Grocery Geek Goes On Hiatus

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Grocery Geek Goes On Hiatus

Remember last fall when I had all those crazy book deadlines and Grocery Geek went on hiatus? Well, guess what?

I was reflecting on all that is on my plate. The big question was how I can clear some things off until I’m past my last book deadline at the end of the month. This has been a CRAZY couple of weeks. I found myself near tears this week when my daughter was ill, and there were so many things to manage that I wasn’t managing well.

After much reflection, I decided to shelve this weekly feature until June. While it seems like a small thing, it takes a fair amount of time to type out all the prices of things, take photographs, etc. To be honest, I think it takes at least three hours each week to do a good Grocery Geek report. That’s three hours I can pour into the book.

I know it’s a favorite part of the site, so it’s not going away permanently, but it will buy me a few hours each week if it goes on hiatus for the next month or so.

You understand, I know. No apologies here. Just a quick FYI. My groceries will be back in June!

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  1. Wise decision. I enjoy this feature but your family and sanity are worth so much more. Be blessed.

  2. Totally understand needing to give something up when time is tight! I don’t know if any of your kids have ever showed any interest in your site, but have you considered passing that job off to one of the boys? They may not have as much “content” in their version, but they could probably get the pictures and receipts up- and since you homeschool you could even consider it an English, technology, or home ec assignment. To completely take the weight off you could ask fish papa to “vet” the post before it goes out – just so they don’t over share, and to check grammar and such. Regardless, take time in this season to get done what needs to be done 🙂

  3. Karolyn says:

    Good job. You are making the right choice in putting your family first. Enjoy the rest. Blessings

  4. MacBoyzMom says:

    Kudos to you to know when to take something off your plate to keep your sanity. It’s a move that indicates you know what’s best for your and your family.

  5. No problem! Concentrate on that BOOK! Go girl!

  6. I’m new here….just found your blog today…but I totally understand this! I do a similar post every week (except that I use coupons and therefore show how I used them etc.) and I know how terribly time consuming it is! Anyway, I just want to applaud you for doing what you need to do to make things work. If you are anything like me, that wasn’t an easy decision to make!

    I’m looking forward to exploring your blog more and good luck on finishing your book. Hope it goes well!

  7. Heather M says:

    Sooooo understand! I have been letting quite a few other things give lately, to focus on other good things. It has to happen. 🙂

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