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The Grocery Geek report is where I share how we shop on a budget to feed 8 people, aged 6 to 51.

grocerygeek-gce On Sunday when my husband and I and three kids braved the confines of Costco, I had no idea that I would come down with the flu. It’s actually probably where I got it. But I stocked up. And it was a good thing, too. While I was able to make some outings during the week, they were all by choice. I didn’t have to run out for milk because we already had it.

I spent $250 at Costco on this:

costco groceries

I can’t say that I nabbed any huge deals or anything exciting. But we survived the week with one mom down.

The produce box was another $43. No picture. Sorry. I’ve been ill. I didn’t mean to have a produce box several weeks this month but I forgot to put it on vacation. I’ve already set the whole month of January to vacation so I can cut back next month. Yes, the Pantry Challenge is on. Stay tuned for more details.

Our total for the week was $293.

Total spent MTD: $870

I’ll shooting for $1000 again this month due to the holiday and not one, but two family illnesses. Ugh! We should make it pretty well.

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  1. I am so sorry you have been so sick. Hopefully no one else in your family will come down with it. Merry Christmas and I look forward to the pantry challenge.

  2. So sorry to hear you had the flu. It has been running through my kid’s school so I am keeping my fingers crossed. I was so glad I had my freezer stocked with a few meals this month. My osteoarthritis of the spine has flared up and going to work is about all I have in me these days.

  3. UGH
    I’m so sorry – just not fair at all

    Glad you had supplies in place – sigh

  4. Sorry you were sick! Looking forward to pantry challenge!

  5. June Combs says:

    Wow ~ the flu! I’m sorry, I’ve had it twice and I never want it again! Its horrible!!!

    Looking forward to the pantry challenge! My freezers are overflowing.

    Merry Christmas ~

  6. Looking forward to the pantry challenge! We need to do one out of necessity and this will be great for inspiration 🙂

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