Check Out Grocery Outlet for Great Prices

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Check Out Grocery Outlet for Great Prices and Win a Gift Card

I was never a “partier” in college. Beer has never been my thing. But, after spending a year in France and learning about the lovely relationship between wine and food, you could call me a wine lover.

For many years we really couldn’t afford to add wine to the cart. It was clearly a luxury, and we had no money for luxuries. Nowadays with a little more wiggle room in the budget, we can enjoy a nice bottle of wine every once in awhile. If I can find a great deal on good wines, so much the better.

Today I had a chance to check out a new-to-me food store called Grocery Outlet. A few of you have mentioned it in the past, so the name was familiar to me. Recently Grocery Outlet wrote to me and offered me a gift card to go shopping with. Today I visited the local store.

What a nice, quiet location with big aisles! Yay! I love it when stores make it easy to get around. FishBoy17 accompanied me; he was thrilled with the organic seaweed snacks he found.

I was thrilled with the oodles of good deals. I found out that Grocery Outlet products are 50-70% off the regular store prices. It’s pretty amazing. They often buy excess from manufacturers or those items whose packaging has changed and can pass the savings on to the consumer.

For instance, I found an amazing Bruce Aidells uncured salami. It tastes so meaty and real, not like the cheaper, fattier salami you typically find at a bargain. It was absolutely delicious. And it was only a buck ninety-nine a package, so I’m going back for more!

I also had a chance to peruse Grocery Outlet’s wine sale. Their big November wine sale started yesterday and ends this  Sunday, November 9. Typically their wines are pretty economical to begin with.

Check Out Grocery Outlet for Great Prices and Win a Gift Card

During the sale, all wines are an additional 20% off. This results in amazing low prices.

With my Wine4.Me app in hand, I scanned through the selection of wines. They have a pretty wide range of choices at really great prices. Typically their wines are so cheap because they are overstock or wines with packaging changes.

I splurged on a $45 dollar bottle of Montemaggiore wine, something I would never do, but after all the markdowns it was only $15! I’m excited to try it when my family comes to visit in a few weeks. The bottle of Masterpiece Zinfandel that we opened tonight was really nice, especially with the salami and cheese. And I confess I love the label of the Cinzano Asti.

If you’re a wine lover or have friends and family who are, now is the perfect time to stock up for holiday parties and gifts. For more sale updates, follow Grocery Outlet on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Win a Gift Card to Grocery Outlet

Check Out Grocery Outlet for Great Prices and Win a Gift Card

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  1. We just discovered this store (I had heard great things from foodie and wine-loving friends). We’ve been back several times to get more of wine recommended from the wine guy at the location near us. He is spot on with recommendations. I will have to go this weekend to stock up. I’m amazed at the great selection–and the value. Great idea to use the app while you shop!!

  2. I’ve been a Grocery Outlet fan for many years-since back when it was called Canned Food Outlet here. A tip-if you find something you really like, stock up as it may easily be gone the next time you are there. When I shop at GO I have an open mind to just see what delightful bargains await. Best deals regularly at ours-Greek yogurt, cheeses, spices, crackers, and snack foods. One of my best purchases was pork tamales 4/$1. Remember to check the pull dates. Good idea about the app. I know people who will try the wine in the parking lot during wine sale to see if they like it, then go back for more. True story.

  3. I love Grocery Outlet. The only problem is, if you find something you like it may not be there when you go back.

  4. Thanks so much, Jessica, both for the chance to win and for letting me know about Grocery Outlet. I have seen it, but I have never gone inside. Now I will. That salami sounds wonderful. Thank you so much for the chance to win a GC. That would be a huge blessing to my family. Thanks, again, for the post!

  5. Jessica, Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway! My gift card arrived a few weeks ago, and my reserved copy of your new cookbook arrived at the library a few days later! Now my goal is seeing how many recipes I can make from Good Cheap Eats with food purchased with the gift card. Thanks again for everything!

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