2015 Winter Pantry Challenge: Day Ten

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This month our family is participating in a Pantry Challenge. We’re focusing on using up what we have in order to save money and time as well as to reduce waste.

Caesar Salad

Sorry, no new picture tonight! I took one at dinner on my phone, but it’s too icky to post. So, I grabbed one of my better photos of Caesar Salad which was a huge hit at dinner tonight. The brilliant part was that I used half a bagel from the freezer to make the croutons. FishPapa could not stop talking about how awesome it would be to use different flavored bagels for different types of salad. Stay tuned for that development.

Breakfast: Eggs and Fruit

Lunch: Turkey Bagel Sandwiches (I brought FishPapa Chipotle after my dentist appointment today. It was sort of like a date, only it was really short and in the break room at his work. Sorta like a date.)

Snacks: Fruit,Β Jessika’s Amazing Chocolate Chip Cookies, Rice Cakes

Dinner: Grilled Pork Tenderloin, Israeli Couscous Pilaf, Caesar Salad

Dessert: The last bits of the Talenti

It was a very tasty day!

Im-Taking-Pantry-ChallengeThis post is part of the 2015 Winter Pantry Challenge. Read through the archives to catch up.

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  1. Sounds like a delicious day (I love Talenti!).
    For us:
    Breakfast: we woke up late. And of course, I needed to be at work early. So things did not begin smoothly. Hubs had eggs, bacon & a banana. Ds#3 had milk & a brownie. I had a bottle of water. Not my most stellar meal.
    Lunch: lunchboxes that I packed the night before. Hubs had a salad with leftover steak on top. Ds#3 had a salad with leftover chicken, and they both had Triscuits. I had chicken salad with carrots, celery, & pecans. Which I wolfed down in 10 minutes. But it was better than a bottle of water.
    Dinner: I got home late. Of course I did. I had a roast in the crockpot, so I reheated Swiss beans that I had already made, and portioned the beef for everyone and called it dinner. We are fed. Amen.

    Tomorrow, I leave to go out of town for the rest of the week…. we’ll see how the guys do with the meals I’ve left. Ds#3 has already been into the LaraBars that were supposed to be for his breakfast. Ah well… they will manage! πŸ˜‰

    • Have a great trip!

    • giggle, at least you started the day off with water πŸ˜‰ … seems like when I start my day late the rest of the day follows suit and just messes e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. up … I’m sure it’s just the mindset that you can’t get caught up but heck, I HATE waking up late! Thankfully you packed the lunches the night before!

  2. Today was dreary, freezing cold rain (literally freezing early so school was delayed). Not fun to be out and about. But I went to the gym, storage unit (not attic or basement or garage for storage…Xmas decorations trip), and picked my son up at school since he stayed after to get caught up on things after being sick. But man, I just wanted to hibernate at home! Challenge-wise, a good day!

    B: son had sausages and cereal; hubs nada (he rarely eats breakfast), and I had toast w/peanut butter and banana slices.
    L: son took his usual lunch of a turkey sandwich, pistachios, and crackers; hubs had big meetings and lunch w/colleagues(rare!); I had cottage cheese w/tomatoes and cucumber with a side of wheat thins
    D: I had 5 bell peppers that were about to die, so I sliced them up and sautΓ©ed them with the rest of the mushrooms (also needed to go!) and an onion. Added Italian spice blend and balsamic vinegar. At the end I added salad shrimp (freezer) and tossed it all w/pasta and a sprinkle of Parmesan. Yum!

    Snacks: apples for all, son had his usual after school snack of chicken-cheese quesadillas, I also had a protein bar and a small bowl of Cheerios (I eat like 5-6 times a day when I’m really watching what I eat), and hubs had hummus w/pita chips. I think son had a few cookies too.

    Now to plan a few meals and finish that darn inventory!

    • Oh good, you’re here. I wanna know what your hubby says about the DC Metro smoke. That seems really fishy, especially when they were calling it “mass casualties”. Thoughts?

      • If he knows anything he’s not talking yet. It’s very odd. And scary, especially given they didn’t find a fire source, at least not yet. The hubs is good about not speculating (unless there’s solid sourcing…) and also not speaking about things that are being kept under wraps.

        • Good man. My heart just goes out to those people. Having traveled in the metro on our vacation, I can’t image the horror of a train filling with smoke.

          • Heather M says:

            He is a good man! I’ve ridden the metro for many years. Pre-kids I commuted on it. Now it’s just for ease, since we live close to a station. The hubs typically drives to work, but yesterday he actually used metro. And could have been on that train since he often uses that line thru that station on days he goes many places (he usually stays at the pentagon most days). Luckily he wasn’t. I can’t imagine a stalled smoke-filled train. I have to admit, my first thought was it was an electrical problem. And it sounds like they’re leaning in that direction. Scary.

