2015 Winter Pantry Challenge: Day Nineteen

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This month our family is participating in a Pantry Challenge. We’re focusing on using up what we have in order to save money and time as well as to reduce waste.

garlic knots

Sorry for another instagram photo. I’ve been having fun today. My high school French teacher came to visit! It was great to see Patty, aka Mrs. Stephenson, who was a major influence on me throughout high school and beyond. It’s thanks to her that I met my French family during college.

So, I played today. And it was good.

Breakfast: Bruegger’s Bagels from the freezer

Lunch: Fish Chowder and Biscuits

Snacks: Gateau Bretonne that Patty brought

Dinner: Pasta with Meat Sauce, Caesar Salad, Buttery Garlic Knots

Im-Taking-Pantry-ChallengeThis post is part of the 2015 Winter Pantry Challenge. Read through the archives to catch up.

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  1. as Julia Child said – apologize for nothing!!! sounds like a great day!!! looking forward to seeing how your creativity gets you through the next 10 or so days!!!

  2. Jessica S says:

    Sounds like a great day! I am finding that I can get my people to pretty much eat anything if I offer with fresh homemeade bread, buns kinda stuff!

    B- kids were given cream of wheat and the last of the cinnamon toast, I had eggs and turkey sausages, husband fends for himself
    L- kids had pbj or salami and cheese, veggies, fruit, last of the chips and cupcake( grandma brings lots of those ind wrapped items )- I found a container of leftover ham and bean soup in freezer and took to work with fruit
    D-CHicken and cheese manicotti- has some cooked shredded chicken in freezer and mixed in ricotta, moz and some egg substitute.. stuffed into a random box of manisotti noodles I had and covered with a jar of Alfredo ( bought almost free with a coupon and meant to donate!
    Made 2 loafs of italian bread to do along with dinner and complaints were minimal!

  3. Made it thru another day!
    B: fruit smoothies
    S: granola bars
    L: leftover pizza for hubby, chicken quesadilla for me
    D: skillet scramble (eggs, onion, potato and kale), pancakes from freezer

  4. Impressed with what we have used up but still surprised at how much is left and we are still eating good! Or atleast no complaints.

    Breakfast – Bagel w/cream cheese
    Lunch – Hotdogs, applesauce, Cheetos
    Dinner – Sirloin steak, mushrooms, leftover potato casserole, green beans
    Snacks – Cut up fruit, apples, oranges, bananas

  5. Tiffany R says:

    My family gobbled up all of dinner last night without any complaining. As a matter of fact, my 13 year old daughter said that this week was all her favorite meals. Little does she know that it hasn’t been on purpose, I am just trying to use up what we have. Guess it’s all working out.

    Breakfast: Blueberry granola pancakes (freezer) & coffee (me) and plain pancakes (freezer) & juice (kids)
    Lunch: Cold leftover pizza in the car on the way to Costco
    Snacks: Popcorn, last apple & Banana
    Dinner: Baked Ritz Chicken fingers, leftover creamed corn, leftover rice, steamed broccoli and a free side dish of Quinoa from Zoe’s Kitchen (it was really good!)
    Dessert: Chocolate cake from Zoe’s kitchen split with hubby

    Man, when I see if all in print, I realize that we are eating good. No one goes hungry around here.

  6. I was tired all day and couldn’t make myself make corn bread with dinner, but at least I did make dinner!

    B-cereal, milk and tea

    L-I had leftover falafels and pita with cous cous salad, and I made some noodles with the rest of the alfredo sauce for my oldest son. He had a half day due to finals. My younger son had his sandwich, chips, cookies and apples. Husband is out of town.

    D-My younger son wanted chili for dinner, so I made vegetarian chili with home cooked beans from the freezer. We had crackers with it instead of cornbread.

    • I forgot to add that I went to the store yesterday and spent $32 on milk, oranges, canned chicken noodle soup for my sick boy, chipotles in adobo sauce, red peppers, ham to slice for sandwich meat, pasta, and mozzarella cheese. The pasta and soup were good deals, so I bought multiples.

  7. Yesterday was alright. I was out of the house all afternoon so I put a frozen lasagna (homemade) in the oven before I left. Everyone else really enjoyed it. Fridge is pretty full of leftovers.

    Breakfast: hubby had egg sandwich of bagel, which used up the last frozen bagel, kids had bacon and egg burritos, I had some leftover sweet potato and sausage frittata
    Lunch: leftover beef stew
    Dinner: lasagna from the freezer, salad, baby carrots

    I have some wild rice I need to use up but hubby doesn’t like rice. Not sure why I bought it.

    • What about rice in soup? I’ve seen some good recipes online for using wild rice (both plain and boxed mixes) in Chicken and Wild Rice Soup.

  8. Stephanie P says:

    Those garlic knots look amazing – I’m going to try them! Yesterday was ok – we did deviate a bit from the dinner plans, but it worked out fine.

