Grocery Geek Falls Overboard

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grocerygeek-gceLast week I said that I wouldn’t worry about it if I went overboard (or budget, as the case may be) on our groceries this month. I have to remind myself of that tonight as I type up this post.

  • We were gone for a month and there was no food in the house.
  • Groceries have become more expensive.
  • We had two birthdays this week.
  • We’re having a house full of company this weekend.

So, there we have it: my justifications for this week’s purchases. Here’s what they included:

sprouts week 2


I ran to Sprouts last weekend for a variety of things that they had on sale and to stock up on some produce items. Since FishBoy14 had a birthday on Sunday followed by a sleepover on Monday, I needed reinforcement groceries to accommodate teenage boys.

  • baby carrots $0.88/lb
  • clementines $1.98/2# bag
  • Xlarge avocados $2 each
  • organic fingerling potatoes $1.98
  • organic russets $3.99/5#
  • organic gala apples $0.98/lb
  • organic pinova apples $1.49/lb
  • organic power greens – RETURNED because they got gross after a day or two
  • red yams $1.29/lb
  • mushrooms $1.69
  • spaghetti squash $0.88/lb
  • bananas $0.69/lb
  • yello onions $0.48/lb
  • Pellegrino $1.25/bottle
  • canned beans $0.99/can
  • milk $3.79/gallon
  • deli meats and cheeses $3 – $4/pkg
  • pork sausage $3.99/lb
  • sirloin tip roast $3.99/lb
  • chicken breast tenders $2.99/lb

Total spent = $86

costco november


I also got brave and trekked into Costco. I refrained from many purchases, but it was still hard to tow the line.

  • apple cider $7.89/4 bottles
  • mayonnaise $6.99
  • canned tuna $14.49/8 pack
  • 2 doz flour tortillas $3.49
  • bagels $5.49/dozen
  • yeast $4.49
  • pan spray $4.99
  • vanilla extract $6.99
  • garlic powder $4.99
  • maple syrup $12.69
  • orange juice $8.69/3 pk
  • butter $8.99/4 lb
  • half and half $4.99
  • sharp cheddar $10.29/2.5lb
  • sliced sourdough $3.39
  • shredded mozzarella $14.49/5 lb
  • frozen cherries $9.99
  • low-salt bacon $12.99/4 lbs
  • bratwurst $11.49
  • deli turkey breast $3.99/lb
  • flaxseed meal $7.49
  • take and bake pizza $8.99
  • organic chicken broth $11.99/6 quarts
  • milk $5.69/2 gallons
  • tomato puree $2.89

Total spent = $211


Abundant Harvest Organics

I forgot to mention our produce box last week. It was pretty sad looking, honestly. The tomatoes and lettuce were good, but everything else was looking pretty wimpy. I blame the drought.

Total spent = $43

Weekly total $340

Total Month to Date $867

My target for the month is around $1000. The month is half over. I have a houseful of company this weekend. And there’s no proteins in the freezer. So, my guess is that we’ll go over a bit. But, that’s okay, we spent less than we budgeted for our vacation, so it will all work out.

How’s the grocery budget going at your house?

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  1. Vanessa Ball says:

    I finally found a decent price on butter $2.29/lb at Aldi so I bought 5lbs and spent more than I intended. Cheese, beef and coffee are my current budget busters. I decided if even the basic cheeses are over $4/lb, I might as well buy the good stuff and stretch it out more.

  2. June Combs says:

    Jessica ~ this is a big day for me, my groceries will finally be less than yours!!!!! Although I’ll still spend $1000 and there is only 4 of us, lol but I’m still less!

    I’m getting my Cosco membership soon! I loved your Cosco prices!

    Enjoy your sons birthday! 🙂

  3. I’d love grocery prices like these, but that’s never going to happen in Alaska!

  4. I so hope our Costco gets those frozen cherries….love them!
    Wondered if you have tried the power greens at Costco? Keep seeing them but haven’t tried it yet.

  5. I think you’re doing great, all things considered.

  6. Dude . . . seriously – you went from bare to birthdays and guests – totally necessary. No proteins and how many teenaged boys? OY VEY! Forgive yourself 🙂 Next month will be better! Enjoy the company.
    It’s pantry challenge time for me here – I’m seeing loads of freezer space and at mid-month I’m less than 1/3 of the way through my grocery budget 🙂 Thanks as always for the inspiration!

  7. Looks like you finally got butter at a good price huh? My Costco (Michigan) almost always has the best price around for butter. I am finding that as my kids eat more, I get almost all of my groceries at Costco! I just keep price-checking, and they can’t be beat on very many things. Of course, there is the odd spice or random ingredient that they don’t carry (or that I don’t want a huge amount of), but most of my grocery budget is spent at Costco. Our “fresh local produce” season is much shorter than yours (slightly jealous!) so I even get most of my produce at Costco all winter long.

    • Yes! In fact, the butter was marked $9.99/4 pounds and rang up as $8.99.

    • I don’t generally get my spices from there simply because I don’t use enough of them before they go stale. Salt and pepper, yes. Others, no. Other than that, I get the great majority of my food from there now. Like you said, a few things they don’t carry or you just don’t need their quantity.

      As for my groceries, I’m slightly under half budget for the month, but last month’s bills ended up extremely high so the YTD says it is Dec already. 🙁

  8. I always enjoy your Grocery Geek posts and they inspire me to be thoughtful as I shop. I can’t quite seem to get my bearings about food purchasing and cooking lately so I need to buckle down and get a plan. The rate at which food costs are going up is a alarming to me, and at this point I don’t think we can increase our budget which means I will need to log more hours in the kitchen since in this house often the cheaper fare takes more time in preparation. I see more soups and homemade bread and beans and rice in our future.

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