    • Also, good job with meals today!

  3. I didn’t know this was going on until today, but I’ve been doing the same since getting home from my in-laws a week and a day ago. I’ve done some shopping, but I’ve been trying to use up things from freezer/pantry. Today I made my DD some sausage that was left over from the weekend and frozen waffle that I’ve been working my way through (I’m down to the last one I think). Lunch was bad – no plan from me, so DD bought lunch at school, hubby ate out while I was still at work and then I was starving and didn’t have a plan so ate late at McD’s. Sigh…but, for dinner I rejected my hubby’s idea of getting a pizza (I thought about it, but resisted) and we made some hamburgers that had been frozen and defrosted, putting them on sourdough bread that won’t be good much longer (we thought about going out to get buns, but also resisted that) and I used a can of corn and cut up a pear and some strawberries that won’t be good much longer. I had some leftovers of all of it, so hopefully I can use that tomorrow at some point. So far, I’ve made a crockpot tortilla soup that used up a lot of stuff from the pantry and some pasta that I will need to freeze the leftovers into single servings for future lunches to resist the McD appeal! πŸ™‚

  4. I was home late after taking a kid to 4-h. But I prepared ahead. I planned the pineapple chicken out of GCE. But what I thought was pineapple juice in my cupboard was actually white grape. Thankfully we had OJ so I used that. Made a mix of rice and quinoa with it. And out of cornstarch for the sauce so I used flour. Lots of improvising, but there are no leftovers!

  5. Stephanie M. says:

    Little by little, the freezer and pantry are really starting to look better! Can’t wait to see what they look like in a few weeks. I had to go to the store today but I stayed strong and only bought what I went there for: strawberries, milk, and eggs. Ordinarily, I would have bought a whole basket full of other stuff that I did not go to the store for.

    B – Hubby had the last of the mini corn muffins and a yogurt with home made granola. I had two waffles and strawberries.

    L – Hubby had the last of the leftover rice and stir fry from a few nights ago. I had an egg salad sandwich with lettuce and tomato.

    D – We both had a grilled pork chop, baked potato, and broccoli.

  6. Jessica S says:

    Woke up to the 3rd School call off due to snow/ice…. So after I fell back to sleep for a few hours we all woke up late…
    B- Use the last of the bisquick ( great coupon deal) and made belguin waffles for kids and freezer, juice
    L- Wendys… HAD to get the kids out of the house( Dad’s office) so went to the Dollar Movie, ran errands and got take out
    D- Chicken stuffing casserole, Frozen Corn and Frozen Peas

  7. Made a big pot of veggies soup for dinner since the cold and ice keep coming!

    Breakfast – English muffins with peanut butter
    Lunch – Crackers and cheese
    Dinner – Veggies soup, saltines

  8. Busy day for me with work…night meeting from 7-9 in addition to the typical 8-5. I loathe days like that.

    B: leftover cranberry & walnut bread from Sunday’s breakfast, toasted w/peanut butter
    S: pistachios
    L: leftover oven taco in a makeshift taco salad
    D: taco soup – put the crockpot to work today so it was ready when I walked in the door at 5:30
    post-dinner snack: more cranberry & walnut bread toasted or cereal

  9. Tiffany R says:

    Yesterday was cold and rainy so I stayed at home as much as possible. It was definitely a soup day which is how lunch came about. Looks like today will be cold and rainy too. Yuck.

    Breakfast: Steel cut oatmeal w/raisins & pecans and coffee (me), bagels & juice (kids)
    Lunch: Freezer success! I had 2 small bags of whole tomatoes frozen from summer and some pesto from summer. I looked up Pioneer Woman’s tomato soup recipe and made that with an extra can of whole tomatoes. It was so yummy! It made a ton, though, so I am going to bless the neighbors who are due with baby #4 later this week!
    Dinner: Grilled chicken salads (hubs & me) and for the kids grilled chicken, baked sweet potato (son)/leftover rice (daughter) and steamed broccoli (both)
    Dessert: Chocolate cake in the crockpot (getting creative without an oven)

    • Heather M says:

      That soup sounds amazing! Your neighbors will love you! How was making a cake in the crockpot? I’ve never tried desserts is. A slow cooker before…

  10. I wasn’t planning on participating in this one because I’ve been using what I have for months, but circumstances changed my mind! We’re saving for my oldest son to go to France in the spring, and now my car has a brake problem, so I need to cut back somewhere. I’m soaking chickpeas and black beans for dinners later in the week and beyond and I made hamburger buns yesterday for black bean burgers hopefully this week.

