can do is go with it. If you need a nap, take one.

    Today was a day concentrated on my pantry rather than my freezer. Everything I made for dinner, came from there. I don’t have to concentrate too hard anymore, it’s getting empty in there; I can almost hear and echo! 🙂 In fact, now that it’s just about empty, I am going to implement some organizing in there for my spices. Here’s an idea for anyone who has a problem with their spice bottles falling or they just can’t be seen: Take a pie pan and put a layer of marbles in it. Put a second pie pan on top and put the spices in the top pan. Because of the marbles, the top pan turns. This is more budget minded than spending a lot more money on a lazy susan. That’s what I’ll be doing in my pantry.

    B – Hubby slept at work last night so breakfast was provided this morning. I had an English muffin with jam.

    L – Hubby was provided with lunch. I had a salad.

    D – Hubby finally came home! I made a casserole with linguini, peas, parmesan cheese, milk, and cream of celery soup. Then I made some salmon patties with some canned salmon that I had and put them on top of the pasta and baked it. After that, I topped the whole thing with Durkee French fried onions and baked again for a few minutes. This was so good and I used up some cans from the pantry.

    Snack: Hubby had a hot pretzel and I had two clementines and a banana.

    • Heather M says:

      That casserole sounds tasty! Goods use of ingredients on hand! Love it when inspiration strikes! Glad your hubby made it home tonight. I’m sure you were glad! I’m planning on salmon cakes sometime in the next week, since I also have some cans of salmon. Maybe I’ll do a side with a similar variation on what you made!

      • Stephanie M. says:

        It really was good and I have made it before but not for a long time now. If you would like, I’ll give you the recipe. It’s not hard or time consuming at all.

  3. I had a really good day yesterday. Of course, they were calling for the storm of the century that did not happen so decided to head to the Drivers license center and get the 4 year picture done and run into the new grocery store in town that opened the end of November and had a couple great sales and last trip received a $5 off coupon on my next trip. Picked up 2 – 1lb pkgs bacon ($3.99 ea), 5 dozen eggs ($.99 ea), 1 Bag black beans ($1.99), 2 cans refried beans ($1.25 ea), 4 diced tomatoes ($1.00 ea), 1 head of lettuce ($1.29), 1 half gallon milk ($1.99), and 1 -25oz Palmolive dish liquid ($1.00), With coupons and $5 off total spent was $22.97. This will be the last grocery stop I hope to make during the PC so was very excited to be a little over $100 for the month. And still eating like we normally would be. Needless to say this house will be continuing the Challenge in February with just picking up items that “need” replaced.

    Breakfast – Toast, fruit
    Lunch – Spinach & feta pizza, potato chips
    Dinner – Hot turkey sandwiches w/gravy, applesauce
    Snack – Ice cream

    • Heather M says:

      We’ll be continuing somewhat, too. Just planning to buy what we need and see how it goes.

      • Yep, we’re still on for a while longer too, although I’ll shop for fresh, meat, and cheese. We are still way overstocked with beans, pasta, and rice. I’ve barely put a dent in it.

    • Wow I’m very jealous of your 99 cent eggs. Here in CA they recently passed a law to make the conditions more humane for the chickens and now our regular price for a dozen eggs is $4-5.

      • Is that why? I’d gotten used to spotting 2 dozen/$3 deals, and was feeling surprised that I hadn’t seen one recently. Ended up buying 18 for… $3.50? $4? Just your typical commercially-produced grocery eggs.

  4. Sounds like you were tired today! Or fighting something off, hopefully successfully! A mama’s gotta get her rest sometimes!!

    Good Challenge day here, again. Delayed school opening due to icy roads, but that’s it.

    B: son had cereal and turkey sausage, hubs had apple spice cake, I had toast w/PB and banana
    L: son had biscuits, pistachios (if he doesn’t have a sandwich he prefers these for protein– one of his favorite foods), clif bar; hubs took leftover chicken cacciatore stew over a bit of leftover rice; I had a fried egg and popcorn (I was in a munchy mood!)
    D: son had breaded chicken tenders (he could eat these every day!), chips, pineapple; hubs and I had same chicken in Caesar salad
    Snacks: son had an event 4:30-9, so he ate his dinner after school, but came home and ate more chicken tenders before bed!; I had cucumber w/dip, cheese, and apple spice cake

  5. I was pretty tired yesterday too, for some reason. It’s good that you took a nap, sometimes we just need them.

    B-My husband made quinoa and oatmeal breakfast cereal, so we both had that, mine had peanut butter and his was plain.
    There’s four more servings in the fridge for the week.

    L-My husband and I had leftover Amish bean soup with sour cream biscuits, the kids had their usual packed lunches.

