Our Meal Plan for the Week

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Our Meal Plan for the Week - making a meal plan can make your week easier, your meals better, and your budget a little looser.

Ready for a normal week? I am! After weeks of birthdays and events, I’m ready for a mellow week at home as well as some real food.

FishPapa and I took the two eldest boys to a homeschool convention this weekend. It was a great time with them — a chance to reconnect with just the two of them. It’s been 12 years since it was just the two of them and us! We spoiled them with lots of eating out. Some of that eating out was good, some of it was decidedly not.

I was so happy to come home and cook in my kitchen — even if I was just throwing some stuff together!

This week, I’m ready for a little quiet routine — and a meal plan to go with.

Got your meal plan on?

I am a big believer in having a meal plan. If you do, you’ll know what to buy at the store. You’ll save money because you’ll eat at home. And as my weekend of restaurant debauchery attests, you’ll feel better eating a homecooked meal.

If you’re not quite in the swing of meal planning, I suggest one of two things:

1. Try one of mine.

Over the last year or so, I’ve been developing free printable meal plans that provide you with the shopping list and recipes to get home-cooked meals on the table in short order. My newest plans have a price tag on them. The plans are still FREE to you. The twist is that they are devised to save you money. Want a week’s worth of dinners for $70 or less? I’ve got you covered.

Bonus: these are Trader Joe’s meal plans. While you can buy the ingredients at any grocery store, you can also shop the plan at Trader Joe’s, a location that is a little harder to find everything you need. Problem solved.

2. Learn to meal plan yourself.

I’m happy to give you fish, but I’d also like you to learn to fish for yourself. Take Meal Planning 101 so you can develop meal plans that suit your family, your budget, and your tastes. The online “course” is totally free to you so that you can learn to eat well and spend less all on your own.

Our Meal Plan for the Week - making a meal plan can make your week easier, your meals better, and your budget a little looser.

Our Plan for the Week


As you know, I’ve got a regular rotation for breakfasts all planned out. All breakfasts will be served with fresh juice or fresh fruit.

  • Breakfast Bar – I spied some Coconut Cashew Banana Bread in the freezer and will pull out some cereals, granola, and fruit to go with.
  • Waffles – I made several batches of mixes on Sunday, so we’re set.
  • Pancakes – Again with the mixes.
  • Eggs – I recently found Happy Eggs on clearance at Ralphs, so I bought SIX DOZEN. My kids go through a lot of eggs.
  • Muffins – Ditto with the mixes.
  • Oatmeal Bar – We’ve got some nuts and cranberries to top our oatmeal with this week.


Entering summer break, I know that my kids will be ready for lunch as soon as the breakfast dishes are cleared. This week I’m focusing on quick fixes and things we can make in advance. All lunches served with fresh fruit and veggie dippers.


I’m in the process of photographing recipes for book #4. I’ll be cooking and shooting up a storm. Follow me on instagram so you can get the inside scoop.

So, that’s the plan.

What are you having this week?

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  1. Stephanie M. says:

    Hi Jessica: With motivation from you, I am finally getting in the habit of meal planning and it’s wonderful to go to it every day and at the end of the day, cross it off. Sometimes, I switch things up but I do manage to stick to whatever is on the list even though sometimes, I might serve Monday’s dinner on Wednesday or Thursday’s breakfast on Tuesday. In any event, I only have to think about what we’re eating once a week rather than every day.


    Mini hard rolls with cream cheese, home made fruit salad, home made granola, and Fat Free Greek Yogurt
    Home made Egg McMuffins
    Home made Irish Soda Bread
    Cereal with fruit


    Leftover cheeseburger from Father’s Day with a side of macaroni salad
    Various sandwiches: meatloaf, ham, tuna fish


    Ham and Noodle Casserole, using up ham cubes from the freezer from a ham we cooked on Easter
    Goulash with rice
    leftover goulash with rice
    Lasagna from the freezer from a lasagna I made two weeks ago
    On the weekend, next weekend, we are hosting a garage sale, so with no time to cook, we are treating ourselves to Chinese and a movie in the evening on Saturday, using up the leftovers on Sunday.

    Desserts: Tomorrow, I will be making home made apple turnovers with enough of them to freeze some. Later in the week, I will probably make some jello or pudding and we have some fat free frozen yogurt in the freezer, on sale for $1.77 this week, one gallon size, Turkey Hill.

  2. Melissa W says:

    We have a regular rotation for breakfast. M- muffins & fruit, T- pancakes or waffles, W- eggs, Th- granola, yogurt, & fruit, F- multigrain hot cereal, S- cereal, Su- oatmeal. Lunch is usually sandwiches or leftovers. Dinner this week will be completely from the pantry. We spent all of the grocery budget early, so the goal is to only buy milk. M- BBQ pork ribs & coleslaw, T- chef salad & tuna sandwiches, W- leftovers, Th- shrimp pasta & vegetable pancakes, F- veggie pizza, S- we’ll be out on a date, Su- shepherd’s pie and green salad.

  3. I haven’t gotten into weekly meal planning yet but I do appreciate the plans you have posted—thank you! I do miss your monthly grocery shopping posts. I love those! Please start posting those again, in your spare time of course 🙂 my other faves are the pantry challenges. I have learned so much from them.

  4. I am so glad to see that Grocery Geek will be back soon and looking forward to next months Pantry Challenge. Couldn’t get through a week with a menu plan.

    Breakfast – Blueberry and Banana Nut muffins, Toast with Nutella, Cereal, Waffles, Scrambled eggs all served with fruit

    Lunch – Sandwiches, pasta salad, leftovers

    Dinners – Grilled chicken, potato casserole, veggies – Rigatoni w/crabmeat, mixed peppers, broccoli & tomatoes
    – Keilbasa, pierogies, applesauce – Stuffed shells (from freezer), salad – White Pizza – General Tso’s chicken, rice

  5. Amy Durham says:

    Ooh, book number #4 !!! What will it be? Man, how can you keep up?!

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