    B: Pancakes for DS, overnight oats for me.
    L: Buffalo chicken chili, orange, cucumber
    D: This is where we deviated. I had planned on pork chops because we had them in the freezer and I had defrosted them. Well the boys both hate them (not sure they’ve tried them, but oh well), and after they didn’t like the dinner the night before – I just didn’t want a fight or to deal with it. I hate rushing home from work, cooking dinner while still in my suit, just to have complaints!! 🙂 So anyway, I baked the pork chops and froze them for me for when I’m making stir fry or something on my own. I made fish fillets and fries that we had in the freezer for the boys, green beans and carrots, the leftover macaroni for DS (he didn’t touch it) and leftover pineapple chicken for me. So even though it wasn’t on the meal plan – it DID get rid of some leftovers!
    S: Popcorn and strawberries for me. A marshmallow for DS. I think my DH had chips?

    • Erika in FL says:

      I laughed out loud about kids who hate something but you’re not sure if they’ve even tried it! We’ve got a couple of those here too.

      Sounds like you had a good back-up plan in place!

  9. My goodness, those garlic knots looks scrumptious!
    Breakfast: kid had eggs and sausage when he finally got up, I had strawberry oatmeal crumble with plain Greek yogurt
    Snack: Belvita breakfast cookies
    Lunch: salad
    Snack: lobster dip with crackers
    Dinner: leftover flounder florentine, sauteed mixed-colored peppers and onions, stuffing – I was planning to do a rice or couscous kind of side, but this ancient box of stovetop stuffing was in my face when I opened the cabinet (I put it right in the front of the pantry so I would finally use it up) and I decided I’d use that instead. Not sure it really went with rest of the meal but it was an easy carb/starch and as it was nearly 10PM, fast and easy was a high priority

  10. I didn’t do a formal pantry challenge as I didn’t think I had much extra. However, reading your posts and the comments made me reevaluate. This week I have been able to use home cooked pintos from the freezer when making burrito bowls, a loaf of frozen bread dough to make breadsticks to go with a creamy soup which used some of the cream leftover from holiday baking (thank goodness for ultra-pasteurized cream), ground chicken breast from the freezer and the last of a block of good imported Parmesan to make tiny Italian meatballs. I did make marinara sauce with canned tomatoes and freeze part of it for later, so I am not emptying my freezer like you are, but have saved 20 percent of my grocery budget the past 2 weeks despite buying most of the same items I usually do.

  11. Stephanie M. says:

    Produce drawer looking a little empty these days. Time to go out for some veggies and fruit. I keep looking in my pantry and thinking that I’ve never seen it so bare. Canned goods are really thinning out. Kitchen freezer is empty. Freezer in the garage has several more opportunities for meals with leftovers so we’re still good in there. I feel good about the ways things are going here.

    B – Hubby had Cheerios and a banana and a breakfast bar. I have a “coffee station” set up near the coffee pot and every night, I put out bananas and breakfast bars alongside the fixings for tea and coffee for hubby, daughter, and I. So each morning, we all take what we want. (I leave the breakfast bars for them, though).
    I had two waffles and the last of the strawberries.

    L – Hubby had the last of the leftover pork salad made from the leftover pork roast I made on Sunday. I had a salad.

    D – Hubby had the last of the leftover Bean soup from two nights ago and I just had a sandwich.

    All leftovers are gone now and just a fond memory! 🙂

  12. B- egg and cheese sandwiches on homemade bread.
    L-pea soup, oranges, carrots
    D- leftovers (pea soup, chicken pot pie)

    Breakfast is feeling harder because I really have to plan ahead. My freezers are not really emptying out. I’ll have to be sure to plan for next week!

  13. I was not feeling well yesterday, but luckily the fridge was full of leftovers, so Breakfast lunch and dinner was leftovers. That’s about all I know about what was eaten yesterday! The fridge is less full today, so I would say success!

  14. Heather M says:

    Plugging along here, lots of potential but I still am just winging it. I think that’s gonna change in he next few days or we’ll end up resorting to takeout.

    B: cereal and turkey sausages for son and hubs; toast and jam
    L: son took his usual turkey sandwich, pistachios and a clif bar; nothing for hubs; flatbread pizza (freezer) for me(oh I was craving pizza! Thankfully this one isn’t a disaster diet-wise)
    D:finally finally got the leftover enchiladas served up!for the hubs and I. Yay! Son had a chicken-cheese quesadilla
    Snacks: fruit, pretzels, cheese

    I did a little shopping for bread, tomatoes, deli meat, OJ, and a few other things, spending around $28. Should be good to stay out of the until next week. I definitely need to get my planning on. Will report back tomorrow if I’m successful!

  15. Oo la la, the Gateau! What’s the texture like? I LOVE French pastries 🙂

  16. Wednesday night is bowling night for Hubs.
    Breakfast: monkey salad for Hubs. Broccoli-bacon quiche for ds#3 and me.
    Lunch: Chef’s salad for Hubs; leftover chili in a thermos for ds#3; citrus salad for me.
    Dinner: Hubs & ds#3 ate out before going to the bowling alley, so I enjoyed an evening home alone… complete with chicken tenders and Swiss beans. 😉

  17. Going to try that Gateau, could be a coffee cake for an occasion, the Galic Knots look great, too. Thanks.

  18. Vanessa B says:

    Wednesday was fairly uneventful. Husband stayed home again. This is getting scary. We need work. No breakfast.
    Lunch – pizza buffet out
    Dinner- copycat TB Mexican Pizzas
    Dessert – Pineapple Upside Down Cake

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