Where in the World is Good Cheap Eats?

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We’re gonna play a little game. I really hope you’ll join in!

Also, before I forget, thank you for your purchase of Good Cheap Eats! Your support helps keep this show on the road.

Where in the World is Good Cheap Eats?! We're gonna play a little game. I really hope you'll join in!

Did you get your copy of Good Cheap Eats? I hope it arrived safe and sound, or that it’s on your wish list, or that you’ve submitted your request to your local library that they buy it. (Kindle preorder copies should be delivered today.)

I believe it’s a sound book that will help you get healthier meals on the table without costing an arm and a leg. But don’t take my word for it. ūüėČ {cue Reading Rainbow music}

I want to play a little game. It started because I realized there are Life as MOM readers and Good Cheap Eaters all over the continent and as far flung as Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, and France.

In fact, I’m hoping to meet up with at least two readers in London and the south of France later this fall. I’m so excited to meet this women, fellow moms, who’ve not only¬†initiated an email correspondence, but have also given me great travel planning advice.

I was thinking about how our family will be visiting all kinds of monuments and historic sites on our big trip and ways that we will document the adventure. A friend who traveled the world last year with her family took pictures of a Spiderman toy wherever they went. I decided to take the book with us to take pictures of it in all these cool locales.

It’s kind of like a Where’s Waldo/Flat Stanley mashup.

Where in the World is Good Cheap Eats?!

Where in the World is Good Cheap Eats?! We're gonna play a little game. I really hope you'll join in!

Who knew you could find Good Cheap Eats in a cornfield in Monroe, South Dakota?!

And then I thought, what if YOU took a picture of Good Cheap Eats at one of your cool locales, monuments or historic sites?!

I’m always interested to hear where you live, what you do, how you spend your days. This would give me a little glimpse into that. Don’t worry if you don’t live someplace fancy or exotic. Take a picture at your kids’ favorite park or¬†by your town hall. Bonus points though if it’s someplace creative.

This summer my sister flew to Minnesota to meet up with my dad on his annual summer vacation. They drove back to California together and stopped in Blue Earth, Minnesota, home of the Jolly Green Giant.

(Please note: Green Giant has not endorsed my book in any way. But, we always stopped here for a photo op¬†when we were kids, so it’s a¬†fun part of our family history.)

Anywho, about that game….

Did I mention there were prizes?

Where in the World is Good Cheap Eats?! We're gonna play a little game. I really hope you'll join in!

You know those bonus features I offered awhile back? Well, here’s your chance to nab one that you¬†might have¬†missed.

What to do:

:: Take a picture of your copy of Good Cheap Eats in front of a recognizable monument, historic site, or other cool locale. Bonus points for creativity!

:: Post the pic on your social media (Facebook, twitter, google plus, instagram, or pinterest). Be sure to tag it with the hashtag #goodcheapeats. If you don’t use social media, email the picture to jessica at goodcheapeats¬†dot com.

:: Choose from one of these cool prizes:

:: Fill out the form below, telling us which prize you’d like, where to send it, and be sure to give us permission to use your photo to market the book. We’re creating a Pinterest board to highlight the photos and where the book has been. We might also share the pics on social media; we’ll be sure to tag you!

:: Sit back and wait for your prize to arrive.

:: This promotion will end on October 31, 2014 at 8 pm PST.

Like I said last week, I really appreciate your support of me and my books. Your participation in the game is like icing on the cake.

I can’t wait to see where you live! And I’m thrilled to give you another shot at a bonus feature you might have missed.

Where in the World is Good Cheap Eats?!

Disclosure: Thank you for your purchase of Good Cheap Eats. Your support helps keep this show on the road.

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  1. My copy of Good Cheap Eats arrived here in Melbourne, Australia yesterday, thankyou! What a lot of work you did to create it. Tonight we enjoyed our first recipe from the book, Home Fries. We once had them on holiday in Canada and never knew what they were, so it was exciting to find the recipe in your book and finally enjoy them again. Looking forward to cooking many, many more of your recipes from the book. Enjoy your holiday, you deserve it!

  2. Christina goodman says:

    The Kindle version was delayed again until September 23rd.

  3. Hi! I should be receiving my copy today and I’m really excited about it. Your blogs are really an inspiration for me. Whenever I feel like the chaos of 4 kids is going to obliterate my sanity, I think of your house. I’m the kind of person that prioritizes cooking over cleaning. We recently put our house on the market, and suddenly cooking has had to take a back burner to having everything be spotless. I’m excited about using your cookbook on the days when things can get a little more messy again. Thanks again!

  4. Hello, :-\ o_O

  5. I’m testing trying to send. A mssg. I don’t know what happened yesterday, I wrote a mssgband some reason it didn’t posted, so I was just checking today. :-). ūüôā

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