    B- oatmeal and quinoa breakfast cereal

    L- leftover vegetable soup and biscuits

    D-sliced ring bologna that my husband got on special for $2 for 2 with diced potatoes, carrots and onion cooked in a skillet. It was tasty.

    I’m trying to hold off going to the grocery store as long as I can but we are out of some staples like sugar and fruit. We’ll see how it goes!

  11. Vanessa B says:

    Back on the Pantry Challenge after a busy weekend of guests and a birthday. Used a gift card for a pizza on Friday. Meals out with family Saturday. Birthday dinner for my brother Sunday. Spent $27 on groceries Sunday bringing my total up to $55 for the month/challenge.
    Monday dinner was leftover takeout ribs, mac and cheese with broccoli and cauliflower and I had a big salad. Snack while watching football was cheese fries. Dessert was leftover birthday cake.

  12. Melissa F says:

    Yesterday was dreary here too. Rain and cold – makes for a yucky day. I guess with that I joined the soup bandwagon too!

    Breakfast – we both had a Kind bar and then I made us a fruit salad of fresh pineapple, strawberries and oranges sprinkled with coconut and drizzled with honey.

    Lunch – scrambled eggs and bacon for hubs and an egg white sandwich for me.

    Snacks – melba toast with sundried tomato spread, cut up apple, nuts and salted caramel puffed corn (from Sam’s – I found in the bottom of the pantry).

    Dinner – Chicken noodle soup made from a Harry & David mix in my pantry (from a gift basket my husband received) with leftover chicken from Friday. I made Focaccia for the first time using the bread machine to make the dough – family loved it! Enough soup leftover for son’s lunch today with a hunk of Focaccia. The only issue I had with the bread was the rise – it was pretty cool in the house, but it still rose some and tasted really good.

    We are started to see clear shelves in the fridge and it’s freezer, along with a little less crowding in the pantry. Outside freezer still pretty packed.

    Keep up the good work everyone!

  13. Stephanie P says:

    Mondays are always a little bit of an “off” day for meals because of my husbands bowling so we don’t eat dinner together, and it’s just my son and I, which means leftovers usually πŸ™‚

    Breakfast: Cereal for ds, overnight oats for me.
    Lunch: Leftover spaghetti squash primavera, cut up veggies with hummus, blood orange.
    Dinner: We had swimming for little man last night, and had to eat after that. Also he wouldn’t eat whatever they had at school for lunch so he had nothing but whatever snacks they had that day. Needless to say – he was starving after swimming. I had Leftover wheat spaghetti and sauce, a thawed out cheddar biscuit and roasted vegetables. My son had: Three meatballs, half a sub roll with a slice of cheese on it, about ten turkey pepperoni, applesauce, and a dessert marshmallow. And this is coming from a pretty tiny four year old who normally doesn’t eat much.

    I am realizing that all of our weeks are kind of crazy as I have a meeting tonight and one Thursday night. However, I will at least be home for dinner those nights, so it’s still ok.

  14. Substitution success! I was making alfredo…thought I had mozzarella, but didn’t. Used provolone instead. Was wonderful! Do you think my waffles would make good croutons? Didn’t you have a crouton tutorial at one point??

  15. Nothing exciting for us, but still plugging away!
    B- some had the last bits of cereal boxes, some had the last of the muffins, pretty much a use up what there was kind of breakfast!
    L- I had leftovers, the kids had pb and j we all had vegetables
    D- used up some mahimahi from the freezer with some rice, salad and vegetables.
    Snacks- We watched the football game last night with some friends (Go Buckeyes!). Instead of making something new or going to the store for something special, I pulled out a bunch of odds and ends of snacks and candy we had leftover from Christmas- a pack of peppermint joe-joes(trader joes oreos) a neighbor gave us, some in shell peanuts from Mr. Claus, roasted pumpkin seeds from a random pumpkin we still had, and a bit of lingering Christmas candy. No one complained about the assortment and a lot of it got eaten!

  16. I did the worst grocery shopping mistake πŸ™ The one that we all KNOW we should never do….. I went grocery shopping when I was very, very hungry. Ugh. Needless to say I went a bit overboard on groceries tonite. Still way under in my spending for the month, but bought some things we didn’t need (pop) and some non fresh food that we could have done without. Back on track and in a better mood now that I am fed. Have a good nite everyone!

    • Next time, consider buying a snack first and then going shopping. When I do that, I might pay for the snack, but I buy less than I might otherwise have been tempted to do. πŸ™‚

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