    D-I made fettuccine pomodoro with salad.

  6. Melissa F says:

    Glad the storm wasn’t as bad as they expected. And yes, we all have days that we are mysteriously tired. It’s always good to listen to your body and get some rest when you can.

    It has been pretty cold here down south – it just makes the heat run all night, ugh. I didn’t feel like doing a whole lot so I spent a lot of time catching up on computer stuff like email, sites, etc.

    Breakfast – toasted ham and cheese, grapefruit slices
    Snacks – mini kind bar, chips & salsa
    Lunch – fried potatoes with bacon – so not the most nutritious lunch but comfort food on a cold day!
    Dinner – baked cod, oven roasted garlic red potatoes and a box veggie of broccoli w/cheese sauce
    Dessert – my son and I polished off the last of the chocolate pound cake, the last banana and the last of the homemade magic shell with some ice cream (which is about gone as well) – it was super yummy all together as a sundae.

    We will be doing some shopping today for produce mostly.

    Stay warm everyone!

  7. Can I just say that I’m tired of the PC? Is that bad? Between feeling the need to be creative with what’s left in the freezer and pantry and the complete state of chaos that our house is in due to the removal of popcorn ceilings and fresh paint on both ceilings and walls, which also means my kitchen is not in normal working order, I just want to be done.

    Tuesday’s report:
    B: scrambled eggs, yogurt, bananas, oranges
    L: hubby was at training for work so he went out with the group, I had a turkey & swiss sandwich with pretzels, raspberry/chocolate greek yogurt for dessert
    D: leftover beef stew & garlic bread
    S: scoop of peanut butter with chocolate chips

    Tonight I will be at a conference for work which will include dinner. Hubs is on his own. I’m probably going to cave tomorrow night pick up a take & bake pizza for dinner – – our painting will be done and we can begin the process of restoring order to our home!

    • You can TOTALLY say that! This is the longest we’ve gone in a couple years. I think it was YOUR idea in 2013 that we do a shorter stint to avoid this feeling. 😉 I say be done if you’re ready OR squeak through to Friday. That’s as far as I’m going.

    • Nancy, I know just what you mean when there is work being done in the house it just makes everything seem too disorganized. So you don’t want to do anything. We did a complete kitchen remodel in December and I hate to say it but I felt like Scrooge!! But when it is all done and looking beautiful things will look and feel good again. Keep smiling only a couple more days for you and (the other scrooge) Jessica with the PC. lol

  8. Only 4 days to go on the January pantry challenge, and I’m on track to underspend my month’s grocery budget by $245. This is even with my husband’s splurges on some cookies and cinnamon rolls. I should know better than to send him to the store during pantry challenges–he invariably strays from the essentials of bread, milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables. I also splurged on tubs of hummus, which I should have made myself. And I replenished some pantry staples that we ran out of–oatmeal, flour, raisins, honey. I also may have violated the law of pantry challenge by buying enchilada sauce in order to use up leftover pinto beans and pork roast from the freezer. Still, I’m pleased with the result. We’re using the savings to make a larger payment than usual toward retiring the only credit card debt we have, which we recently incurred to pay for my brother in law’s funeral arrangements.

    • Tiffany R says:

      I am so sorry to hear that your brother-in-law passed away. How caring of you to pay for the funeral. Good luck with your pantry challenge. God Bless.

  9. B-waffles
    D-turkey soup (using leftover turkey and sweet potatoes that have been in the pantry for a while)

    And I froze half of it for an easy freezer meal while I am out of town next week! Tomorrow will be our last day, and I think it has been pretty productive! I think our grocery bill is down by 30% which is pretty good. I am going to try and and keep clearing out our freezer and pantry when we get back from vacation, but I also need to replenish my stock of a few things. Thanks for the encouragement!

  10. Tuesday –
    B: pancakes for Hubs, chocolate pudding for ds#3 :/ and an apple for me.
    L: lunchboxes – Hawaiian chicken with rice for Hubs, tortilla chips, turkey roll-ups, homemade LaraBars and homemade trail mix for ds, salad for me.
    D: Hubs had a late meeting at school.
    I reheated some turkey broth and made a pan gravy, then put turkey slices in there (roasted a couple weeks ago) with some sliced mushrooms. I grilled some gluten-free bread, and made open-faced turkey sandwiches, served with salad. Everyone was happy 🙂

  11. Using what’s in the freezer has resulted in us having cookies twice so far this week lol! Gotta use up that band fundraiser cookie dough! 😉 Actually, as much as my waistline totally needs to avoid cookies, I’m tired of looking at those boxes every time I open the freezer door, so I’ll consider it a success.

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